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How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet with Any ISP Network (SNI, HTTP, TCP Host)

I will show you in this article, how to find bug host for your ISP and then how to create a free internet config file using http injector, ha tunnel p
how to find bug host for free internet with any isp network

 Looking for an SNI bug host for free internet? Free internet being one of our most discussed term on this blog, yet not all are in possession of free internet config files. Many people out there have free internet configs but they are not satisfied because they want something better.

When searching for this free internet configs desperately, they easily get scammed by many scammers and some of you finish by thinking free internet is dead. Well that's not true, all depends on the way you see it. You can checkout our free internet library to see working free internet tricks. 

I will show you in this article, how to find bug host for your ISP and then how to create a free internet config file using http injector, ha tunnel plus or any other VPN of your choice. 

We will start by getting a bug host or simply a host, test the host and then inject the host for a possible connection.

We recently released an ultimate guide to find bug host for free internet in any country. We exposed all secretes you can use to find, analyze and exploit a bug host and get free internet access.

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Important update!
You can now generate updated SNI host list for your country through our SNI host generator and check them to see whether they are live or not through our SNI host & IP checker tool.

Before we start, let's cover some basic aspects on free internet.

Table of Contents

What is Free Internet and What is Its Importance?

Free internet is a way or a set of way that involves one or more protocols to access the internet for free. Free internet can sometimes be provided by the ISP or can involve protocols or USSD Codes to get free access to the internet with a target ISP.

Free internet has been of great help especially for students that don't have means to connect themselves for online classes due to the pandemic. And so, many governments have put in place measures to get free internet access to a school site for students to access their classes without any internet charges.

Free internet equally helps us follow several courses online because we don't have to check our data balance. It helps us in downloading our favorite contents from the internet that can be quite heavy to afford internet for. As some say, free internet is access to digital freedom.

To get free internet, you will need a bug host in most cases especially if you want to create ehi or hat files with VPN apps that will require hosts to function properly.

Talking of hosts, we can mention two most known types of hosts; SNI and HTTP bug hosts or hostnames.

Types of Bug Hosts or Hostnames

We will focus ourselves on two main types of bug hosts used in the free internet world which are SNI and HTTP bug hosts.

What is an HTTP Bug Host and How does it works?

HTTP bug hosts are the first and most known bug hosts that were used years back till date for free internet access. They are often injected by the CONNECT or GET methods used in HTTP Injector.

They are gotten from scans over ISP in a terminal (for advanced hostname researchers). It is simply a bug in a system that runs with HTTP (ISP). When ever you fall on such a bug host, you will always want top give it a try by using any of the two methods commonly used with it above. This type of bug hosts can be accessed over the web with or without data and in some cases, they can't be accessed.

They don't always last long when they are used for free internet and easily get patched (blocked) by the ISP.

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What is SNI Bug Host and How does it works?

SNI bug hosts are hosts gotten from a tightly secured encryption method; SSL/TLS. SNI bug hostnames are also known as zero-rated websites which are websites that can be accessed without data.

However, they can also be known not to accessed with data (in the case of a social bundle). When a SNI bug host is a social bundle such as WhatsApp, you will need to get all the different websites or subdomains hosted under the WhatsApp main website or server to know where the data can be captured from.

Unlike with HTTP bug hosts, SNI bug hostnames cannot be easily blocked because they are unknown to some systems.

Important update!
You can now generate updated SNI host list for your country through our SNI host generator and check them to see whether they are live or not through our SNI host & IP checker tool.

How to Get Bug Host for Unlimited Free Internet Access

I will show you two methods to obtain a working host for your ISP. The bug hosts or hostnames here are going to include HTTP and SNI bug hosts .But before, there are some things you need to take into consideration for the two methods which we will cover.

The two methods are as follows;

  1. Method of Zero Rated Sites.
  2. Method of Subscription to unlimited bundles to your ISP.

We have covered these two methods below in details.

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Method 1: Zero Rated Sites

What are Zero Rated Sites?

