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20 Best & Cheapest SMM Panel for All Social Media & Resellers

This article compiles the best and cheapest SMM panel that you can use to grow with any social media platform at the same time saving extra money.
best and cheapest smm panel

Are you looking for the best and cheapest SSM panel out there? If you are a social media marketer or a reseller, you are going to need an SMM panel to grow your business and your social media exposure. As a reseller, you will need the cheapest SMM panel to increase your affiliate revenue since you are buying to resell.

At the same time, whether you are a social media marketer or a reseller, the best SMM panel will be very important to you and your business, and you will surely make more and save extra money if you use the cheapest SMM panel on the market.

With social media growing so rapidly and accruing the largest community of the worldwide population, it has been a very important advertising platform and target for most digital marketers wanting to increase their exposure online. However, investment of time and effort is important when growing up with social media, and digital marketers have developed strategies to easily grow on social media.

Social Media Marketing panels (SMM panels) are one of the most used assets by digital marketers and is very crucial these days to grow up with social media. SMM panels can help you achieve the best SMM services and properly direct your traffic.

That is why, if you have an eCommerce business, having the best SMM panel in your toolbox can be a very important kickstart for your business. On the other hand, the cheapest SMM panel will let you grow your business and save extra money.

Just imagine what you would get if you got both the best SMM panel and the cheapest SMM panel. You would increase your social media exposure, grow your business, and save extra money.

That said, this article compiles the best SMM panel and the cheapest SMM panel that you can use to grow and increase your social media exposure while at the same time saving extra money and being able to use them as a reseller.

What is an SMM Panel?

An SMM panel, full termed as Social Media Marketing panel is a panel where you can manage all of your social media marketing campaigns and also keep an eye on their growth.

SMM Panel (Cheapest SMM) and SEO Services Reseller Panel Script or website are areas on the web where people buy and sell social media marketing service such as Facebook Followers and likes, Twitter devotees, Instagram Followers, YouTube watch time, subscribers and views, website traffic, TikTok likes, and more significant associations.

We can also say that an SMM Panel is a wholesale website for many retailers who sell these services on their website for a very huge price.

Why Do I need an SMM Panel?

If you are a social media marketer or a reseller, then you will definitely need an SMM panel to improve the quality and effectiveness of your services. Some of the reasons why you need an SSM panel in this care are:

  • To improve your social media exposure
  • To increase your website SEO and traffic
  • To save extra time
  • To get more business opportunities
  • To increase the brand exposure to the world population.

Best & Cheapest SMM Panels

  1. SocialPanel - Most popular with highest return on investment
  2. BulqFollowers - Instant results with quick customer support
  3. SMMValy - Cheapest SMM Panel
  4. SMMRush - Most trusted with instant services
  5. SMMBuzz - Recommended for Social Media Experts
  6. SMMSafe - Affordable with High Quality Services
  7. GainsFollower - Outstanding and Modest SMM Panel

1. SocialPanel

SocialPanel is a well-known website that provides one of the best SMM panel services that anybody can use tp boost their social media presence. It has been around for sometime now and because of that, they got experience and what it takes to help you grow your social media robustly. They can be considered as one of the cheapest SMM panel equally based on their pricing and the quality of the SMM panel.

SocialPanel has SMM services for all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even clubhouse, which is a relatively newer social media platform.

The type of services vary from getting likes and followers, to comments and views; which can help you to understand your account better and how you can better improve your activities with them. This is what makes SocialPanel one of the best SMM panels for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Since it gives you all the necessary information right as you open it up, you get accustomed to looking at numbers that matter.

All of the services will be live and you will get accrue results for what you have paid for. The panel also supports bulk orders. So, your customers can buy SMM services in bulk without any problem. The rate they charge for services is very low so you will not have to spend a lot when using this SMM panel.

Additionally, SocialPanel is also a reseller SMM panel, which means you can sell the services you buy from them, which is a good for saving extra money. Again, SocialPanel makes it easy for you to get likes, followers, and even website visitors which is ideal for improving your website SEO. Considering this particular SMM panel is going to be beneficial for you in the long run.

SocialPanel's support team is always active 24/7 and so if any case arises for any of their customers, they can easily get the problem resolved in almost no time. Moreover, you can also integrate their services into your website or application by using their API which can be ideal for those who want to generate more revenue from their website and application traffic.

2. BulqFollowers

BulqFollowers is another best SMM panel to get you more organic exposure. People always struggle to grow an audience and to maintain the audience once they have it; - BulqFollowers can help such people to always be on their social media A-game.

