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How to Install and Use HA Tunnel Plus on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

In today's guide, I will show you how to Intall and Use HA Tunnel Plus on your iOS (iPhone and iPad) device. Follow the step by step guide below...
how to install and use ha tunnel plus on ios

HA Tunnel Plus is a really great application with really exciting features of which its most important use is to provide free internet tricks to its users. HA Tunnel Plus previously known as HA Tunnel Pro is a VPN provider similar to other VPN such as HTTP Injector, AnonyTun VPN, Combo VPN, KA Tunnel, and many more VPN is a VPN that uses a variety for protocols (SSH, SSL/TLS, HTTP) to tunnel free internet connection coming from a bug host or a loop hole on a particular ISP.

HA Tunnel Plus is an amazing app to use though complicated and can be handled only by developers (config developers) that know and understand how this App works to create what we call working free internet HAT files. 

We consider the fact that most of you don't know how to use this application and create your own working hat files for free internet. So, we have created free internet hat files for all countries that you can download and start using with the dedicated network assigned to the hat file. Click here or below to download ha tunnel plus working free internet hat files for any country.

Though you can get free internet hat files from the link above, you are kind of wondering how you can create your own free internet hat files that you can use without having to search for. Well the first thing you will need to do is to get a working free internet bug host that can be injected and connection tunneled through a protocol in order to give you free access to the internet using HA Tunnel Plus. VPN such as Psiphon don't usually require bug host to work. The most common host are usually SNI bug host because they are easy to get, setup and use for injection. 

We have covered a section on how to find free internet bug host that you can use to create your own free internet HAT files with HA Tunnel Plus or free internet EHI files with HTTP Injector. You can click here to read on that or you can equally read on that from the link below.

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When you will get free internet bug host from the tutorial above, you will now have to create a free internet hat file that you can use for free internet. These files can be created with HTTP Injector with an EHI extension and HA Tunnel Plus with a HAT file extension. But now these days, HA Tunnel Plus had gone viral with its number of users and many people worldwide use this VPN for free internet. So for that reason, we have given a tutorial on how to create free internet HAT files with HA Tunnel Plus. You can Click here to read on it or click the below link to get it.

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Now you have gotten the complete process on how to get working free internet hat files for any country, how to find bug hosts and how to create an HA Tunnel Plus free internet HAT File.

The big problem here is HA Tunnel Plus is available just for Android and it has not yet extended to iOS (iPhone and iPad). So, iPhone and iPad users can't use HA Tunnel Plus. But what if I tell you that there is a way to use HA Tunnel Plus on your iOS device? Yes that is very possible with the help of what we call emulators precisely Android emulator apps for iOS.

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What is an Android Emulator?

An Android Emulator is a software or an app that simulates an Android OS on a host computer or device which can be in this case your iOS device. 

In this case, we will have to use an Android Emulator that will run Android full operating system on your iOS device. The Android OS will be the guest system and the iOS device will be the host system.

So we will start by installing the Android emulator on iOS device that will now simulate android OS on our iOS screen so that we will be able to access all of Android's functionalities.

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How to Install and Use HA Tunnel Plus on iOS

We will be going round with 2 procedures; the first will be to download and install the android emulator on our device and the second will be to run this android emulator and getting access to Android features on iOS then install and use HA Tunnel Plus on iOS device.

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1. Downloading and Installing the Android Emulator.

Before we go in downloading the Android emulator, it is good to know the best android emulator you can use with your iOS device.

Best Android Emulators for iOS

  1. iAndroid
  2. Alien Dalvik Emulator
  3. GBA4iOS
  4. iNDS
  5. NDS4iOS

Above are the best android emulators you can use on you iOS device. 

To download the above listed android emulators, you can click the links below to download each android emulator for iOS.

Along side all the emulators on the download page, there are different procedures that you can follow to install the emulators. So the download and installation of each emulator are in synergy side by side so you would not get confused.

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2. Running Android Emulator, Installing and using HA Tunnel Plus on iOS

Once you have downloaded the android emulators from the links above, then you have completed the first step. Now you will have to run the emulator on your iOS device. Follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Android emulator after installation from your home screen.
  2. You will be served with clean Android Interface. The interface will need to do some fresh updates just as a normal android device so you will need a good internet connection.
  3. Next, open Playstore, sign in with your Google account and search for HA Tunnel Plus.
  4. Install HA Tunnel Plus from Playstore. If Playstore is slow for installation download HA Tunnel Plus from here still in the Android emulator.
  5. Install HA Tunnel Plus, Launch it and start benefiting of free internet with HA Tunnel Plus either by using Free Internet HAT files or by Creating your own free internet HAT file.

That is just the trick to use HA Tunnel Plus free internet on iOS devices. There is no other way round since HA Tunnel Plus developer hasn't released an iOS version.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are many queries made by some people and that can help you out equally. Let's discuss on them below.

Is HA Tunnel Plus Available for iOS?

HA Tunnel Plus isn't available for iOS and in Appstore. But there is always a way to go round this. You can follow this article and you'll know how you can do to get HA Tunnel Plus on iOS.

How does HA Tunnel Plus Works?

HA Tunnel Plus is an app that lets you use existing connection protocols protected with SSH2. 0. This way, all the traffic generated between the client and the server is totally secure.

Why is my HA Tunnel Plus not working?

There can be many reasons why your HA Tunnel Plus doesn't work. Make sure you check your Wi-Fi / mobile data connection and verify that it is working properly. It could be finished and hindering you from updating the HA Tunnel Plus - 100% Best Free Fast Unlimited VPN app. Make sure you always update the App to the latest version. However, you can checkout the guide below for posssible fixes of connection failed issue in HA Tunnel Plus.

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Can I use HA Tunnel Plus on PC?

Yes, you can use HA Tunnel Plus on PC with the help of Android Emulators for PC such as Bluestacks, NOX Player etc... Checkout the best Android Emulators for PC Here.

HA Tunnel Plus For iOS Free Download

As earlier said, you can download HA Tunnel Plus and use it perfectly without issues on your iOS device by using an Android Emulator for iOS which have been provided above.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

You now know how to use not only HA Tunnel Plus on iOS but also other Android Apps on your iOS device. However, bear in mind that it will be more interesting if you get an Android device and run your favorite apps on it. This is important for those using older devices of the Apple brand.

You are free to use HA Tunnel Plus on any of these iOS devices. 

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