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10 Best Tunneling Apps for Free Internet [Android, iOS, PC]

In this article, we have compiled the best tunneling apps that will give you free internet access no matter your country, with possible tricks listed.
best tunneling apps for free internet

If you've always been looking for a way to get free internet access, then tunneling apps are what you should consider as primary tools. They let you use your own defined method for free internet access. Every ISP has its own set of rules and protocols that it uses to protect its database.

Many ISPs set high charges on their data plans making it difficult for their customers to subscribe to their internet bundles. Whether you live in a developed country or non developed country, one way or the other, your data bills come as a burden to you.

In the past years, there were many free internet tricks that did not involve any VPN tunneling app—such as "the SIM scratching method". This method worked pretty well for many ISPs but unfortunately, they discovered this trick and made sophisticated SIM cards to block this trick.

For a long time now, we have been sharing many free internet tricks for all countries on this blog and most of our tricks involve tunneling apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, etc.—because they represent so many advantages which we have mentioned below.

Most of these tunneling apps make use of a bug host (SNI or HTTP/TCP) that will serve as a source of the connection. They tend to do an injection on the host which will hijack the connection that it establishes with the server—on the other hand, some will require you to use a premium account or purchase some coins in order to get free internet access.

If you have been searching for free internet tricks in your country, then you have to think of the VPN tunneling apps as the first option. Are you new to this term?—Do not worry because that's what we gonna be seeing today.

In this article, we have compiled the best VPN tunneling apps for Android, iOS, and PC (Windows) that you can use to get unlimited free internet access in your country no matter the ISP — We have tested and gotten results from many our blog readers before classifying each of these VPN tunneling apps. Also, for most of them, you will get an appropriate guide on how to set up the apps so they can work properly.

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Table of Contents

What is a Tunneling App and How Does it Work?

best tunneling apps for free internet

A tunneller or tunneling app is an app or program that plays the role of a middleman between a client and a servicer. In direct terms, a VPN tunneling app is a Virtual Private Network or Secure Shell (SSH) that uses a defined setting or connection method generally included in a configuration file which orientates the behavior of the tunneling app as per the protocol assigned for it.

A tunneling app intercepts or hijacks a secure connection also known as a handshake between the host and its server—redirecting the hijacked connection to its secure servers and powering the host device (client initiating the connection) with the internet connection. The bandwidth of the connection depends entirely on the host and the VPN's server.

For instance, when you import a configuration file into HA Tunnel Plus, all you need to do is to click on the start button the get connected—this is because the configuration file you imported already has all set of rules and protocols for the connection you just established. On the other hand, you can still set up the app by yourself providing an SNI bug host, and port, and selecting the appropriate server.

If you are just a starter in creating free internet config files, you can always unlock or sniff into config files for payloads and bug hosts used to set up the tunneling apps—you can unlock HA Tunnel Plus files, HTTP Injector, TLS Tunnel, HTTP Custom, Napsternet VPN files with this guide.

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Advantages/Benefits of Using Tunneling Apps

Tunneling apps have a lot of advantages to offer; Some of them are:

  • Unlimited free internet access
  • Lets you perform unlimited streaming, and download at high speeds.
  • Some of them tend to improve network coverage in tough network conditions (HA Tunnel Plus)
  • Turns off tracking by your ISP on your online presence
  • Lets you access restricted sites and apps
  • Most torrent sites tend to track your IP, VPN turns this tracker down
  • Help in the realization of most projects.

Important update!
You can now generate an updated SNI host list for your country through our SNI host generator and check them to see whether they are live or not through our SNI host & IP checker tool.

Best Tunneling Apps for Free Internet Access

There are many tunneling apps available for Android, iOS, and PC but only a few of them are known for giving free internet connection. We have outlined the best tunneling apps (VPN) for free internet access below:

1. HA Tunnel Plus

HA Tunnel Plus is one amazing VPN app that was launched on the 1st of February, 2021 by Art of Tunnel which is equally the developer of a well-known AnonyTun VPN that served as a free internet VPN for over 4 years now.

HA Tunnel Plus uses existing connection protocols such as SSH2.0 which secures all the traffic generated between the client and the server.