Zero rated Sites are websites which can be accessed by you for free that is without any data bundle. These sites are often provided by the government for as educational sites which are accessed freely by students. Some people call this free unlimited government internet. 

We can use most of these Zero Rated Sites to obtain free internet access by tunneling the connection with the help of a VPN such as HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus, or even Anonytun VPN.

How to Get Zero Rated Sites for your ISP

It is very easy to get zero rated sites for your ISP but what is not easy s to get the working one. Don't worry we will cover a section on how to check zero rated sites if they are suitable for free internet.

Go to google.com and search for "zero-rated sites for my country". Replace my country here by your country. Example, if you are located in the United States, they search for zero rated sites in usa. To be more specific in the search, type zero-rated sites in usa pdf. If you are located in South Africa or Kenya or any other country, search for zero-rated websites in south africa pdf, zero-rated websites in kenya pdf. Just replace the country here with your country and put pdf at the end for google to display more suitable results for the query.

Below is a screenshot of a query made on zero-rated websites south africa.

How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet for Any ISP Network

When you click on the website link for the first result, you will see a long list of zero-rated websites south africa. These websites are made available for free access by the government due to the pandemic. So most of them can be access free and some are injectable, we will see that later when checking host.  See a list of zero-rated websites south africa in the screenshot below;

How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet for Any ISP Network
The above websites are what we can start considering as hosts for free internet. After checks on these sites, we will be able to confirm if they are really susceptible for injection for free internet.

Quite a simple method right? Now we go to the next method.

Method 2: Subscription to Unlimited Bundles to your ISP

This method involves subscription to bundle provided by ISP which have an unlimited social bundle or something similar which is limited. What we do is we find susceptible host that can be used to tunnel the connection. This tunnel by VPN will tunnel the service which is unlimited in the bundle through the VPN server thereby, masking our real IP addresses and then giving our whole device an unlimited access to the internet thanks to this unlimited bundle. 

The bundle here can have unlimited WhatsApp, unlimited Facebook, unlimited Twitter, unlimited Telegram etc.

If the bundle includes an unlimited WhatsApp bundle, then this therefor means, we can browse WhatsApp freely without limits. If the bundle is unlimited Telegram, then we can browse do things on Telegram without limits.

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Lets take for example a bundle that offers unlimited Telegram. Then one way or the order, we have an unlimited access to telegram server through our ISP. We keep in mind that our first host is the Telegram web server which is telegram.org. If in case we deal her with unlimited WhatsApp, then, our first host to consider will be whatsapp.com

But we can't use this web servers directly because they have websites or underneath sites which our ISP use to give unlimited access to the social chat. So what we need to do now is to find all possible hosts that can be found within the websites telegram.org or whatsapp.com

How to do to get all related subdomains under a main website?

Go to This Website and enter telegram.org or whatsapp.com in the bar shown on the page then click on Check. You will be shown a list of all the websites located under the web server you entered.

Note: Replace the whatsapp.com or telegram.org with the web server that has unlimited access when you subscribe to a bundle on your ISP.

How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet for Any ISP Network

We are done getting the hosts. 

Remember we used two methods to get our hosts. The method of zero-rated sites and the method of subscription bundle.

Now we need to check our host to see if they can be used for injection with our ISP.

How to Check Host for Free Internet

Before we proceed, bare in mind that the second method may have more chances of returning good results than the first especially for ISP that have top security filters in their system. This is because giving an unlimited access to to a service with a bundle opens a gap or pot hole or what we call ports opening. These ports holes can now be used for vulnerability scanning in ethical hacking. 

We won't cover that whole chapter right now, what we need to do now is to check our host for the ones which we can use for injection. So let's proceed in checking the hosts.

Go to This Website and enter the host gotten in one of the methods shown above. Enter either the zero-rated websites hosts or the unlimited bundle hosts.

In the screenshot below, I have entered 7 typical URL.

How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet for Any ISP Network

The results gotten from the checks ran on the website are shown in the screenshot below.

