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How to Hack and Increase CryptoTab Browser Mining Speed 2022 New method [Updated]

Hacking the mining speed of CryptoTab Browser is very easy. First download this script from the link below then execute it and earn more crypto...
how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

 CryptoTab Browser is a browser unique in its genre. CryptoTab browser is a browser known for its integrated mining features that makes it possible for every CryptoTab Browser user to monetize while browsing their favorite contents on the internet. 
With CryptoTab, you don't need to buy a mining software to ine you crypto, CryptoTab browser does it for you. 

With CryptoTab Browser similar user interface to that of Chrome browser, it makes it easy for chrome users to easily adapt to it user interface and does CryptoTab browser is very user friendly even for those that haven't used chrome browser before.

CryptoTab browser mine crypto from a wide range of mining servers. 

CryptoTab browser is multiplatform and can be access from any device be it Android, IOS, or on PC. The more the platforms, you use cryptotab browser on, the more crypto you will mine per day.

More so, CryptoTab mining speed and rates are really slow and it can take months for you to reach a certain considerable amount of crypto before withdrawing. So, people keep searching on how to hack cryptotab browser, how to cheat cryptotab browser, how to increase cryptotab mining speed. The thing here is, cryptotab is found on a very secure server and antitheft measures are usually updated frequently on the servers. To increase the mining speed of cryptotab, you will need to purchase cloud boost from cryptotab. If you are reading this article it therefore means, you do not have the intention of buying or subscribing for the cloud boost. 

Hopefully, we found a way to bypass these measures and apply cheats on the servers for the speed hack and boosting. We will be using a windows known software which is known for applying cheats in windows games. This software is called Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine can't only be used  to modify or cheat in games by increasing the speed, adding unlimited ammunition and increasing health of players but can also be used to cheat in various software of which CryptoTab browser is among. With appropriate settings in Cheat Engine you will be able to increase the mining speed of CryptoTab browser.

So in today's article, I will give you a method to increase CryptoTab browser mining speed without buying or subscribing for a cloud boost offer for speed increase. Continue reading in between the lines to get all the tips for this to work.

How to Increase CryptoTab browser mining Speed 2021

As earlier mentioned, we will be using a software known as Cheat Engine for the task. We will be using some optimized settings for the mining speed to be booted to the optimal level. We will be pass from the initial mining state without the applied cheat to the final state with the cheat applied. So to get started, you will need to make sure you got all the requirements mentioned below.


  • Laptop or Desktop PC
  • CryptoTab Browser. You can get it from here or from the available download links given below
  • Cheat Engine 7.2. You can download it from here or from the download link provided below

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Now that we have gotten all the requirements set and working, lets dive into the various steps.

Before going ahead, let me show you my initial mining speed with CryptoTab browser before applying the mining speed cheat.

how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

In the above screenshot, you can notice my mining speed is 15.7 H/S which is relatively low and can take considerable months before given some good amount of crypto. We gonna increase that mining speed. So follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open CryptoTAb browser and keep the window active and running. Then open Cheat Engine you downloaded from the link that is be provided below. Click on the TV display icon on the top right hand corner. See the below screenshot

how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

Step 2: This will open a list of running applications and instant processes. Select CryptoTab from the display list then click Open as shown below

how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

Step 3: CryptoTab browser has been loaded in cheat engine. Let's play around with the various mining speed. It's time to apply the cheat settings. On the right sidebar, you will see Enable Speedhack. Click on the empty box right to it to choose the option. Now pull the bar to its maximum which is 500 then click on apply. This is the first speed test, see the below screenshot for directions.

how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

So lets check out the mining speed in CryptoTab Browser

how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

We notice from the above screenshot that, CryptoTab browser mining speed has been increase from 15 H/S to 21 H/S. Though this is a great increase, you should note that this is not the best speed cheat settings for CryptoTab browser. So let's try out something else and compare the speed ranges. See the below steps.

Step 4: Keep the CryptoTab browser window and Cheat engine window active don't close them. Set the Speed in Cheat Engine this time to 0.1 which is the lowest value. See the screenshot below

how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

Now let's see the mining speed change in CryptoTab browser.

how to hack and increase cryptotab browser mining speed

From the above screenshot, we notice a real change in speed and considerable mining speed increase in CryptoTab browser to 24 H/S and the value keeps on increasing and can attend higher mining values depending on your processor and graphics capacity. Note, the processor of the PC and graphics I use for this tutorial are relatively low and can't mine beyond some certain speeds. 

Note 1: The higher your processor and graphics the best results you will get for the mining speed. So the speed depends first on your graphics and processor.

Note 2: If the value set in Cheat Engine high or to the highest, your mining speed will be increased but not to its optimal level and the lower the value, the more you will notice a speed increase in the mining speed of CryptoTab browser.

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Download CryptoTab Browser and Cheat Engine from the links below after the conclusion.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on How to Hack and Increase CryptoTab Browser Mining Speed Using Cheat Engine

From the starting point, we had a mining speed in CryptoTab browser which was 15 H/S and was the speed noticed without applying any cheat in CryptoTab Browser. Then after applying a cheat setting in Cheat Engine which was at a maximum value of 500, we notice a change in mining speed of CryptoTab browser from 15 H/S to 21 H/S which was observed from Step 1 to Step 3. A better change in mining speed of CryptoTab browser was noticed when we set the value in Cheat engine to 0.1 which is the lowest value, a sudden mining speed increase was noticed and arrived 24 H/S which was observed in Step 4.

From the above points, we can conclude first that CryptoTab Browser mining speed can be improved with the use of Cheat Engine and appropriate settings and that the higher the value set, the smaller will be the mining sped change of CryptoTab browser and the lower the value set in Cheat Engine, the higher will be the change in CryptoTab browser mining speed.

It is important not to neglect the graphics and processor of your local PC for the higher those ones are, the more you will experience better mining speeds.

If you wanted something that will let you automate cryptotab browser, then you are in the right place as this tweaking will automate cryptotab browser and let it mine at its fullest speed depending on your processor and graphics. 

However, you cannot easily clone cryptotab since it sync to its servers every instant and cloning cryptotab can get your account banned. SO beware!

Download the CryptoTab Browser and Cheat Engine from the Links below

Download CryptoTab Browser and Cheat Engine below then apply this trick and give us your feedback in the comments section.

Download CrytoTab Browser

Your feedback is really important to us. Share your results with other users in the comment section below.

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  1. Hallo sir, it,'s doesn't work, when I click apply on 500 speed, the browser become not responding
    Any sugest sir ?
    1. Read the full post and you'll see that there's a better value than 500
  2. Bro using cheat engine software is legal to improve the speed.if i use whether it will noted by the cryptotab browser owner and leads to legal action pls explain
  3. I've been able to increase my mining speed drastically, but BTC still doesn't increase regardless of the mining speed increment. Still slow as if its mining with the default desktop mining speed.
    Please help
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