This SMM panel supports a wide variety of social media platforms and as it provides SMM panel options for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many other platforms.

Since you have the option to choose from a wide variety of services on offer, it becomes easier to get what you want, and hence you should consider checking them out. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, or even Twitter, you name it and they have services lined up for you. They can help you out with likes, engagement, views and even comments to make your social media presence more prominent and they also offer great support to overcome any issue and difficulty you might face with their services.

Additionally, orders can be placed in bulk so, you can serve many purposes and customers at time. BulqFollowers is a tough game to understand and for that, they offer instant start support for all of their services. This means that whenever anyone purchases any service form them, they can instantly avail the benefits of it. No data will be shared or leaked willingly.

BulqFollowers have expert panels that will guide you on what you need to improve with a live metrics chart so that you can rectify errors yourself. If that is something you are looking for in an SMM panel, apart from the general campaign tracking, then this is the perfect website for you to visit.

Again, you can at this SMM panel services to your website using their API. They have a great 24/7 customer support which increases the quality of their services. With great pricing BulqFollowers offer, we are pretty sure you will get what you need from this SMM panel.

3. SMMValy - Cheapest SMM Panel for Social Media and Resellers

SMMValy is considered as the world's cheapest SMM panel that offers quality services that will help you boost your social media exposure and saving extra money at the side. Their SMM panel for resellers comes with immediate delivery with extremely low prices.

SMMValy offers cheap SSM panel services for social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok.

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4. SMMRush

SMMRush is yet another best SMM panel out there that you can use to get engagement for any social media platform, get the desired amount of followers on your account increasing the recognition that the account needs.

They equally have services that will let you get more website traffic which can be ideal for improving your website visibility and SEO.

They have customizable packages which is a very great thing with them. They accept a wide-variety of payment methods and as a results, this makes them ideal for anyone located anywhere.

5. SMMBuzz

SMMBuzz is another best SMM panel out there and is considered as the most professional-looking and probably one of the most reliable SMM panels we have come across. People have made this platform their go-to place for getting a trustworthy SMM panel.

SMMBuzz sells different SMM panels for social media users and claims to have the best-quality panels that one can get at cheaper rates.

SMMBuzz has integrations with all the major social media platforms in the world such as: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify Soundcloud, and much more. So even if you are a budding musician looking for some technical help in marketing, SMMBuzz is the place to go. With API integration for resellers, you can also make some money by selling their services to other people, which is a legit business in itself.

They provide different methods to top-up your account which makes it ideal for everyone to use by using the payment method that suits you the most. They have a great value for their customer's time and as a result, all purchases services are delivered on time to their customers.

Also, if you are looking for a panel for personal usage, then this is the top choice for you. With live metrics for your social media handles and a platform to track all your campaigns at once, SMMBuzz is a game-changer in this industry and have a lot of showcase results to defend this status.

The customer service of SMMBuzz has a quick response rate and has serviced over 150,000 clients globally. SMMBuzz’s clientele is diverse and includes big companies and agencies. Several SMM panel resellers use SMMBuzz to generate income and use it as their side hustle.

6. SafeSMM

SafeSMM is one of the most popular SMM panels in the market right now. Their services are of high quality, reliable and amongst the best you can find in the industry and claim to be the best SMM panel for YouTube. It is suggested and recommended by many because it is highly used by many creators, influencers and even celebrities.

You can find services related to every popular social media platform, this is because SafeSMM aims to be a one-stop destination as an SMM panel. With affordable price tags on their packages, they attract a lot of traffic to their websites. Since people are getting high-quality services at a reasonable price point, they tend to go for this platform.

So if you want any help regarding increasing followers, getting target views, acquiring customers, live metrics, or any social media solution, regardless of the platform, SafeSMM is always ready to serve you.

The best part with SafeSMM is that it constantly check your profile to give it a health score and provides the best packages to improve your health score. They allow users to place multiple bulk orders with a few clicks. Hence, SafeSMM simplifies your growth strategy on social media.

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7. GainsFollower

Truly outstanding and modest SMM Panels for social media services! Gainsfollower is your bus stop objective for social media promotion. To help your image develop quickly on social media, this SMM Panel is really affordable service for organizations with each financial plan. It establishes affiliate panels, social organizations including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and even gives Website optimization services.

It accompanies full-Programming interface reconciliation for resellers and the arrangement to submit mass requests simultaneously. With promoting services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and the sky is the limit from there, Gainsfollower makes a point to get you to the highest point of the social media stepping stool rapidly.