How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet for Any ISP Network

In the screenshot above, you can see that from the hosts, we get various HTTP Status codes (200, 301, 302, 303, and Error). We are interested here in the host that reports a 200 status code. Then we can use it to try creating our free internet config with HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus or Anonytun VPN. Let me give a brief explanation of the status codes gotten from the screenshot above.

Before that understand some facts about http status codes. We have five series of http status codes which are;

1xx informational response – the request was received, continuing process.

2xx successful – the request was successfully received, understood, and accepted.

3xx redirection – further action needs to be taken in order to complete the request.

4xx client error – the request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled.

5xx server error – the server failed to fulfil an apparently valid request.

Understanding the above series, we can summarize our conclusion on the results gotten. 

  • 200: OK. Standard response for successful HTTP requests.
  • 301: Moved Permanently. This and all future requests should be directed to the given URL
  • 302: Found (Moved Temporarily): Tells the client to look at (browse to) another URL. 302 has been superseded by 303 and 307
  • 303: See Other (Since HTTP1/1). The response to the request can be found under another URL using the GET method
  • Error: Not Found. Can't be accessed.

We have three redirect types (301, 302, 303), one successful connection (200) and one Error. Some host can have a redirect or two and a successful connection code but this doesn't mean the host can be injected. It can be easily filtered because it will be redirected to a particular web server where it is being hosted. 

To understand more on status code, please read this article

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To get good results when creating configs, use HTTP codes that have a status code of 200 just as that in the screenshot which is web.telegram.org which has a unique 200 status code. Then you can use this website in creating your free internet config paying attention to the protocols to use.

Try getting as many host as possible to create a working config for free internet. If you don't know how to use this host to create an ehi config for http injector, then you can watch the video below:

HTTP Injector equally has tool called host checker which can also be used to check your hosts.

You can also create your HA Tunnel Plus files with these hosts and we will soon cover a section on how to create HA Tunnel Plus hat files. But, we have provided our readers free internet ha tunnel plus hat files for all countries. check it below.

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Bug Host Checker Online 200 OK

Once you get your bug host, you can check your bug host for a 200 status OK. If you get 200 as status code, then your bug host is OK for injection. Here is a full list of HTTP Status response codes you must know to understand each status a bug host reposts.

Free Internet Working Bug Host List

We have decided to share some bug hosts of some countries. These bug hosts work till date. Select the bug host that categorizes your country from the list below and download the file. Each bug host file below contain a list of bug hosts for the country with the specific ISP with which it works. Also, you will see the connection mode to use with each bug host in the file. Everything is given in the file and you will just need to start creating your ha tunnel plus free internet hat file or your http injector free internet ehi file.

However, we will update this SNI hostname or bug host list each time we get a new host but we will keep some hosts jealously for ourselves just for security purposes.

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Argentina Bug Hosts

Argentina-Bug-Host.txt 511B

Egypt Bug Hosts

Egypt-Bug-Host.txt 934B

Iran Bug Hosts

Iran-Bug-Host.txt 934B

Nigeria Bug Hosts

Nigeria-Bug-Host.txt 518B

Qatar Bug Hosts

Qatar-Bug-Host.txt 448B

South Africa Bug Hosts

South-Africa-Bug-Host.txt 563B

Turkey Bug Hosts

Turkey-Bug-Host.txt 452B

All Net Bug Hosts

All-Net-Bug-Host.txt 452B

More bug hosts to be added to the list soon.

Join us on Telegram to get notified each time the list receives and update.

Final Thoughts on Finding Bug Hosts for Free Internet

We have come to the end of this article and I have showed you how to have free internet host which you can use to create free internet files with VPN such as HA Tunnel Plus or Http Injector. We showed you two methods which you can use to obtain hosts and explained each methods in details. We also showed how to check these host to see if they can be injected for free internet access with the help of a VPN.

Note that it is very difficult to get a working config file ready or to create a config file with a working host so stay still and be patient for good results because they will eventually come.

Skipping a part in this article will make you loss a lot and you won't understand all the points mentioned here. Make sure you read the full article.

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