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Free Shutterstock Image Downloader Without Watermark

 Shutterstock is an American stock provider that features photos, illustrations, vectors, video, and music for download by businesses, marketing agencies, and media organizations.

Whether you're looking for an image to showcase your work or business, Shutterstock is the place for you.

While some Shutterstock images are free for download, others (the best stock images) on the other hand, are paid, and come with a Shutterstock watermark whenever you download them.

Thankfully, you can now download any Shutterstock image without watermark by using our free and easy-to-use Shutterstock image downloader.

Here's how to use our Shutterstock image downloader without watermark to download your Shutterstock images:

  1. Open the Shutterstock image you're looking to download with your web browser.
  2. Copy the image URL from the address bar and paste it in the image link field below, then click "Continue".
  3. Download the image directly to your PC or phone.
  4. It is as easy as that.

Example URL: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/digital-technology-banner-pink-blue-background-1415678822

Looking for a Shutterstock video downloader without watermark? Here are the best ways to download Shutterstock videos without watermark.

As you may have noticed, the Shutterstock image downloader removes the main (transversal) watermark on the image.

However, there's a footer watermark that can be easily removed by cropping the image through an image cropping tool on your mobile device or PC.

You can use Canva as well to crop the image and add even more designs to it to make it look unique when compared to the original image.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download images from Shutterstock without watermark free?

Our free-to-use tool lets you download any Shutterstock image without any watermark, and it is completely free to use. All you need to do is to copy the image URL and paste it in the required field to download the image.

Can you use Shutterstock images without paying?

Yes, you can use Shutterstock images without paying anything. After you must have downloaded the image through our free tool, you can modify the image futher in Canva to make it even more unique.

What app removes Shutterstock watermark?

With our free online Shutterstock watermark remover tool, you can remove the transversal watermark from any Shutterstock image without paying anything.

Is it illegal to remove Shutterstock watermark?

Is it illegal to remove Shutterstock watermark? Shutterstock is a premium stock photo service. Removing their watermark and using it personally or commercially are both illegal. If you do this, only you will be responsible for the repercussions.