Get unlimited Psicash for Free and Faster Speed With Psiphon Pro VPN (Updated)

Psiphon Pro recently released a currency within their app that all users are to get in order to have faster internet speed and experience when using Psiphon Pro VPN. This currency is known as Psicash.

To get this Psicash, you will have to purchase it from the app and then the amount of Psicash purchase will determine the time you will experience best speed using the App. Not everyone want to be paying to browse freely or some people don't even have the means to pay for this Psicash. That's why I brought out this tip.

In this post, I will show you how to get unlimited Psicash for free without having to pay a dime. I have timed the right moment to make this release and I hope you all will continue reading till you get the trick. 

If you are a Psiphon user and you experience connection problems or slow connection and internet speed  with Psiphon, then that is probable due to lack of Psicash. 

Unlimited psicash for free

What is Psicash?

Psiphon built in Psicash to help it’s users get a better experience when using their services and the developper in return gets paid for the increase in server speed by every psicash you purchase.

Psicash is a built-in currency within the Psiphon VPN  application that permits its users to get a better speed and experience when using Psiphon Pro VPN.

get free psicash

Various subscription plans are offered by the Psiphon developer for a specific amount of Psicash. 

So the more the Psicash you got, the longer your internet speed will be even better.

How can I get the Psicash for free?

Now we gonna get into the method of getting free and unlimited psicash. You will need some basic requirements to get that.

Let’s get into the requirements:


  1. An Android Phone
  2. Psiphon Pro VPN Client (Not a modded version)
  3. A Working Play store BIN (get it below)


  • Head on to PlayStore and download Psiphon Pro VPN if you haven’t yet done so. Make sure you are not using a modded version of the application.
  • Now grab the BIN below generate, check and add the BIN on Playstore.
  • You can find generators and checkers in my Telegram Channel
  • You can equally find a tutorial on how to carry out the entire process in my Telegram channel.

Getting the BIN

BIN For Psicash and Other Premium Playstore Subscriptions 


BIN: 489504xxxxxxxxxx
ZIPCODE: 10080

BIN 2: 🔱🔥 Bin For Psicash and Other Premium Playstore Subscriptions🔥🔱

💳 𝗕𝗜𝗡: 515462001762xxxx

📍 IP: USA or even yours


🏘 ZIPCODE: 10080

Yes as you can all notice, the BIN can equally be used for other subscriptions such as CyberGhost VPN, HBO Go, and many more subscriptions.

For the country and IP, make sure you use a good VPN such as Nord, HMA, Express VPN, VyPr VPN etc.

More still, you can use your own IP for the method. it will work equally.

Unlimited Psiphon Psicash?

I know most of you reading this post were expecting a method that might may be permit you to load unlimited Psicash in the application. First let me inform you that this is a reliable method and yes it might not last long just for the trial period. 

How to make the method last long

To make this last long, all you need to do is to consume your trial period. After you must have finished your trial period, clear the Psiphon data and cache files, then go to Playstore, change the account you are using and reapply for subscription. 

That will be available just for those who got several accounts.

I will inform you in case of any new method discovered. The for now you got to manage this one.

Half a bread is better than nothing.

How to Get Free Internet with Psiphon without using Psicash

There is another way to get free internet using Psiphon Pro which does not involves the use of Psicash. This way is by using the unlimited premium and mod version of Psiphon Pro.

You can download this premium version of Psiphon Pro VPN App from the link below and start browsing the internet for free.

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