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Through the application, it is possible to customize the start of the connection (we call injection) with typed connection text (HTTP standard or any other), or set an SNI to perform handshaking with the server—This is very useful for crossing restrictions imposed by internet providers or any network that you are using during the connection.

Though launched after most tunneling apps, HA Tunnel Plus stands out to be the best VPN application that offers the best free internet tricks these days as it focuses on a more enhanced and secure connection protocol, SNI which is not known by many ISPs at the present date — This connection method is highly encrypted making it difficult for many ISPs to block the loophole or bug.

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However, to use this HA Tunnel Plus, you will need an SNI bug host that has not yet been blocked or blacklisted by your ISP in order to get unlimited free internet with the app. We have an ultimate guide to finding an SNI bug host for free internet no matter your country.

You can equally get an SNI bug host for your country from this list. You already have the bug host, which is a great start—you will need to create a config file that will let you get free internet access with your ISP.

However, you can get a free internet hat file for your country if you think setting up HA Tunnel yourself is a complicated process.

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Operating System

Best HA Tunnel Plus Alternatives

Though HA Tunnel Plus is an amazing VPN to use, it does allow us to use its service and in return, we watch annoying video ads. It turns out to be a must to watch these ads since the ads help us to get connection time with the app—and failure to renew your connection time will interrupt your connection.

The developer added so many pop-up ads within the app which are very annoying. This decreases user experience and it's a major disadvantage of HA Tunnel Plus that the developer should look into.

This pushes people to search for HA Tunnel Plus alternatives and the best alternatives to the app are HTTP Injector, and HTTP Custom which are amazing tunneling apps with more expanded features and do not require users to watch video ads before getting connection time.

However, if you love the experience with HA Tunnel Plus and want to know how to prevent ads from showing, here is a guide on how to get unlimited connection time in HA Tunnel Plus.

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2. HTTP Injector VPN

HTTP Injector is a well-known VPN that has served as one of the best tunneling apps throughout the past years and its quality of services stands amongst the best you can find out there.

HTTP Injector is a professional VPN tool to browse the Internet privately and securely with multiple protocol and tunneling technologies built into one app.

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It works as a universal VPN (SSH/Proxy/SSL Tunnel/DNS Tunnel/Shadowsocks/V2Ray) client to encrypt your connection so that you can surf the internet privately and securely. Besides that, it also helps you access blocked websites behind a firewall.

Unlike HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector gives you access to a wide variety of connection methods and you can add your own server in the app for better speeds and bandwidths.

The app offers support for SNI connections meaning, you can use the SNI bug host for a more secure method of connection with the app. However, the app supports payload generation making it best for using forwarding (redirection of hosts) rules, Get protocols, and many more.

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HTTP Injector VPN can be really difficult to configure if you are a starter in config development—However, we have step by step guide explaining how each connection method in HTTP Injector works and how you can set up the app for free internet access.

Many will say setting the app up can be a quite complicated process and that's why, we have provided a section on this blog where you can download already made ehi config files for free internet in any country.

In addition, this app has more advanced developer tools that will increase your experience when using the app.

HTTP Injector is available for Android and Windows Operating Systems and the rules for setting up the app are pretty much the same—However, on PC, the app setup can be quite complicated but we have broken down the process in this guide.

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Operating System

3. HTTP Custom

HTTP Custom is one other great tunneling app with more exciting features to use. It has many similar features to HTTP Injector but sounds a little complicated. The app is well known by residents of most countries as the app lets them get unlimited free internet access at no cost.

HTTP Custom is an SSH client and VPN client with a custom HTTP request header to secure surfing—you get to do your own custom setup and add custom servers for faster speeds and bandwidth.

Just an HTTP Injector, the app doesn't suffocate user experience with annoying ads all the time. The app is very user-friendly and everyone can easily adapt to its UI in no time.

Just as with other tunnels listed above, the app will require you to have a bug host where the connection will be injected. So amazingly, the app supports SNI tunneling too which makes it great for encrypted connections.

Setting up HTTP Custom can be really complicated if you are just a newbie in config development—however, you can always download already-made HC config files for free internet in any country.

