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[Latest Update] HTTP Injector Config Files Download For Free Internet

Download HTTP Injector ehi config files for your country that covers all network and that are updated daily.
http injector free internet ehi config files download

Looking for HTTP Injector EHI Config files and settings to download? Here we go for another journey in the free internet Adventure chapter and this time, we are talking of HTTP Injector which is a really amazing VPN thanks to its numerous tools.

HTTP Injector has been one of the most used VPNs for several years now and its usage cycle is still going viral. HTTP Injector is the perfect choice for most developers due to its numerous developer and test features. HTTP Injector has some similarities with the famous VPN, HA Tunnel Plus in terms of good-performing servers and secured connection between the two parties that serve a connection.

Just like HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector can be really difficult to handle and it is even more difficult to configure as compared to HA Tunnel Plus due to its wide and numerous tools, You might be confused when trying to configure the app and any mistake might cost your free internet connectivity.

We understand this HTTP Injector VPN can be really difficult to set up even tougher than setting up HA Tunnel Plus for free internet especially when it equally comes to finding a bug host (sni bug host) and that is why we decided to make this section on our website where we upload daily HTTP Injector free internet config files so you can download and import in your the app and start browsing without doing any additional settings.

Equally, we have made it easy for all our visitors to get free internet with HA Tunnel Plus without having to set up things, host, or even buy free internet hat files. We have made a section where you can download daily updated HA Tunnel Plus free internet files for all networks in many countries.

So guys to praise the aim here, In this guide, I will provide or share with you, free internet ehi files for HTTP Injector that you can download, import, and start using for free internet in your country.

But before we go in for the files, let's see what HTTP Injector really is.

Important update!
You can now generate an updated SNI host list for your country through our SNI host generator and check them to see whether they are live or not through our SNI host & IP checker tool.

Table of Contents

What is HTTP Injector and How does it work?

HTTP Injector is an app for professional use that's designed to set a custom HTTP header. Plus you can access sites blocked behind a firewall using SSH tunneling

Using HTTP Injector can be a bit complicated, but its official webpage has a very handy manual to help you out.

HTTP Injector is a VPN known for its internet-stealing talent because it gives every user that uses it what we call free internet. This app helps its users to establish a secure connection to any free website usually called bug host or zero-rated website and starts injecting the website's HTTP/SSH servers by hijacking the free connection and letting it flow through the whole device of the user thanks to its tunneling capacity.

So what if I ask you "is http injector illegal?" what are you gonna say? Probably Yes. If you are located in any country such as South Africa, the United States, the UK, or Nigeria, then you use this app to access the internet from your internet provider without subscribing to an internet bundle, then you are accessing the internet illegally because you are hijacking the host entered in the application for injection. However, this will just open the door to the free internet world where the internet is a freedom.

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What is Free Internet and How does it work?

Free internet is a concept used by many after they discovered that there are various ways to get connected to the internet without data bundles or services. This obviously will involve bypassing any restriction set by your internet provider (ISP) and getting free access to the internet. To date, many don't know of free internet and when they hear of it they get confused and at times take it hard to believe.

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Since all ISPs block access to the Internet to their users who don't have a data bundle, you will need to use a set of rules or methods to overcome this network barrier; just as systems use an activation energy to bypass an energy barrier kinetics, we will need an application that has several tools that will help us get free internet. What more can you think of here other than a VPN?

Free internet works by using an application that has various protocols such as HTTP, SSH, SSL/TLS that encrypt every hijacked connection from hosts and give you access to this connection through a secure tunnel and then, attribute you a new IP address on one of its servers.

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I hope you understand how a VPN works? Sure you do. There are several VPN tunneling applications out there but it is always good to spot the best that can do these jobs safely for you and also that have very fast servers. What more VPNs can you call here other than HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, and AnonyTun VPN?

We also have some apps such as NapsternetV which require configuration files for free internet to be accessed.

How to Set up Get Free Internet with HTTP Injector

In order to get free internet with HTTP Injector, you will have to configure or set up the app by using information that you know can give you free internet. They have a wide variety of tools which can be confusing for a newbie. You will need to have some basic understanding of things such as Server, SSH, SNI, Bug host, Payload, etc., and how they work will be even more important for you to know because you will later use this to create a working http injector ehi config file.

