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[Latest Update] HTTP Custom Config Files Download for Free Internet

Download HTTP Custom free internet config files for your country, import the file in the app and start enjoying unlimited free internet...
HTTP Custom Free Internet Config Files Download

HTTP Custom is one amazing VPN to use. Thanks to its numerous tunneling modes, users get free internet with the app with edified settings.

Just as is the case with other VPN apps such as HTTP Injector, and HA Tunnel Plus, you will need to pay attention to some key aspects - the bug host, server, and tunneling mode. The tunneling mode here is the most important because it is thanks to it that the VPN is directed to the right route to take for a successful connection.

If you are familiar with its competitors, then you might already have some basic understanding of how this VPN can work: generating payload, using SNI hostname, using V2Ray, and DNS for free internet access.

Though seems easy when reading, setting up the app can be quite difficult than the HTTP Injector itself. Its UI can be confusing at times but with basic config developer settings, you can deal around with that.

There are many tricks for free internet we even find free internet tricks legally and illegally.

Better still, some people still prefer tricks for getting their free internet access at home without paying a dime. It can be a great choice since it is still on a legal basis.

However, we have made things simple and decided to share HTTP Custom free internet files for all countries. So in today's guide, I will share with you hc files that will let you get free internet in any country.

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Table of Contents

What is HTTP Custom and How Does it Works?

HTTP Custom is an SSH client and VPN client with a custom HTTP request header to secure surfing. Just like similar apps, it is known for securing a connection through SSH for secure access to the client.

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The app covers many connection modes many debugging tools and even some additional tools over HTTP Injector. 

It is an easy tool to modify requests and access blocked websites behind a firewall with SSH and VPN. You will also get a free unlimited VPN server without a username, password, registration, and bandwidth limitation when using the app.

The app serves low ads as compared to HA Tunnel Plus and is similar to HTTP Injector, which makes it an ideal app for tunneling tasks.

With the good settings for the app, you will get free internet access no matter your country without stress. Many reviews have proven that the app has fewer bugs during connection which makes it an ideal tool equally for free internet access.

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Features of HTTP Custom

The app has a lot of features that make it stand amounts and one of the best VPN tunneling apps. Check out the features below.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The app's layout and interface are very user-friendly and all options are available on the main screen for easy access and tweaking.
  2. Secure surfing: One of the most important aspects every VPN should have is security for its users. This app just has full security for your surfing.
  3. Uses both SSH and VPN (2 in 1): HTTP Custom makes a combination of both VPN and SSH for connection which is a rare case in many VPN apps. Plus, the SSH supports SNI and you can also use your SNI hosts for free internet access.
  4. Custom request header: You can set up your own custom request header within the app where all connections will be initiated.
  5. Free Unlimited VPN server: You get access to a list of numerous VPN servers from which you can choose one and connect securely to it.
  6. DNS Changer: The app can act as a VPN changer which can route, and forward connections through DNS.
  7. You can share your SSH/VPN connection (Hotspot or USB Tethering): Just as is the case with HTTP Injector, you can share your VPN connection to your PC or any other Phone.
  8. No Root Required: The app fully operates without root but however, but to access some tethering options, you will need root. Rooting is very important and this is how you get to root your mobile device.

Other Alternatives to HTTP Custom for Free Internet

HTTP Custom is used to get free internet access, but not everyone likes the app either because it is complicated to configure or because the hc files can not be easily gotten unlike HTTP Injector VPN files and HA Tunnel Plus files.

The best alternative I can recommend for this app is HTTP Injector and you can also consider HA Tunnel Plus.

But you will also need to set up these VPN apps for free internet. Some of you probably know and some do not know.

The first thing you will always need to keep in mind anytime you want to create a free internet config file be it for HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, or even HTTP Custom, is the source of the connection. That is to say, where the connection will come from. What more can you think of rather than a bug host? The bug host can be an HTTP Bug host or even an SNI host or hostname.

Getting the host can be frustrating and complicated before you get good results. Hopefully, we have considered that and decided to give a guide on how to find bug hosts for free internet in any country. Even those interested in the SNI hostname list will be served as we have provided at the bottom line of the post, the free internet bug host list for many countries.

Once you get your host, the next step you have to take is to create the config files for free internet. The files we are talking about here are either hat files for HA Tunnel Plus or ehi files HTTP Injector files. That can be a long journey to cover but do not worry, we got you covered.

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We have released a guide on how to set up and use or create HTTP Injector Ehi config files for free internet access. You will also learn how to create a premium SSH account for an HTTP injector.

