HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT Files and Configs for All Countries (Updated Daily)

Free internet is a blasting news when its available in your country. Free internet has been gaining search terms over the internet from the past years and has somehow gone viral through the internet. So far, people keep searching for HTTP Injector free internet ehi files, http injector free internet configs, anonytun free internet, anonytun free internet for any country, ha tunnel plus settings and configs for any country. 

ha tunnel plus free internet hat Files all countries

It is to note that free internet isn't easy to get because from our previous internet tricks, we have mentioned that it isn't easy to get free internet for all countries due to country restrictions and availability of exploitable host. See our other tutorials on free internet below:

We have always been publishing free internet tricks and configs on this blog and most especially for Cameroon and we have noticed several complains of our readers requesting for free internet for their individual countries and we have made an exclusive solution to respond to their demands. Each of our readers from all countries free internet tricks requested will have to benefit of it because we will share these free internet configs below with you all.

What is HA Tunnel Plus and How Does it Works?

HA Tunnel Plus being an application preceding the famous tunnel application we know ( AnonyTun) is an application developed by Art Of Tunnel. This VPN tunnel functions the same way as AnonyTun but with a slight difference. HA Tunnel Plus uses existing connection protocols such as SSH2.0. All traffic generated between the client and the server is protected with SSH2.0.

Each user is given a randomly generated ID by the application to connect to the server.

The developer of this software made this to easily control flood of servers and have full access over the servers than clients to securely limits its access by clients. So we can say the developer had a real good vision before developing HA Tunnel Plus. Plus, the extension of HA Tunnel Plus Config files is .hat

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Before HA Tunnel Plus was HA Tunnel Pro. Unfortunately, the developer stopped supporting the application and updated it to the Plus version which now carries the name HA Tunnel Plus.

Free Internet with HA Tunnel Plus (hat files)

It is very possible and though some wouldn't believe, even simple to create a free internet config with this HA Tunnel Plus. The most important thing for your to understand in this application is the Realm host and how it works. This features was recently updated by the developer and moved to a new Realm host.

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For the sake of all, we have just decided to share free internet hat files for HA Tunnel Plus so most countries can benefit of this free internet tricks. 

But before, make sure you have the following requirements

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  • HA Tunnel Plus
  • .hat config provided below ( For dedicated countries). All Net config also availabale.


Well there is no big deal you have to do with the settings. All you need to do is to import the config file in the HA Tunnel Plus application. It's quite simple. 

Select the file below that corresponds to your country then import and browse on the internet for free.

We know it's hard to create working files even when you have working host. That's why we have decided to accept all host from any country in order to serve you with working files. Submit your working hosts on our Contact Page and we will create you files and drop it in the Hat Files List.

Argentina HAT File (Updated - New)

Argentina-Free-Internet(latest).hat 960 B
Argentina(Prepago)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.29 KB
Argentina(Prepago2)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.31 KB
Argentina-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.31 KB
Argentina-Free-Internet.hat 984B

Bolivia HAT File

Bolivia-Free-Internet.hat 981B

Brazil HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Brazil(Tim)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
Brazil(Vivo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB
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Colombia HAT File (New - Updated)

Colombia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.73KB
Colombia(Wom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
Colombia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB
Colombia(Tigo1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB
Colombia-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB

Egypt HAT File (Updated - New)

Egypt(Zain)-Free-Internet.hat 1.94KB
Egypt(WiFi-WE)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB
Egypt-Free-Internet.hat 980B
Egypt-Free-Internet-2.hat 982B
Egypt-Free-Internet(latest).hat 960B

France HAT Files (Newly Added)

FR(SFR)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB
FR(Laboste)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
FR(Reglo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
FR(SFR)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
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Germany HAT File (Updated - New)

Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB
Germany(Rain)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hat 1.65KB
Germany(Ortel Mobile)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
Germany-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB
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Ghana HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Ghana(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.77KB
Ghana-Free-Internet.hat 2.09KB

Guatemala HAT File

Guatemala(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB
Guatemala-Free-Internet.hat 1.0KB
Guatemala-Free-Internet(2).hat 1.1KB

Haiti HAT Files (Newly Added)

Haiti(1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
Haiti(2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
Haiti(3)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

India HAT File

India-Free-Internet.hat 1.3KB

Jamaica Free Internet HAT File (New)

Jamaica(Digicel)-free-internet.hat 1.25kb
Jamaica-free-internet.hat 1.63kb

Kenya HAT Files (Updated)

Kenya(safaricom)Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.67KB
Kenya(safaricom)Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
Kenya-Free-Internet.hat 980B
Kenya-Free-Internet(latest).hat 960B

Kyrgyztan Hat File

Kyrgyztan-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

Lesotho HAT File

Lesotho-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

Malawi HAT Files (Updated)

Malawi-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB
Malawi-Free-Internet(2).hat 1.2KB

Malaysia HAT File (Updated)

Malaysia(Umobile)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB
Malaysia-Free-Internet.hat 902B

Mexico HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Mexico(Telcel)-Free-Internet.hat 2.09KB
Mexico(Todo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB

Nigeria HAT File (Updated - New)

Below, you can find updated ha tunnel plus hat files for Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, NTel, Swift, Smile, Glo) which you can download for unlimited free internet access.