You can track down your appropriate bundle and get it through a novel, customized dashboard that makes the route very simple.

8. Peakerr

As a social media marketer, we are pretty sure you have come across this website before. Peakerr is one of the best and fastest-growing SMM panels in the world, which is why it is on this list. If you want to make a business out of your social media reach, then Peakerr should be the perfect choice for you.

With live metrics and strategies, not only does Peakerr help you gain more audience, but it also helps you monetize your services by giving you the right quotations, and engagement levels to aim at. This is because Peakerr wants you to grow as fast as possible and hence we highly recommend you to use this platform. Be it likes, followers, views, Peakerr can help you get all of that from original accounts and that too quickly.

Peakerr helps you gain more audience and easily monetize your services by giving you the right quotations, and engagement levels to aim at. This is because Peakerr wants all of its customers to grow and achieve their aims as fast as possible which is why we recommend this SMM panel. It doesn't matter whether you are after likes, followers, views, subcribers; - Peakerr got you covered to achieve all of that pretty fast from original accounts.

This is not easy to get with other SMM panel. When you visit their website, you should notice the number of people who have already used their services and are continuing to do so. With reasonable packages on offer, Peakerr is a great option to explore, if you need help managing your social media campaigns or get more traffic to your eCommerce business.

9. BestSMMProvider

BestSMMProvider is probably one of they best and cheapest SMM panels out there. They claim to provide all the services that one might need to promote their social media accounts. With social media rapidly growing, companies take a kick start and benefit from the traffic and revenue that can be generated from social media. They can market and promote their products and services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to generate more leads and make more sales.

That said, BestSMMProvider is a company that provides you with the best quality and popular social media marketing services. This social media marketing panel can be used by anyone looking to boost their credibility and establish a presence on social media platforms. To ensure that everyone can easily use the services that it provides, the company has tried to keep the rates of the services as low as possible making it affordable for everyone.

So if you have been looking for the cheapest SMM panel with top notch and high quality services, then BestSMMprovider should be the choice for you. All you need to do is to visit their website and add money into your account using any of the payment method they accept.

You can as well use their services on your website by using their API.

10. Groominsta

If you are someone who is looking to get decent service at a surprisingly scarce price tag, then groom insta should be the choice for you. As the name suggests, Groominsta is going to mend your social media reach for the better and hence is a must-have tool under your sleeves. Unlike other SMM panels that charge too high, but are not that great on quality, Groominsta is on the exact opposite side of the spectrum.

They offer high-quality services for all the popular social media platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  etc. In addition they will provide you with unique marketing strategies for platforms such as Audiomack, Spotify, SoundCloud, and many more. The quality of their service is really good as they have experts lined up to get you strategies and solutions to problems you might face.

Metrics are very important to understand the behavior of every SMM panel service. Groominsta provides the most accurate metrics that you will need to understand the behavior of each and everyone of your orders. All of this comes cheap and at times $0.0005 per 1000 deliveries. This is a huge number as compared to its other competitors in the best SMM panel market. Groominsta is one of the best SMM panel in the market and you got to check them out.

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11. PerfectPanel

PerfectPanel is one of the best SMM panel in the market. If you want to start a social media marketing services business and you want to provide or resell such services then PerfectPanel should be the first place in your mind.

One great thing with them is they let you simulate a demo of what your dashboard will be and how it can be easily navigable. This demo can easily help you understand how they work which can be very important for every starter that wants to engage in the SMM panel business.

They offer affordable pricing which are categorized in plans (Plan A to Plan Z). The least price you can have with them is $50 and you will can place up-to 1000 orders a month with this plan which can be affordable and ideal for starters. More advances digital and social media marketers can used higher plans.

They offer a wide variety of payment methods and so, it can be used by anyone anywhere. If you have been looking for the best SMM panel for beginners and advanced digital markets, then PerfectPanel is the choice you should go in for.

12. JasaSEO

Following up on the budget option of having an SMM panel, we present to you a fairly cheap social media marketing panel, but only in price and not in quality. Jasa SEO is one of the well-known cheapest SMM panels in the market, as they have been providing high-quality services for years and hence have made a name for themselves in the industry.

Jasa SEO has services lined up for every social media platform you can name and hence is a very versatile platform. Be it likes, followers, views, or even general engagement or website traffic, Jasa SEO can got all of that covered at an affordable price that does not dig a hole in your pocket.