However, most people will still find it a long way to learn how to make files themselves and prefer searching for files here and there. You should search no more because we have covered a section on HTTP Injector config files for free internet for all countries where we upload and update the files on a daily basis.

HA Tunnel Plus is another good alternative to use for free internet. Just like the other, it will require you to create those files for free internet access in any country. We equally got you covered on that, You can check out our guide on how to create HA Tunnel Plus hat files and get to make your own personal files without having to beg for files.

If you are interested in getting or downloading just the hat files, import them into HA Tunnel Plus and access free internet, You can consider checking out our section on HA Tunnel Plus hat files for free internet for all countries.

Important update!
You can now generate an updated SNI host list for your country through our SNI host generator and check them to see whether they are live or not through our SNI host & IP checker tool.

How to Get Free Internet With HTTP Custom

To get free internet using HTTP Custom, you will need to do the right settings. It is not quite complicated to figure out but to date, we still find many people trying and failing to create HTTP Custom free internet files.

That can be a really long chapter to cover and we will provide a guide on that and update this section with the link once it is available.

However, in the meantime, you can download HTTP Custom hc free internet config files below. We have practically covered as many countries as possible and if you can't find your country in there, you just have to contact us on Telegram and we will try our best to add files for your country.

HTTP Custom Free Internet HC Config Files Download for All Countries

Below is a list of http custom hc config files that you can download and use for free unlimited internet access in your country. The list is in alphabetical order, Consider checking your country very well and if it isn't available, just contact us on Telegram and inform us to upload the file.

Once you must have downloaded the updated http custom free internet hc files for your country from the list below, you will want to have fast download speeds when using these files. For that, you will need the best free internet-boosting applications. You can get these free internet boosters from the link below.

Most of these files were not created by us and so, we solely advise you not to abuse them and you will be responsible for all the actions you perform with these files.

Argentina HC Files

Argentina(ClaroV3)-Free-Internet.hc 18.28KB
Argentina(Claro)-Free-Internet.hc 18.66KB
Argentina(Movistar)-Free-Internet.hc 18.81KB
Argentina(Personal)-Free-Internet.hc 11.06KB

Bolivia HC Files

Bolivia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hc 15.66KB
Bolivia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hc 17.98KB

Brazil HC Files (Coming Soon)

Join us on Telegram for updates on the files

Clipperton Island HC Files (Newly Added

CP(Riglo)-Free-Internet.hc 11.06KB
CP(Riglo2)-Free-Internet.hc 14.48KB
CP(SFR)-Free-Internet.hc 11.13KB
CP(SFR2)-Free-Internet.hc 14.66KB

Colombia HC Files

Colombia(Wom)-Free-Internet.hc 17.16KB
Colombia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hc 13.48KB
Colombia(Móvil-Éxito)-Free-Internet.hc 13.31KB
Colombia(Avantel)-Free-Internet.hc 13.41KB

Egypt HC Files (Coming Soon)

France HC Files (Newly Added - Updated)

France-Free-Internet.hc 53.56KB
France-Free-Internet.hc 53.48KB
France(Riglo)-Free-Internet.hc 11.06KB
France(Riglo2)-Free-Internet.hc 14.48KB
France(SFR)-Free-Internet.hc 11.13KB
France(SFR2)-Free-Internet.hc 14.66KB
France(SFR)-Free-Internet.hc 11.14KB
France(SFR)-Free-Internet.hc 19.91KB

Germany HC Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Germany-Free-Internet.hc 53.56KB
Germany-Free-Internet.hc 17.98KB
Germany(Ortel)-Free-Internet.hc 11.81KB
Germany(Ortel2)-Free-Internet.hc 17.23KB
Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hc 12.07KB
Germany(AldiTalk)-Free-Internet.hc 48.58KB
Germany(AldiTalk)-Free-Internet.hc 13.67KB
Germany(AldiTalk)-Free-Internet.hc 13.67KB
Germany(AldiTalk)-Free-Internet.hc 12.15KB
Germany(Ortel)-Free-Internet.hc 2.49KB

Ghana HC Files

Ghana-Free-Internet.hc 15.31KB

Greece HC Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Greece(Vodaphone)-Free-Internet.hc 12.38KB
Greece(Vodaphone2)-Free-Internet.hc 13.66KB

Guatemala HC Files

GT(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hc 17.48KB

Join us on Telegram for updates on the files

Indonesia HC Files

ID(Axis)-Free-Internet.hc 9.81KB

Malaysia HC Files (Coming Soon)

Mexico HC Files

Mexico(Telcel)-Free-Internet.hc 13.31KB
Mexico(Telcel)-Free-Internet.hc 15.56KB

Netherlands HC Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Netherlands-Free-Internet.hc 8.20KB

