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tebid kelly aka binzboyz

Tebid Kelly AKA BinzBoyz is a content creator, ethical hacker, graphic designer and web developer at AiM Tutorials.

Known on many top social platforms, he has made his reputation out of the numerous sites and content he has created. He influences most on Telegram where he got a Telegram Channel with lots of subscribers.

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Who Are We?

Aim Tutorials is a branded association of administrators that love sharing their knowledge, skills in written posts and video tutorials.

We aim at providing as many tutorials as possible on the below topics;

  • Free Internet Tricks.
  • Ethical Hacking Tutorials.
  • Android and PC tutorials.
  • Financial Guides.
  • Gaming guides and tutorials.

We might provide in-depth guides on many specific platforms but we are not affiliated with any of these platforms. We just aim to show our readers what platforms they are engaging with and how they work at the same time, providing as many guides as possible to help them surpass difficulties.

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What's Our Objective?

We are out to help many who want to learn anything concerning tech or the fintech area but don't know how or don't have means to acquire themselves some useful guides.

We also aim at creating links with other authoritative sites as ours as to create a strong bond of trust between our readers.

If you own a business or website related to tech, you can always contact us to link to us.