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How to Download Shutterstock Images and Videos for Free Without Watermark

In this guide, I will be showing you how to download Shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark.
How to Download Shutterstock Images and Videos for Free Without Watermark

As a video or image producer, you will always want to publish your art and creations on Stock sites where you can gain some revenue from them by selling them on these platforms.

We talk here of platforms such as Shutterstock where designers upload their creations for sale. 

Have you ever been in search for something of the web and you go to the image section and you will notice some sort of watermark on some of the images there? I'm sure you have notice that. These images are copyright protected and unauthorized usage of such apps can be punished by copyright law.

However, you can find some video footages and good images which you will want to include in your project and make it personal. This is mostly the case for most content creators and YouTubers that want to grow their business with it. But you cannot use it at that stage not because you can't download it but because it first of all copyrighted and the watermark just make things not professional.

This is almost the same situation that TikTok users face. Most TikTok users find amazing videos from other and want the video without watermark so as to make it fully their's. If you are interested in the tweak to download TikTok videos without watermark, then consider checking this guide.

The most known photo and video stock site is Shutterstock and they really have great stuffs that everyone will want to add to his/her projects. In the case where you really need that content so what can you do? Well you just need to follow and apply some tricks to get these videos or images from Shutterstock for free without watermark and add it in your projects.

So in today's guide, I will be showing you how to download Shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark on the contents.

Table of Contents

What is Shutterstock and How Does it Works?

Shutterstock is a global provider of stock photography, stock footage, stock music, and editing tools; it is headquartered in New York.

With Shutterstock, You Get a Prepaid Pack or Save up to 40% with Subscription. Create Your Great Stories Here! Access Over 300 Million Royalty-Free Photos, Vectors, Icons, Illustrations and More. 4k Images Added per Hour. Speedy Search & Discovery. Footage & Music Libraries.

Shutterstock lets you buy subscriptions that allow you to pay a flat fee per month and download a limited number of photos. These monthly plans are a good deal if you're a regular photo buyer if you need lots of high-resolution photos, illustrations, or both –for websites, ads, social media, etc.

Are Shutterstock Images and Videos Free to Use

All of Shutterstock's licenses are royalty-free, so you can use the images without time restrictions. If you're not a professional photographer and don't have one on staff, you've likely found yourself in need of a stock photo on occasion.

However, the above is applicable only for subscribed members. If you are not subscribed to Shutterstock, you will not have access to their stuck. If you see images from Shutterstock all through the web, don't even dare to download it because it contains not only watermark but it is copyrighted and its use without purchase is illegal and can bring you serious issues with the law.

So the best way to use Shutterstock images is by using some tricks that will get to remove the Watermark. Removing watermark is just a step but you will not end there. Whether it is an image or a video footage, you will need to edit it and add some filters to make it unique.

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Why is Shutterstock so Expensive?

The main reason here is because they provide high resolution images and videos that just look life oufff. Also, they aim at satisfying both buyers and sellers.

The Shutterstock plan will look expensive for beginners but for those that know what they want and how Shutterstock can give them, they subscribe without hesitation.

One more thing you need to know about Shutterstock to understand their pricing is that their business model is based in volume sales. Their aim is for customers to get lots of images constantly, at very low price per unit, making up for price with the quantity of sales.

Did you know Shutterstuck is a stock photography site?

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What is Stock Photography?

Stock photography is the supply of photographs which are often licensed for specific uses. Any photograph or image on a stock site have specific licenses attributed to it. 

Some are free license stock photograph sites such as Pixabay, Pexels. Some have attribution license which are licenses that involve the mention of the author of the image wherever you use the image (example Unsplash). And lastly, some license are commercial use, meaning you can upload the image elsewhere and sell it without copyright infringement (example Pixabay).

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Benefits of Free Stock Photography Sites

  • Can download any image of your choice without copyright issues.
  • Blog authors and content creators can use it as a source of material for their contents
  • Download images freely in high resolution and choose a size for each photo that will suite you best.

How to Download Shutterstock Images for Free Without Watermark

However, we are not here for the pricing and plans Shutterstock has to offer. We always want paid thing for free but you should know that the money collected from buyers is used to support their hard work in realizing what interest you the most on Shutterstock.

We will be using 2 Shutterstock image grabber tools that work complete online for the trick. This will also avoid you use 3rd party software that might introduce viruses in your PC.

However, you will need a PC for this to work. We will proceed gradually with each method for better understanding of everyone.

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Method 1: Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark Using GetPaidStock

Go to Shutterstock or any other stock photography site of your choice, then copy the image link.

On your PC, Open your Web browser and Click Here to go to GetPaidStock.

Now paste the link for the image you got earlier in the box.

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how to download shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark

Now click on "Search Photo". As you click on it, you will see "Download Generated Photo" immediately. Just click on that too.

how to download shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark

A next window will open to you saying, "Your photo has been generated". Just scroll the screen up till you see "Download This Image".

how to download shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark

Click on the Download This Image button and your download will start automatically.

