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Looking for the best SSN generator huh? Yes it should be the case if you know its value and how it can help you get access to lots of stuff in the US. SSN is a number that withholds all the information (both personal and professional) of an individual and that can easily be used to identify and individual in the United States.

The SSN generator, also known as the Social Security Number Generator, is a tool that can generate social security numbers online for all states in the United States.

If you have always dreamt of opening a US bank account as a resident, then, you will definitely need a Social Security Number. However, a SSN won't be a prior requirement for some banks if you want to open a US bank account as Non-residents. In this case, the bank will be virtual one and will let you hold a free US bank account.

The same situation can be experienced when attempting to get a US virtual credit/debit card. Some US virtual card providers might require you to provide a SSN in order for them to identify you and guarantee their services. However, non-residents can get US virtual cards without SSN.

Knowing the importance of an SSN you probably want to get one especially if you are not located in the US. That's no big game now since there are many Social Security Number (SSN) Generator online now and all of them generate SSN for free but are these SSN valid?

No one holding a valid SSN will want to disclose this information since it can cause the individual major problems with the law if at all the SSN was misused or used for abuse. That said, there is no way you can get a valid SSN from any SSN generator online but you can use these free SSN generator for some verifications online but you can't establish an institute with such SSN. That's why most of them are referred to as fake SSN generator.

For instance, the SSN generator will provide you a social security number that you can use to verify for some free sites that just require the figure and name. If the site requires a name or birthday, then you will need a SSN generator with name and birthday which you can compile for the verification.

Ideally, Cash App is available only for US and UK residents and if you want to create a verified Cash App account, then, you will need an SSN generator that will generate you the SSN with name and birthday that you can use to create your verified Cash App account.

That said, in this article, I will share with you the best SSN generator that you can use for verification on any site that requires the figure. If you need an SSN generator with name and birthday, then this guide is equally for you.

What is Social Security Number (SSN)?

In the United States, a Social Security number (SSN) is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary (working) residents.

The Social Security number is divided into three parts in the format "AAA-GG-SSSS". the first three digits, is assigned by geographical region. The middle two digits are the Group Number. The last four digits are Serial Numbers represent a straight numerical sequence of digits from 0001 to 9999.

The government uses this number to keep track of your lifetime earnings and the number of years worked.

When the time comes to retire, or if you ever need to receive Social Security disability income, the government uses the information about your contributions to Social Security to determine your eligibility and calculate your benefit payments. 

Most people will use the same Social Security number their entire lives, though some people might need to apply for a replacement number at some point because of identity theft.

Why Do I need a Social Security Number?

When you apply for a new job, your employer will surely ask your Social Security Number. This SSN will be used to report income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by your employer's accounting department and also to report your Social Security wages to the Social Security Administration. SSN can also be used for state income task reporting.

If you are someone that mostly deal with financial assets such as Banks, Credit Cards etc, then you will definitely need SSN to fully exert your financial activities within the US territory. SSN can be very important when applying for loans.

However, below are the main reasons why you need a SSN:

  • To Open an Account with any U.S. Financial Institution: Financial institutions use your SSN to check your credit, to report your interest and investment income or losses to the IRS, to report your tax-deductible mortgage interest to the IRS, and to manage your account.
  • To Apply for a Federal Loan: The government will use your Social Security number to make sure you’re eligible when you apply for a federal loan, such as a federal student loan
  • To apply for certain types of public assistance: Public assistance programs, such as unemployment benefits or Social Security disability income, are usually managed by federal or state government agencies who use Social Security numbers to identify people and make sure they aren’t claiming benefits that they aren’t entitled to.
  • To enroll in Medicare: The Social Security Administration works with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to enroll people in Medicare.
  • To apply for passport and get a driver's license: The Federal law will require you to provide a social security number if you want to apply for a passport or to get your driver's license.

SSN generator algorithm:
Each and every SSN generator website has an SSN generator algorithm but the question you should ask is, Are these SSN generated with such algorithm genuine? Well it is only the government that has a genuine SSN generator algorithm.

SSN Generator with Name:
The best SSN generator should be the one that generates an SSN together with its name and if possible the birthday. However, the issuing date of the SSN is very important and should be included in the generated SSN. Below are the best SSN generator with name.

SSN Generator with birthday:
There are many SSN generator with birthday that you can use to bypass SSN verifications where the birthday is required. These SSN generator can be found below.