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Operating System

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4. AnonyTun VPN

If you don't know of AnonyTun VPN, then it means you were not part of its glory days. 

AnonyTun provides a high-speed VPN connection to bypass any geo-restricted services in literally any location and country. This free VPN (Virtual Private Network) app provides a secure connection to protect your privacy and bypass the firewalls anonymously to access any website or app with no limit or restriction.

Whenever we mention the best free internet tricks apps, AnonyTun should always have its place since it offers a wide variety of connection methods (TCP/HTTP/SSL) and it is easy to set up.

Unlike other well-known tunneling apps these days that use the secured SNI protocol (TLS), AnonyTun VPN uses SSL which makes it not suitable for establishing a toughly encrypted internet connection.

For this reason, most config developers tend to pick HA Tunnel Plus or HTTP Injector as an alternative to Anonytun VPN.

Operating System

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5. TLS Tunnel

TLS Tunnel is a free VPN that aims to cross barriers imposed by internet providers and governments and to guarantee privacy, freedom, and anonymity to users.

The available official servers use a proprietary protocol that we call TLSVPN, It is a simple protocol that protects the connection using TLS 1.3 (and TLS 1.2 optionally), the same used in HTTPS sites, with a self-signed certificate verified at the time of connection to avoid interception.

TLS Tunnel is an amazing app that has been out for some time now offering a more secure way of connection (TLS v1.x)—It has support for SNI hosts and therefore, you can use the app for your various free internet projects for a more secure connection.

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The app supports DNS tunneling but you will be required to install the DNS plugin for TLS Tunnel before you can use DNS with the app.

As a downside of the app, it recently introduced connection time into the app, and in order to maintain your connection to its servers, you will need to renew this time whenever it expires—however, using your own custom servers will not require you to renew your connection time.

Operating System

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6. OpenTunnel

Open Tunnel is another amazing tunneling app that has been serving the free internet fight for some time now. This tunneling app lets you bypass censorship filters and improve your connection with SSH tunneling. The app offers 3 connection methods—Direct SSH, SSH + Proxy, SSH + SSL, SSH + DNS.

Its UI is user-friendly and is pretty easy to use compared to most tunneling apps in the market. The app has good ratings in the Android market as its user experience is well-rated.

Operating System

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7. SocksIP Tunnel

SocksIP Tunnel is another great tunneling app for free internet access that serves as a simple Tunnel VPN HTTP (SocksIP Protocol) SSH / SSL / HTTP. If you are in search of a tunneling app that focuses mainly on HTTP IP tunnels, then SocksIP should be the choice for you.

SocksIP is an HTTP tunnel that allows you to create a VPN using this protocol as a transport that serves to be able to navigate freely in sensitive networks where some content may be prohibited in the country of origin with SocksIP you can enjoy said content.

The UI is very user-friendly and can easily be used by a newbie in config development.

The app has free-in-built servers and the speed of the free servers will depend on your location and how loaded the server is.

Setting up your own servers might also cause some problems—consider checking the server, the consumption, the number of connected users, and the location of the servers for better navigation with the app.

Operating System

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8. Your Freedom VPN

If you do not know of Your Freedom VPN, then you are missing a more easy way of getting free internet access in your country no matter your ISP.

Your Freedom is a well-known application developed by Applied Wizardry GmbH. Your Freedom is an all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization, and anti-censorship solution that lets you set up a working and unrestricted Internet connection when someone doesn't want you to have one—It protects your privacy when using unencrypted public hotspots and lets you choose the country you appear to be by choosing one of our many VPN gateway servers all around the world.

Your Freedom VPN works completely differently from the above-listed tunnellers. The app requires optimized premium settings for each IP and will require you to have a "premium account"—However, Your Freedom recommends its users to try the "FreeFreedom" account in order to test if their services can be exercised on your ISP. It is always a good thing to try out all your IPs to see which one works best with the app.

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Your Freedom uses a native way of connection, "DNS" and it appears to be the best connection method that offers the best experience with the app. Don't know how to set up a DNS connection in the app, here is how you do it. As for a start, it is always a good thing to run the connection wizard to see what protocols work best with your ISP.

iOS (iPhone and iPad) users can equally set up this VPN application on their phones. The process is completely easy and here is how you can set up Your Freedom on iOS.