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However, we have noticed that a lot of people out there are not advanced in such stuff, so they tend to look for a better alternative which is to get the config files for this app. Below are config files for http injector that we update daily for free access to any of our readers.

You definitely want to know how you can create those files for free internet for any network. You have to check that guide from the link below.

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HTTP Injector Free Internet Config File Download for All Countries (All Network)

Using Free Internet config files is always the best option to get free internet but it can be really a mess when they expire and you will start looking for updated files. Below we have provided http injector files for most countries and most networks that work well to date.

If you don't see your country on the list, don't worry it will be added soon. However, if you need it to be urgently added, please contact us via Telegram and we will add the file for your country.

Never Miss Anything From Us, Follow this Blog to Receive our Latest Updates

We constantly update these files every day and place the updated files on the top of the list for every country so that you can easily download the updated files.

All you need to get started is your HTTP Injector app, then you download the http injector ehi files for your country from the list below.

Once you have downloaded the updated http injector free internet ehi files for your country from the list below, you will want to have fast speeds when using the ehi files. For that, you will need the best free internet-boosting applications. You can get these free internet boosters from the link below.

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We have main hands over the files below though we are not the creators of most of the files and we solely advise you to use them wisely without abuse. You will be responsible for any misuse of the file and we won't endorse any responsibility for any misuse. 

Argentina EHI Files

Argentina(unlimited)-free-internet.ehi 4.3KB

Afghanistan EHI Files

Afghanistan(MTN)-free-internet.ehi 2.41KB

Australia EHI Files (Newly Added)

Australia-free-internet.ehi 2.87KB

Brazil EHI Files (Newly Added)

Brazil(Vivo)-free-internet.ehi 2.70KB

Cameroon EHI Files (Newly Added)

Cameroon(Nexttel)-free-internet.ehi 3.23KB

Clipperton Island EHI Files (Newly Added)

Clipperton-Island(Riglo)-free-internet.ehi 4.66KB
Clipperton-Island(SFR)-free-internet.ehi 4.68KB

Colombia EHI Files (Coming Soon)

Egypt EHI Files

EG(Etisalat)-free-internet.ehi 2.87KB
EG(Vodafone)-free-internet.ehi 3.43KB
EG(Flax&Fakka)-free-internet.ehi 3.73KB
EG-free-internet.ehi 3.85KB
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France EHI Files (Updated - New)

France(Laposte)-free-internet.ehi 2.95KB
France(SYMA)-free-internet.ehi 2.95KB
France(SFR)-free-internet.ehi 2.95KB
France(Riglo)-free-internet.ehi 2.95KB
France(Riglo)-free-internet.ehi 2.33KB
France(SFR)-free-internet.ehi 2.38KB
France(SFR)-free-internet.ehi 3.10KB
France(SFR)-free-internet.ehi 3.79KB
France(SFR)-free-internet.ehi 1.95KB
France(SFR-MF)-free-internet.ehi 4.73KB
France(Laboste)-free-internet.ehi 4.73KB
France(Reglo)-free-internet.ehi 4.73KB

Join us on Telegram for all updates on these files.

Germany EHI Files (Updated - New)

Germany(Aldi-Talk)-free-internet.ehi 3.58KB
Germany(Ortel)-free-internet.ehi 3.45KB
Germany-free-internet.ehi 3.47KB
Germany(Ortel)-free-internet.ehi 3.33KB
DE(Aldi-Talk)-free-internet.ehi 5.38KB
DE(Aldi-Talk)-free-internet.ehi 5.38KB
DE(Ortel)-free-internet.ehi 2.54KB
DE(ALDI-TALK)-free-internet.ehi 2.62KB
DE(Ortel-Fast)-free-internet.ehi 2.49KB
DE(Ortel-1)-free-internet.ehi 5.29KB
DE(Ortel-2)-free-internet.ehi 5.29KB
DE(Ortel-3)-free-internet.ehi 4.73KB
DE(Aldi-1)-free-internet.ehi 2.55KB
DE(Aldi-1)-free-internet.ehi 2.55KB
DE(Aldi-2)-free-internet.ehi 5.37KB
DE(Aldi-3)-free-internet.ehi 5.37KB
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Greece EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Greece(Vodafone)-free-internet.ehi 2.03KB
Greece(Vodafone)-free-internet.ehi 4.37KB
Greece(Vodafone)-free-internet.ehi 2.64KB

