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IP & Host Checker - Check Hosts For Free Internet

Internet Protocol address, commonly known as IP address is a numerical value that identifies a network or device on the internet.

Any device connected to the internet is assigned an IP address, which makes it easy to understand what that device is doing online including; sending, requesting, and receiving information.

Our IP address finder tool lets you know what IP address is being assigned to the device you're browsing with (mobile, PC, or other devices).

You can equally check your IP address whether it is online through the tool.

The interesting part is, free internet enthusiasts or researchers can now check their hosts IP addresses whether they are live (working) or not.

The information you'll get from this host checker will give you a hint on whether you can use the host for creating free internet config files with tunneling apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, Dark Tunnel, or even HTTP Custom.

Also, you can use your IP address for free internet.

With all that said, to find your IP address:

  1. Click on the "Find My IP Address" button below.
  2. Give the tool some seconds and you'll see the address with which you identify your device on the internet.

Find Your IP Address

You can now copy your IP address and check it in the IP address checker below.

This IP address checker also checks HTTP/TCP or SNI bug hosts to see whether they are live or not.

If you don't know how to find SNI bug hosts, you can use our SNI bug host generator, which will generate live host for creating free internet tricks.

However, you'll need to convert the host into IP address to check them without errors.

To check HTTP/SNI host's IP addresses or even yours:

  1. Paste the host's IP address in the field below.
  2. Click on "Check."
  3. See whether the host is live or not from the results provided.

Check Host & IP Address

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my host?

You can use our free tool to check your hosts to know whether it is live or not. However, you'll need to convert or revert it to its IP address before checking it.

What is 200 ok in bug host checker online?

Status code 200 OK is a code that defines a successful connection between a server and a host. In most cases, this means the host is live and can be injected for free internet.

How do I find the IP address of a hostname?

You can use online tools to find the IP address of a hostname. YouGetSignal is a great tool that does the job. However, we are actively working on a tool that should let you find the IP address behind every hostname.