On PC, the setup process is practically the same as on Android and it tends to be very easy to do. Here is how you set up Your Freedom on PC.

Operating System

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • PC (Windows)
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9. DroidVPN

If you think you've heard all about free internet tunneling apps, then you have to check out DroidVPN. DroidVPN is one amazing application that is known for providing free internet tricks to its users.

DroidVPN helps you unblock regional internet restrictions, and web filtering, bypass firewalls, and browse the web anonymously by tunneling all your internet traffic from your Android device to its secure servers.

Similar to Your Freedom VPN, DroidVPN works well with defined settings and a premium account before it can give you free internet in your region. The account pricing for the app is extremely high and it is not guaranteed thing that the app will work well with your ISP—that's why it is good to consult experienced users to know if the app works in your country and only then, you can purchase an account for it.

What separates DroidVPN from other VPN Applications is it can tunnel your traffic through ICMP(IP over ICMP). This means you can browse the internet even if you are only allowed to send ping requests and internet browsing is blocked on your firewall.

The app offers 4 means of connection—UDP, TCP, ICMP, and HTTP and its UI is user-friendly—letting you easily set up the app with each of its connection methods.

The app is available for Android users and for iOS and PC users wanting to enjoy the app, they will need to grab Android emulators for their PC.

Operating System

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10. Psiphon Pro VPN

Psiphon Pro VPN is the very first tunneling app that offers free internet. It's the oldest of all the tunneling apps you will find in the market and its services are still top-notch today though many of its competitors have better connection methods to offer.

Psiphon is a free and open-source Internet censorship circumvention tool that uses a combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies (VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy). Psiphon is a centrally managed and geographically diverse network of thousands of proxy servers, using a performance-oriented, single- and multi-hop architecture.

Psiphon Pro gives you unprecedented access to your favorite news broadcast or social media platforms. By its nature, Psiphon Pro also protects you when accessing Wi-Fi hotspots by creating a secure, private tunnel between you and the Internet. Psiphon Pro is one of the best VPN tools for accessing everything on the Internet.

Unlike other tunneling apps, Psiphon Pro has no support for a host, doesn't require a premium account nor too many settings to get you connected to the internet. All you need to do is download the app, do some little tweaking (if necessary for your ISP), and then click Start to get connected

Psiphon Pro is one of the only VPN tunneling apps for free internet that has support for cross-platforms—that is, Psiphon Pro works independently with available clients for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and on PC.

However, Psiphon recently introduced a currency within the app known as Psicash. Once purchased, you will get top speed when using the app. The more Psicash you have the more your fast speed lasts. This can become very expensive and there are some people that can't afford it. For that reason, we have released a method to get unlimited Psicash without paying anything. However, if you are looking for a method to bypass the usage of Psicash, you can always go in for Psiphon Pro Mod Premium APK with Unlimited Psicash.

Looking for how to set up Psiphon Pro for free internet? This is how you can set up Psiphon on Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

Operating System

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • PC (Windows)

Frequently Asked Questions

What VPN gives free internet?

HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector and other apps listed on this page give free internet.

How does internet tunnel work?

Tunneling works by encapsulating packets: wrapping packets inside of other packets. (Packets are small pieces of data that can be re-assembled at their destination into a larger file.) Tunneling is often used in virtual private networks (VPNs).

Can VPN get free internet?

Yes, however, the ability for a VPN to give free internet depends on its tunneling features.

How do I create a VPN tunnel?

Get a bug host or payload, find a good server and inject the host through the VPN to create a VPN tunnel.

Final Thoughts on Best Tunneling Apps for Free Internet

For our top picks, HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, and HTTP Custom should be the best tunneling apps that work with a bug host (SNI/HTTP). As for the picks concerning apps that don't require a host to work, Your Freedom VPN and DroidVPN should be the best.

If you want something that is completely free, then go in for the mod version of Psiphon Pro as you won't be required to purchase an account or Psicash.

The best tunneling apps for free internet should be the one that is user-friendly, offers the best and most secure connection methods, and unlimited access in the present generation without altering user experience. Check these qualities among the apps and pinpoint the best for you.

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