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How To Get A Noupia Virtual Credit Card

Download this application and get a working virtual credit card for online shopping. Link credit card to PayPal, subscribe Netflix and more.
noupia virtual card

Getting a credit card designed by a specific bank is quite easy for you need some funds to open a bank account and to be issued a credit card. Some people go further for virtual credit cards that will permit them to do online transactions because most credit cards issued by various banks cant be used internationally because they are set to operate within a specific location. 

That’s why, we hunt for virtual credit cards because they are very easy to setup and don’t require tiring processes to obtain them. This is what is mostly researched in Africa because most African countries are set to some restrictions for obtaining credit cards and some people can’t afford for these credit cards.

There are many virtual credit cards issuers that help most African countries to break these limitations of which the trusted issuers are PayQin and Noupia HQ. Following some comparisons on these two issuers we noticed that Noupia got some better features and advantages over PayQin. So, In this article, you will learn how to get working virtual credit cards with Noupia

A virtual credit card as named ‘virtual’ is an electronic card which can be created using a bank’s facility bank net, by providing a person’s debit card or credit card details. The name virtual comes form that fact that you can’t hold it physically, you just operate with it on your mobile device.

In this article, we'll see how to get a Noupia virtual card.

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How to get a Virtual Credit Card

Getting a virtual credit card is even more simple in the sense that there are many virtual card providers and difficult in the fact that many can’t afford for them. But hopefully the method I will be giving you will be affordable for everybody.

To get a working virtual credit card, we will use an application known as Noupia. Noupia provides valid and working credit cards which can be used internationally without any burden. Noupia has been compared to other virtual credit card issuers and stands today as the best we can recommend to you. So, What’s Noupia?

What is Noupia HQ?

Noupia is an Mobile Payment provider that helps many citizens world wide acquire or get credit cards for online transactions. They also help people to easily transfers funds within countries internationally with very low rate of charges. Noupia is just an aire of revolution that will help us to obtain credit cards at a very cheap price that will work just fine on any merchant site and world wide.

Why Noupia HQ?

When it comes to choose the best, we talk of its advantages over the others. Talking of Noupia’s advantages, it got some far head ups over real virtual credit card issuers and some other similar service providers as them. These advantages are:

Advantages of using Noupia HQ

I spotted out 9 advantages of Noupia over various credit card issuers which are;

  1. Noupia’s Interface is user friendly: It is very easy to navigate the dashboard and interface of Noupia even if you are a noob or a beginner in such stuffs, it will be very easy for you to use.
  2. Noupia is secured: On every new registration of a member in Noupia, they ask for a verification of your legal documents (National Identity Card or Passport Or Driver License) which will make your account unique for you. Do you know of virtual credit card issuers that do same? Obviously no. More so, you will be asked to verify your mobile number and email address. All these measures are implied to secure all informations and transactions for all its users. 
  3. Withdrawal can be done from your Credit Card to Mobile Money account: You can withdraw your funds from your credit card to your MoMo account and top up from your MoMo to credit card instantly, easy and fast.
  4. Very small withdrawal fees: Noupia charges a fee of 1% on every withdrawal you do. Isn’t that awesome? many other providers put a fix rate even for small amount of money to be withdrawn and as such will tend to cut off your money but Noupia changes all of that and charge you 1% based on your withdrawal amount.
  5. Obtain a virtual credit card at a cheap price: Noupia offers credit cards at very cheap prices. If you are in Cameroon, you will need an amount of 5000FCFA to load in your noupia account. Note that 2000FCFA will be for the credit card issuing and 3000FCFA ($5USD) will be used to fund your credit card once it’s issued. So we can say you will pay just 2000FCFA for your virtual credit card which you will have to recharge with 3000FCFA. So 2000 + 3000 = 5000FCFA. That very cheap and affordable for almost everyone. We should note that banks issue credit cards at an amount of 12,500FCFA in Cameroon. So Noupia, helps you save an amount of 7500FCFA.
  6. Effective Customer Care Service and Assistance: The most important part of every company or business is its customer care service because that is where all issues faced by users are to be directed for assistance. Noupia replies instantly as they receive your worries and help you sort them out.
  7. Noupia Credit Cards operate World wide: Noupia credit cards can be linked to your PayPal account for paypal verifications and transactions, can be used for Netflix subscriptions, Spotify, Apple Music and much more.
  8. Easily transfer money world wide: With Noupia, transferring money to any country is very simple. All they need to do is download and install noupia and receive money using their mobile number.
  9. Noupia is not country restricted: Country restricted here means it can only work in some specific countries specified by the company. Noupia breaks these boundaries and operates world wide in all countries to easily facilitate the transfer of money from abroad and your country and vice versa.
noupia virtual card

Above are the main advantages I spotted out of Noupia over many other same service issuers as Noupia.

How to setup Noupia to get a Credit Card

To setup noupia and start using their services and credit card, you will need the following requirements to get already setup and then you will be ready to go.


  • Noupia Mobile Application. Download Noupia for Android Here
  • Working Mobile number
  • Legal documents ( National Identity Card or Passport or Driver License)
  • 5000FCFA in your MoMo if you are in Cameroon. 


  • Download Noupia from PlayStore or AppleStore depending on your OS
  • Now launch the application and you will see the screen below
noupia virtual card
  • Now click on “create one here” and you will be taken to a page similar to that below. You will need to enter your mobile number to continue.
noupia virtual card
  • Once you’ve signed up with your number you will be taken to the step indicated in the screenshot below. All you will need to do is to enter your legal name, your valid email address and create a login pin. Note that you will be asked this pin on every new login attempt so you should put something that you can easily recall but not too simple too.
noupia virtual card
  • Once you’ve completed the above step, you will be taken to the step below. You will need to upload and verify you legal documents as explained above. The steps will be given in the application. Also, you will need to verify your phone number and email address which are simple to do. Verifications are instant and no delay. Legal document  verifications may take some minutes due to processing but will be done shortly.
noupia virtual card
  • After you’ve done all the verifications above, you will be taken to your dashboard which looks like the image below. There you can see deposit, withdraw, send, pay. Click on deposit to deposit the 5000FCFA from your MoMo account for getting your card with a balance of $5USD.
noupia virtual card
  • Click on Deposit and you will see a screen similar to that below. Choose your deposit method. If you are in Cameroon, you can choose Mobile Money. 
  • Next enter your mobile money number and enter the amount to be deposited which is 5000FCFA. Note that in this 5000FCFA, 2000FCFA will be used for issuing the credit card and 3000FCFA will be credited on your credit card as balance.
noupia virtual card
  • Noupia will guide you just well in the necessary steps for obtaining your credit card with your $5USD in it. You can see the required amount for getting a working virtual credit card with balance ($5USD) for shopping online and more.
noupia virtual card

Now that you’ve gotten your working virtual credit card at hand, you can now do your online shopping, Subscribe for Netflix, link credit card to PayPal for transactions , use for Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads and more. It will work just fine. 

Noupia can be used both on Android and on your web browser.

Download Noupia for Android below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Noupia still active?

Yes, Noupia is still active. You can download their app and start using their services.

Is Noupia Worth it?

it for many. However, I'd recommend it for those looking to make simple payments online.

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