Valid SSN Generator:
A SSN can be valid for many sites as well as it can't for other sites. If you want to use a SSN on a site that you do not trust, then valid SSN generator should be the choice for you. If you however, want to use SSN on a state government site, then you should consider using a real SSN name and address.

SSN Generator for Cash App:
Cash App is available only for US and UK residents and if you want to create a verified Cash App account, then, you will need an SSN generator that will generate you the SSN with name and birthday that you can use to create your verified Cash App account. SSN Generator for Cash App are listed below.

SSN Generator for PayPal:
PayPal doesn't require SSN when creating a verified US PayPal Account. However, for further verifications, they might require that from you. In this case, the best SSN generator I can recommend for PayPal here is SSN-Verify. A full description on this SSN generator can be found below.

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Best SSN Generator | Fake SSN Generator

The best SSN generator is the generator that can generate you a valid SSN that comes with a name and birthday for additional verification. These generator can also be considered as the Fake SSN generator because though they can be used for various verifications on sites, they can't pass a closer verification. There are many of these SSN generator out there but below, we have compiled the best SSN generator that you wan use to bypass SSN verification on many sites:

1. FakeNameGenerator

best ssn generator

Fake name generator is one of the best SSN generator you can find out there to bypass SSN verification. As it's name predicts, it is a fake name generator that doesn't only generate fake names but generate the phone, birthday, the online presence, finance, employment, physical characteristics and tracking info that come attached to the name generated. They are somehow synchronized which makes it ideal to easily verify on any site that will require a lot of information from you.

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When generating your name in advance mode, you can set the name, country, gender and age. Clicking on the generate button will generate a lot of information which will include the social security number. You can henceforth use this SSN with the name and birthday for SSN verification and bypass the restriction you face.

2. MyFakeInfo

best ssn generator

MyFakeInfo is another great fake US SSN generator that is fully available online. The deal with them it, they have a page that is fully specialized in the random generation of US social security numbers that you can use for your verifications.

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With this US SSN generator, you will get a random name, SSN, Gender, Birthday, Age and Address(street Address, State Zip Code) per line of the generated SSN. This information can be useful in many situation where additional information regarding the SSN will be required. This US SSN generator got you covered.

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They generate this info in a series of lines which exposes the SSN to everyone, so don't be surprise if you use one and it doesn't work, just keep on trying with others on the list.

3. SSN-Verify

best ssn generator

Whenever, you will want to verify your SSN, you will be asked to provide your full name, birth state and the SSN itself. Well SSN-Verified got you covered on this.

SSN-Verify is another top notched SSN generator that will help you generate random US SSN for free. In the generation process, you have the ability to select the Issuing state and Issuing year which can be helpful for some verifications that might require SSN of certain ages. The site has a very clean and clear UI and can be operated by anyone. Once your US SSN has been generated, you can then copy the SSN from the right pane.

Additionally, you can lookup the generated SSN to see if it is valid or not. You will find a lookup SSN option just beside the copy button of the generated SSN box.

4. SSN-Check

best ssn generator

SSN-Check is another great fake SSN generator and deserves its place in this list of the best SSN generator. This US SSN generator has similar features similar to SSN-Check and their layout are almost the same. However, the generation interface looks similar to SSN-Verify.

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Just as SSN-Verify, SSN-Check provides the easiest way to generate fake SSNs for website verification or system testing. Social Security Numbers will appear to be issued in a certain state at a certain time.

However, these fake SSN generator just as others cannot provide SSN that will pass a closer verification. To pass closer verifications, you will need to apply for a real US SSN name, birthday and address.

5. Cool Generator

best ssn generator

Cool Generator is another amazing fake SSN Generator that is well known. Cool Generator has a set of tools of which fake name generator tool, username generator tool signature generator tool which can be used for various types of verification

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It also has a phone number generator, credit card generator with CVV tool that you can use to for verifications where credit card and phone numbers are both required for verification. For instance, you can use this free tool to generate free virtual credit card for free trials.

Another great tool of this site is the fake SSN generator tool. This tool generates random SSN that you can use for verification. However, you can set the state and quantity of SSN you want to be generated then click on the generate button which will return you fake social security numbers.

Final Thoughts on Best SSN Generator | Fake SSN Generator

SSN can be very important when you want to establish a financial status within the US. We have seen some of the best SSN generator that you can use to bypass SSN verifications on many sites. These SSN generator are also referred to as fake SSN generator and you cannot use these generated SSN for closed verifications. In this case, you will need a real social security number and name.

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