We are proud to recommend Jasa SEO to you to checkout and gain of their quality services at al most no price. Since they are a well-maintained SMM panel, you can also keep a track of all your marketing campaigns across different platforms which is why we recommended this platform to you in the first place. Jasa SEO is the perfect must-have tool to grow your audience on social media platforms.

13. SMMHeaven

SMM heaven is yet another great social media marketing panel that has been around for sometime now and has got a unique reputation for itself. SMMHeaven is one of the most popular and best SMM panel for YouTube. Asides from YouTube, SSMHeaven can be equally used with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and many more social media platforms.

Genuine engagement, likes, comments viewership, subscribers, YouTube watch time (for monetization), you name it they have it. All of these services are available on an angled platform, which is what makes SMMHaven a one-stop destination for all social media marketers.

SMMHeaven gives you an easily customizable dashboard which will help you better manage your business pages for Facebook and Twitter. They range among the best SMM panel for resellers of social media marketing services.

SMM Heaven is also considered as one of the cheapest SMM panels as their services start at a very low price. So, if you choose to resell the services, for example, YouTube views the cost for you will be quite less. So far the company has delivered over 7 million orders and has satisfied most of the clients.

In-terms of efficiency of SMM panel service, SMM heaven is one of the quickest service providers in the market, which is why people tend to choose this over other SMM platforms. If you are looking for a solid, professional, and quick SMM panel, then SMM haven is the way to go.

14. SMMFollows

SMMFollows is one of the best SMM panel that has gained its name out there. It is considered as the best SMM panel for Instagram followers. It supports the services for almost all the relevant and most popular social media platforms that pull in millions of users from across the globe. LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. are some of the names of the social media platforms that are supported by SMMFollows.

You will find relevant services for these platforms once you visit this SMM panel. With rates starting at as low as $0.01 the site claims to provide the cheapest SMM panel in the market. Thus, anyone looking for a cheap SMM panel to provide some support to their marketing and promotion can use the services that are listed on SMMfollows. The site has been functioning for a few years now and has completed over 7 million orders.

SMMFollows claims that an order is placed on their site every 0.3 seconds. Over 86k users have registered on this site and are using their services. You can even become an affiliate partner of the site which is an extra way to generate revenue upon referring users to them. So far the company has paid around $76k to affiliate users. So, if you are interested in SMM services and are looking for a cheap SMM panel then you got to checkout SMMFollows.

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15. Yoyo Media

If you are still doubting on which cheapest SMM panel you should choose from this list, then you got to checkout Yoyo Media.

This SMM panel is a one-stop destination for all the social media marketers out there because you can find any service related to any social media platform on this SMM panel which is why this is the perfect place to grow your social media platforms. The company claims to give exactly what you buy or use.

All the services are fully automated and integrated with the panel and support instant start and processing of the services. This SMM panel says "the price you will find on their site for their SMM panel services are relatively cheap to satisfy your expectations". Which means, you can buy likes, followers, comments, viewers for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more at very cheap rates.

Since building a viewership or a community takes time and effort, yoyo media is there to help you achieve the most out of social media. Be it any kind of technical help, Yoyo media has something or the other to suit your needs. Be it getting genuine likes, targeted views, comments, and general engagement on your social media posts, yo-yo media can take care of it all. Also, it does not care if you have one campaign running or 50, it can track them all without any issues whatsoever.

The company also has an affiliate program and it has paid over $38k to all the affiliate users. Currently, there are over 350+ active services on the site. The site keeps fulfilling order after order and has delivered around 316k orders.

Also, it gets you accurate data and metrics about your account which makes it a great SMM platform. If you are looking to find high-quality reseller SMM panels for YouTube or any other social media platform, for prices that don’t break the bank, then yo media is the way to go. Quality is great and the prices are too, so that is what we would recommend.

16. Instafaster

Instafaster is without doubt one of the best SMM panels for Instagram available on the internet. With more than 47k registered users, and more than 5 million completed orders, Instafaster is also one of the fastest-growing SMM panels in the world.

More than being a place to track your campaign and growth, Instafaster also serves as a platform to buy likes, followers and allows you to choose from a variety of more than 1300 services, which is a huge number.

If you are looking for an SMM panel for Instagram and YouTube that is quick, effective and is also cheap, then Instafaster is the best you got in the industry. Additionally, with bulk ordering available, affiliate schemes, 5 % bonus 9 on first deposits, and a child panel for just $10/month is more than what anyone can ask for. That is why we highly recommend using this SMM panel.

17. Social Hits

Socialhits is one of the cheap SMM panels you can find online with top notch services and have been in competition with SMM Kings.