Nigeria HC Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Nigeria(Swift)-Free-Internet.hc 37.03KB
Nigeria(Spectranet)-Free-Internet.hc 37.08KB
Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hc 6.77KB
Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hc 6.77KB

Netherlands HC Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Netherlands-Free-Internet.hc 53.66KB

Peru HC Files

Peru(Bitel)-Free-Internet.hc 15.73KB

Portugal HC Files (Coming Soon)

Qatar HC Files (Coming Soon)

Russia HC Files (Coming Soon)

Saudi Arabia HC Files (Newly Added)

SA(Sawa)-Free-Internet.hc 14.23KB

Singapore HC Files (Newly Added)

Singapore-Free-Internet.hc 2.58KB

Join us on Telegram for updates on the files

South Africa HC Files (Updated - Newly Added)

ZA(Cellc)-Free-Internet.hc 6.79KB
ZA(MTN+Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hc 14.66KB
ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hc 10.91KB
ZA(Vodacom-VPS)-Free-Internet.hc 10.91KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hc 8.98KB

Spain HC Files (Coming Soon)

Tajikistan HC Files

TJ(Tcell)-Free-Internet.hc 142.81KB

Turkey HC Files (Coming Soon)

Join us on Telegram for more exclusive tutorials

USA HC Files

US(AT&T)-Free-Internet.hc 13.31KB
US(AT&T)-Free-Internet.hc 15.56KB

United Kingdom HC Files (Newly Added - Updated)

UK-Free-Internet.hc 41.06KB
UK(Three-GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hc 12.83KB
UK(Roaming)-Free-Internet.hc 7.48KB
UK(ALLSIM)-Free-Internet.hc 6.82KB
UK(ASDA/GiffGaff/Three)-Free-Internet.hc 12.73KB
UK(GiffGaff/Three/Smarty)-Free-Internet.hc 13.19KB
UK(SIM)-Free-Internet.hc 9.31KB
UK(ALL-SIM)-Free-Internet.hc 17.81KB

Venezuela HC Files

VE(Digicel)-Free-Internet.hc 15.98KB

Allnet HC Files

Allnet-Free-Internet.hc 42.41KB

The list isn't that long compared to that of HA Tunnel Plus and HTTP Injector, but with time, it will be optimal with all countries listed.
Don't forget to contact us on Telegram if you want files for your country to be added to this list.

How to Import HTTP Custom Files in the App

Follow the steps below to import configs in the HTTP Custom VPN App

  • Launch the HTTP Custom App
  • On the main UI, click on the Plus (+) button in green at the bottom left corner.
  • Now select Open Config navigate to the config location and click on the config
  • The config will be automatically imported
  • Enjoy your free internet...

HTTP Custom Config Not Supported?

The main reason why HTTP Custom config doesn't recognize or support your config is probably because you are using an older version of the app.

To fix that, you just need to check on Play Store for the latest version of the app and update it then try reimporting the same config. It will be imported smoothly.

How to Unlock HTTP Custom Config File

The process of unlocking http custom files is really easy and most importantly, it can be done without root access. Meaning, that you can get the payload and bug host used to create HTTP Custom files without having to run tests in terminals to find bug hosts.

We have made a detailed guide on that showing 3 methods to unlock http custom config files. With the same methods, you can unlock HTTP Injector files, unlock ha tunnel plus files, unlock Napsternetv files, TLS Tunnel files, eproxy files, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does HTTP custom do?

HTTP Custom is an all-in-one app that lets you browse the Internet via VPN and force SSH for your Internet connections. With it, you can customize the IP address you use to connect to the Internet, which is ideal if you have a personalized VPN.

How do I create an HC file?

You can create an HC file by opening HTTP Custom app and choosing between the available tunneling methods, which method you'd like to use. The method you'd choose would depend on the host you're looking to inject. For instance, you'll have to choose HTTP/TCP if you're using an HTTP host, or SNI if you're using an SNI host.

How can I connect http custom?

Configure the app to work with your network and click the start button to initiate the injection. Once the injection is complete and that there's a handshake with the server, you'll be connected through the app.

The Bottom Line of HTTP Custom Free Internet Config Files for All Countries

We have provided above a list of files for the countries we could fall on. Most of the files on this page weren't created by us and we advise you to use them without abuse.

Just download the file for your country and then enjoy free internet. If your file isn't available on the list, worry not because sooner or later, we will add the files for the countries marked with coming soon. If your country is not listed at all, please join us on Telegram and alert us to add the files for your country.

However, if you need free internet files with VPN other than HTTP Custom, then you can consider checking out the free internet files for HTTP Injector and those of HA Tunnel Plus.

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