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Free Internet MTN For Nigeria New Trick

Free Internet For Nigeria

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Are you a free internet lover but don’t actually know how to get it and you are in Nigeria? Yo man you got to be kidding me, but don’t worry read this full post to get the trick for free internet for Nigeria 2020.

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Before starting, you should make sure you got the following requirements:


  • An MTN Carrier SIM Card and you’re located in Nigeria.
  • An Android Device (Tablet or Mobile Phone). 
  • Stark VPN Reloaded version.
  • Paying attention to each steps.

Steps Involved:

  1. Go to your Play Store and download Stark VPN Reloaded. 
  2. Once download finished, launch the app and select the “custom” connection tweak.
  3. Now, just beside the custom tweak you chooses, you will see a custom button. Click on that button and configure the next page as you see below;
“Connection Mode = HTTP”
“Server Port = 8080”
“Host Header =”
“Proxy Host =”
“Proxy Port = 8080”
“Now Header Line Type = multiline”
“Leave Reverse Proxy unchecked”

     4.   After you must have configure as above, go back and click on the CONNECT button.
     5.   That’s it, enjoy your Free MTN Internet.

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  1. Hi can you please post a new article on how to get free internet on pc without sim card , I am in Nigeria and a teenager without phone and sim card
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