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How to Hack and Increase CryptoTab Browser Mining Speed on Android

CryptoTab browser in addition to its browsing features offers its users a way to mine Bitcoin while browsing. This is how to increase mining speed.
How to Increase CryptoTab Mining Speed on Android

Bitcoin has gained a voluminous increase from the past years and as days keep on passing, its market value increases equally. Most people prefer dealing with Bitcoin or Crypto rather than dealing with cash. So thi brings people into trading (buying and selling) and mining Bitcoins in order to conserve and make more money. So when it comes to mining crypto, we will always need good software applications that will help us do the job clearly. CryptoTab browser is well know for its awesome mining features. So many people tend to use this application for mining crypto.

CryptoTab browser is a well known browser nowadays especially to its special mining features. CryptoTab browser in addition to its browsing features and experience it offers its users, make their users mine BTC or Bitcoin while browsing. The app mines Bitcoin as you navigate several sites and the more active you are on CryptoTab browser, the more crypto or Bitcoin you will earn from it. 

So if you are looking on how to mine crypto online easily, then Cryptotab browser is just the best app you can use. Though CryptoTab browser is an excellent multiplatform app, it has some limitations for some users. The limitation here refers to the rate and speed at which this app mines Crypto. If you have not subscribed to a speed boost plan, then your mining speed will be smaller that of someone that has subscribed to a CryptoTab speed boost.

But I guess if you are here is because you just want to increase the mining speed of this CryptoTab browser without having to subscribe to a Plan or Pay for anything. Hopefully, we have made this article precisely on how to increase your CryptoTab Browser mining speed without paying for it.

This trick is just for Android but hopefully for those that want the pc trick on how to increase CryptoTab browser mining speed or how to hack cryptotab browser mining speed, then Click here to read on how to increase CryptoTab browser mining speed on PC.

What is CryptoTab Browser and How Does it Works?

CryptoTab browser is a unique browser that differentiates itself from other browsers by permitting their users to safely navigate the internet while mining crypto. With its similar interface to Google Chrome, Cryptotab browser is equally and easy to use browser due to its user-friendly interface.

CryptoTab browser miners has a couple of servers on from which the mining is performed and this mining speed fully depends both on your internet speed and the hardware of the device.

How to Increase CryptoTab Mining Speed on Android

CryptoTab browser is a multiplatform application that runs on Android, iOS, PC and the powerful your hardware is, the more crypto you will mine. Also, it is important to note that a good internet connection increases your mining speed equally.

How to Increase CryptoTab Browser Mining Speed on Android 2022

We all know what CryptoTab browser has to offer and everyone will love to earn crypto when browsing the internet. CryptoTab will just do the job but the thing is, your mining speed with this CryptoTab browser wouldn't be that optimal. So, we need to increase this mining speed in order to earn more crypto. 

To get this mining speed increase in CryptoTab browser, I have enlighten two methods that will help you get the a really good increase in the mining speed of CrytoTab browser. The first method involves the use of multi-devices and the second involves the usage of a Paid Pro version of CryptoTab browser.

If you are expecting something like a script for Termux or a Cryptotab browser mining speed hack script.txt then just forget about such ideas because; 1 - You can't figure out the developer of a script and it can contain viruses such as spywares, trojans that will collect data and information from your device and then send it to the author of the script. Please avoid using script for your own security.

However, if you are interested in using a termux scrypt to speed boost your mining on cryptotab browser, then checkout the guide below.

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However, we have made a PC trick which you can use to mine unlimited amount of bitcoin on your PC.

But before we proceed with these methods, you will need some requirements.


  • Your Android Device (As many as possible - for first method)
  • CryptoTab browser - Get it HERE.
  • CryptoTab Browser miner Pro APK - Get it from HERE

We previously released a trick on how to hack and increase CryptoTab Browser Mining speed on PC; Check it out.

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As earlier mentioned, we will proceed with two methods and anyone will just work perfectly well without any issue. You can still decide to use the two at a time. 

Method 1: Use of Multi-Devices

  1. Get as many Android devices as possible.
  2. Download CryptoTab Browser from HERE and open it.
  3. Start mining on several Android devices at a time and you will see how the Crypto mined will be higher as compared to using just a single Android device.
  4. Don't forget that your Android device hardware and internet speed influence the mining speed.
  5. Enjoy your Crypto fast mining.

Method 2: Use of CryptoTab Browser Pro -- Mine on Pro Level APK

Just few know the existence of this app and equally few get to use it because it is paid on Playstore. The servers available in the mining app are automatically boosted which makes mining even sweet. CryptoTab Browser Pro fully exploits the Android phone using it in order to mine Bitcoin or Crypto Efficiently. Follow the steps below to know how to use this app to mine a considerable quantity of Crypto.

  1. On your Android Device visit THIS WEBSITE to download CryptoTab Browser Pro -- Mine on Pro Level
  2. Install the app. Since it is not installed from Playstore, you will have to turn on unknown sources on your device before installing CryptoTab Browser Pro
  3. Before Launching the App, Go to your System Settings and Enable Developer Options and Switch on Stay awake and OEM unlocking.
  4. Now Launch CryptoTab Browser Pro.
  5. Enjoy your Mining.

The Developer Settings that we enabled here are known for Boosting GPU performance. So these little tweaking will blast the expectations of both the CryptoTab Browser and CryptoTab Browser Pro Miners. I personally tried out this tweaking and when done, there is a remarkable change in your CryptoTab mining speed.

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How can I Withdraw Bitcoin From CrytoTab?

The process is just quite simple. When you reach the cryptotab browser minimum withdrawal, then go to CryptoTab Browser menu (icon in the form of three horizontal lines) and choose Withdraw BTC. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address that you would like your Bitcoins to go to and the amount you want to withdraw.

CryptoTab Browser Minimum Withdrawal

CryptoTab Browser has a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.00001 BTC and you must reach this amount before withdrawal of your CryptoTab Bitcoin to your wallet.

Is CryptoTab Browser Legit?

CryptoTab browser is a legit form of business. It is the world's first online browser that mines Bitcoins. Earning with the CryptoTab browser is possible via the BTC mining & referral program.

If you need withdrawal proofs from CryptoTab Browser, then you can just Google it and you'll see many withdrawals received by users.

How to buy Credit Cards with Bitcoin?

There are many sites that sell virtual credit cards and accept Bitcoin payment. You can use you CryptoTab Browser Bitcoin issued from withdrawal to easily purchase virtual credit cards. Below are Virtual Credit Cards tips and tricks you much checkout and most of them accept bitcoin payment and some methods will show you how to get free virtual credit cards without verification.

How to Hack CryptoTab Browser with Termux Script?

The use of Termux scripts for CryptoTab is not only unsafe but is equally quite complicated to deal with. However, for those of you who want to deal with the CryptoTab script for termux, you can checkout the full guide on that here.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts on How to Hack and Increase CryptoTab Browser Mining Speed on Android

CryptoTab browser works on a set of servers which are limited for some users and not limited for some others too. But CryptoTab Browser Pro -- Mine on Pro Level servers are fully accessible for all those that purchased the application. Hopefully, we have gotten this CryptoTab Browser Pro Mining app for you. You can download it freely from the download links provided.

If I was to be asked a the question, which of the two methods will I choose to use, then I will definitely say I will use the first method. If you have multi-devices, then the first method is better for you. The second method is equally best when it is used on multi-devices too but the thing is these servers usually have bug errors but they are really fast mining servers.

Also, avoid using CryptoTab browser speed hack boost script .txt because most developers put malware or viruses into the script that will collect your personal information and send it to the script developer.

Tryout all the two methods and determine which one works best for you.

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