Nigeria(MTN)Free-Internet.hat 1.70KB
Nigeria(MTN)Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
Nigeria(Airtel)Free-Internet.hat 1.87KB
Nigeria(Ntel/Swift/Smile)Free-Internet.hat 0.91KB
Nigeria(Allnet)Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
Nigeria(Airtel-Social)Free-Internet.hat 1.98KB
Nigeria(MTN)Free-Internet.hat 1.65KB
Nigeria(Ntel)Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
Nigeria(Airtel)Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.67KB
Nigeria(Airtel)Free-Internet.hat 1.36KB
Nigeria(MTN)Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.25KB
Nigeria(Airtel)Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB
Nigeria(Airtel)Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB
Nigeria-MTN-Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.2KB
Nigeria-Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.2KB
Nigeria-Free-Internet(Glo-latest).hat 1.2KB
Nigeria-Free-Internet(Airtel-latest-Unlimited).hat 1.17KB
Nigeria-Free-Internet(Airtel2-latest).hat 1.19KB

Peru HAT Files (Newly Added)

Peru(Claro)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB

Philipine HAT File (Updated)

Philipine(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
Philipine-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

Portugal HAT Files (Newly Added)

Portugal(Nos1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB
Portugal(Nos2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

Qatar HAT File (New - Updated)

Qatar(Ooredoo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

Saudi Arabia HAT File(Updated - New)

SA(mobily)-Free-Internet.hat(latest) 1.84KB
SA(Moktv-mobily)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB
SA-Free-Internet.hat 979B

Singapore HAT File (New - Updated)

Singapore-Free-Internet.hat(StarHub) 1.3KB

South Africa HAT File (Updated - New)

Below, you can find updated ha tunnel plus hat files for South Africa (MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, CellC, Salt) which you can download for unlimited free internet access.

ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
ZA(Rain)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB
ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.52KB
ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB
ZA(Telkom1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(Telkom2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
ZA(MTN-1GB)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(MTN1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.92KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB
ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.56KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.34KB
ZA(Salt)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB
ZA(Vodacom1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB
ZA(Vodacom2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.56KB
ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB
ZA(Telkom1)-Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.29KB
ZA(Telkom2)-Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.59KB
ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.27KB
ZA(Cell-C)-Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.42KB
ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB
ZA-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB
ZA-Free-Internet(Cell-c).hat 1.2KB
South-Africa-Free-Internet.hat 960B
South-Africa-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.25K
South-Africa-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.88K

Tajikistan HAT Files (Newly Added)

Tajikistan(Tcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB

Turkey HAT File (Newly Added - Updated)

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB
Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.13KB
Turkey(Turkcell1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB
Turkey(Turkcell2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.86KB

United Arab Emirates HAT File

UAE-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB

United Kingdom HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

UK(ASDA/GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB
UK(GiffGaff/Smarty/Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.59KB
UK(AllSIM)-Free-Internet.hat 1.77KB
UK(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.88KB
GB(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.88KB
UK(GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB
UK-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB
UK(Allnet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
UK-EE-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
UK(GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
UK(O2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB
UK(Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB

USA HAT Files (Updated)

USA-Free-Internet(Latest).hat 1.2KB

Uzbekistan HAT Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Uzbekistan(Ucell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.27KB
Uzbekistan(Humans)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

Vietnam HAT Files (Newly Added)

Vietnam(viettel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.52KB

All Net HAT File (Updated - Newly Added)

All-Net(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB
All-Net(Update)-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB
All-Net-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB

Do you want to know how to create your own HA Tunnel Plus HAT File for your Country? Then Check out the list of similar contents below; There is a complete guide that will teach you how to create your own free internet hat file in any country.

The All Net file can be tested on any network. This can be used by those who don't find their country hat file from the link.

Now you can unlock or sniff ha tunnel plus files for payload and host. If you want to know how to go about that, then consider checking out the below guide.

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The hat files provided above are the free internet files which can be used for the defined country.

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We are not the creators of the above hat files and so we do not claim their ownership. We solely advice you not to abuse the configs because we are just sharing the hat files with you. You solely assume any abuse you cause!


We have seen what is HA Tunnel Plus and how you can get free internet with HA Tunnel Plus by sharing free hat files for many countries. Though we haven't included all countries, we have covered a lot of countries. If your country has not been mentioned, please be patient and subscribe to this blog to be updated on our upcoming free interenet configs.

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