Additionally, they only deal in genuine services and are not a hoax when it comes to service quality. Their websites are SSL certified which means that the browser considers them safe. This means you can trust them while you enter your payment details and hence is a great website to use.

If you have been looking for the best SMM panel to grow your social media by leaps and bounds then social hit is a great place to be at.

18. Top4SMM

Top4SMM is also one of the most popular and cheapest SMM panels in the market and also probably one of the oldest. However, do not mix that with obsolete because, top4SMM has stayed relevant in the market since its launch, as it has come up with technical advancements faster than any other SMM panel on our list.

Top4SMM is a UK-based SMM panel and does not only lets you manage all your campaigns at once but also lets you buy and sell likes, followers comments, targeted views and much more for a reasonable price point. Top4SMM charges depending on the service you avail and the prices will not break the bank at all.

If you are looking for the best and cheapest SMM panel for premium accounts (Netflix, Prime, Spotify etc.) then Top4SMM panel is the choice for you.

As payment methods, they accept PayPal, E-Wallet and even coin payments.

19. SMM Kings

SMM Kings is a name you must have probably heard if you are looking for the best SMM panels on the internet.

SMM kings is one of the most popular SMM panels in the industry that deals in a variety of services like handling your social media handles, taking care of the marketing campaigns, and giving you free analytics as well.

They have affiliations with all the major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram TikTok, etc. which makes them efficient and quick in delivering all those services.

The quality of their service is top-notch as they get a huge number of customers daily. However, these custom services need deliberation and they are always up for one. Also, their customer support is great and hence you should consider giving a try to SMM Kings services.

20. Total SMM Panel (Still Under Review)

Total SMM panel is a new SMM panel in the industry and somehow stands out as one of the best SMM panel out there with affordable pricing. They offer well distinct services and have detail description for all packages they offer.

This SMM panel is ideal for website owners that want to drive more traffic to their website to improve their SEO score.

They also have SMM Panel services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. 

Though they do not yet have a real reputation out there on the web, we believe they will get one someday. So you should consider giving them a try.

What to Look for Before Going in for any SMM Panel

With a lot of SMM panels out there, the choice for the best among them can be confusing. At a point you might ask yourself, which of them is best SMM panel to use? Are all of them good to use? Since this is a very popular industry, there are top notch services and equally scammers claiming to provide SMM panel services. However, below are the things to consider before going in for any SMM panel:

  • Good security: - The site should have SSL encryption. Check for it. If a site doesn’t then that’s probably a red flag. SSL encryption helps assured your payment method you provide is secured which is why it is important to check that for every SMM panel out there.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: - The site should provide quality customer support. Please check its responsiveness before going in.
  • Transparency: - All the information and terms of services should be mentioned clearly. If you see something in the fine print then it is probably better to clear it out with customer support.
  • Read Reviews: - Although reviews can be bought or faked if you search enough you should have a good idea since there will be a couple of honest reviews somewhere.
  • Your Budget and Needs: - Lastly, you need to choose a service provider that suits your budget and needs. However, don’t go directly for the cheapest. Try to find one that has a more reliable service.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best and Cheapest SMM Panel

What is a Child SMM Panel?

A child panel is a reseller’s panel that can be customized by the reseller considering the original.

Can SMM panels give you a blue tick on Instagram?

Yes, SMM panels can give you a blue tick on Instagram, one such example is Instafaster.

Which is the best SMM panel?

There are a lot of SMM panels that provide high-quality services, but the best is the one that suits you most accurately.

Which is the cheapest SMM panel?

There are a lot of SMM panels that provide high-quality services at very cheap prices, and there are a few of them mentioned in this list as well.

Can you get a Netflix account from SMM panels?

Yes, you can get Netflix accounts from SMM panels, one such example is top4SMM.

Final Thoughts on Best and Cheapest SMM Panel for All Social Media Platform and Resellers

We have regrouped the best SMM panel out there and compiled them in this list. These SMM panels are also the cheapest SMM panel you can find out there and in terms of services, they are top-notch.

Also, for those looking for best SMM panel for Instagram follows, likes, views: Facebook followers, likes and even YouTube subscribers, then this list is equally for you as we describe briefly what each of these SMM panels have to offer.

Those interested in having the best SMM panel for premium accounts such as Netflix, you can also find a choice for you on the list; - Top4SMM.

However, we recommend you to checkout these SMM panels, what they have to offer, their terms of services and also their pricing for their services before going in for them.

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