It is as easy as that .

Let's move to the next method.

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Method 2: Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark Using

Open your web browser and Go to This Link to visit PNG.

Enter the link to your Stock photo no matter the stock site.

how to download shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark

When you done, just click on Search Photo. 

how to download shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark

It will pull out the image from its link, remove watermark from the image as display it to you in a next window. All you have to do is to click on Find this stock

how to download shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark

It will search and provide the file to you with direct download link.

The above listed online grabber tools do not only limit their services to Shutterstock but you can also download from any other Stock photography site such as, Gratisography, Picjumbo, EyeEm, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Adobe Stock, BigStockPhoto etc.

We are done with the guide for downloading Shutterstock images for free without watermark. Now let's move to the video section without watermark.

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How to Download Shutterstock Videos for Free Without Watermark

Below are 3 ways to download Shutterstock videos without watermark for free.

1. Using Online Tools to Download Shutterstock Videos for Free

There are many online tools and platforms that are specialized in the removal of watermark from any video be it stock or not. It get rid of this watermark for you.

There are some that are paid and some that are completely free. However, most of the tools out there ask for paid subscription to their services in order for them to provide you with a valid download link for the video without watermark.

The paid ones are straightforward and give results as expected. It won't be easy for you to fall on the right one but you will surely find one good one that will suite your needs.

2. Using a Video Downloader Without Watermark Software to Download Shutterstock Videos for Free

Another great way to download Shutterstock videos without watermark is by using some windows programs that will let you download whatever video of your choice and removing the watermark for you.

The most recommended software for such a task is AceThinker Video Keeper which will download your Shutterstock videos without watermark. The software is paid however, but you can click on the link below to get the premium version of the software for free. If you are asked a password to enter, just simply enter 123.

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3. Editing the Video Yourself or Contacting A Skill Editor for the Job

If you are really interest in a particular footage found on a video stock site, then you got to take all to get that footage in your own project. 

You can edit and modify the video to fit your needs and remove watermark. However, if you are not a skilled person for this task, then you can contact advanced video editor for the job.

Where can I find an Advanced video editor to remove watermark from Shutterstock footage videos?

Well the best place you might want to checkout first is Fiverr. You can also go find on LinkedIn there just many of them.

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Shutterstock Video Downloader Without Watermark

AceThinker Video Keeper is a recommended shutterstock video download without watermark.

This tool will let you download any video from shuttterstock and many other stock sites without any watermark.

The only thing here is the tool is paid but it is worth buying and using for this task. The download link to this video downloader tool has been provided above.

What's the Next Thing To Do After You Have Download Shutterstock Images and Videos Without Watermark?

Downloading the image without watermark is already a great step a head. But you are not done yet. 

The image still carry same contrast as that of the legitimate owner and Google can identify it as Copyright Infringing material which is not good for your business or website.

You will need to edit the photo in Photoshop or any other image and vide editor tool.

However, Canva is just another great option. Canva is good when it comes to image and video editing thanks to their broad variety of features.  However, Canva can be fully exploited when you are subscribed to Canva Pro. If you don't have the means, then checkout the below link to download Canva Pro (premium version)

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Other Best Image and Video Stock Sites Similar to Shutterstock

There are just many similar sites to Shutterstock out there but below are the best amongst them.

  • Gratisography.
  • Picjumbo.
  • EyeEm.
  • iStockPhoto.
  • Adobe Stock.
  • BigStockPhoto.

Is Shutterstock Free for Commercial Use?

Well this will just depend on the license you got. If you have full license, then you are authorized to download and distribute the content as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Shutterstock videos without watermark?

There are a couple of ways to get Shutterstock videos without watermark. You can use tools to download the footage you want from Shutterstock and then edit them on a photo editing platform like Canva. However, though these tools let you get the Shutterstock videos, we'd recommend you to buy the stock footage you need legal so as to avoid issues in the future.

Can I use Shutterstock videos with watermark?

No, you cannot use Shutterstock videos with watermark because using videos from with its watermark is an infringement on the photographer's and Shutterstock's copyright claim to the video. The punishment for infringing on copyright ranges from paying a fine to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the case.

Is Shutterstock video copyright free?

No, Shutterstock vides are subjected to copyright.

Final Thoughts on How to Download Shutterstock Images and Videos for Free Without Watermark

We have seen how you can easily download Shutterstock images using 2 methods that are fully online and you will not need some extra skills to crack and remove the watermark from the Shutterstock images. The tools does that all for you.

We equally saw how you can download or crack Shutterstock videos without watermark by using online tools, and a software.

However, the gale doesn't just end there. At a stage where you have removed the watermark from the video or image, it still somehow belongs to the owner. If you want to redistribute the content on other platforms, then you will need to edit the image or video using an image or video editing tool. You can do that with Canva Pro.

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