Iran EHI Files (Updated)

Iran(Irancell)-free-internet.ehi 2.57KB
Iran(Irancell)-free-internet.ehi 3.10KB
Iran-free-internet.ehi 3.10KB
Iran-free-internet.ehi 3.10KB

Jamaica EHI Files (Coming Soon)

Malaysia EHI Files (Coming Soon)

Mali EHI Files (Newly Added)

Mali(Orange)-free-internet.ehi 2.63KB

Morocco EHI Files (Newly Added)

Maroc(Orange)-free-internet.ehi 2.24KB

Mexico EHI Files (Coming Soon)

Nigeria EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Nigeria(MTN&Airtel)-free-internet.ehi 2.29KB
Nigeria(9Mobile)-free-internet.ehi 2.30KB
Nigeria(MTN)-free-internet.ehi 2.88KB
Nigeria(Airtel)-free-internet.ehi 2.48KB
Nigeria(MTN1)-free-internet.ehi 2.51KB
Nigeria(MTN2)-free-internet.ehi 2.54KB
Nigeria-free-internet.ehi 2.60KB
Nigeria(Airtel500MB)-free-internet.ehi 3.88KB
NG(100MB)-free-internet.ehi 4.18KB
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Peru EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Peru(Movistar1)-free-internet.ehi 4.43KB
Peru(Movistar2)-free-internet.ehi 4.98KB
Peru(Movistar3)-free-internet.ehi 2.07KB
Peru(Movistar-WA)-free-internet.ehi 1.74KB
Peru(Claro1)-free-internet.ehi 2.43KB
Peru(Claro)-free-internet.ehi 2.13KB
Peru(Claro)-free-internet.ehi 2.35KB
Peru(Claro-TG)-free-internet.ehi 1.73KB

Philippines EHI Files (Coming Soon)

Portugal EHI Files (Newly Added)

PT(Nos)-free-internet.ehi 3.31KB
PT(Nos)-free-internet.ehi 3.19KB
PT(WFT&Nos)-free-internet.ehi 5.24KB

Qatar EHI Files (Updated)

QA(Ooredoo)-free-internet.ehi 2.48KB
QA(Ooredoo1)-free-internet.ehi 3.13KB

Russia EHI Files (Newly Added)

Russia(Tcell)-free-internet.ehi 4.54KB

Saudi Aribia EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

SA(STC)-free-internet.ehi 2.27KB
Saudi-Arabia-free-internet.ehi 2.70KB
SA(Sawa)-free-internet.ehi 4.48KB
SA(Sawa-VPS)-free-internet.ehi 1.95KB

Singapore EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Singapore(SS1)-free-internet.ehi 2.58KB
Singapore(SS2)-free-internet.ehi 2.59KB
Singapore(SS3)-free-internet.ehi 2.58KB
Singapore(Starhub)-free-internet.ehi 3.23KB
Singapore(KBTsel)-free-internet.ehi 4.63KB
Singapore(latest)-free-internet.ehi 3.23KB
Singapore(Unlimited)-free-internet.ehi 4.54KB
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South Korea EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

South-Korea(SS1)-free-internet.ehi 2.59KB

South Africa EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

ZA(MTN)-free-internet.ehi 2.83KB
ZA(Rain)-free-internet.ehi 2.89KB
ZA(CellC)-free-internet.ehi 2.38KB
ZA(MTN)-free-internet.ehi 2.45KB
ZA(MTN)-free-internet.ehi 2.45KB
ZA(MTN-1GB)-free-internet.ehi 2.79KB
ZA(Vodacom-P80)-free-internet.ehi 2.82KB
ZA(Vodacom-P443)-free-internet.ehi 2.82KB
ZA(Vodacom-P443)-free-internet.ehi 2.74KB
ZA(MTN-P443)-free-internet.ehi 2.91KB
ZA(MTN-P80)-free-internet.ehi 2.74KB
ZA(MTN-100MB)-free-internet.ehi 2.66KB
ZA(MTN)-free-internet.ehi 4.12KB
ZA(AllNet)-free-internet.ehi 3.13KB
ZA(Vodacom)-free-internet.ehi 8.76KB
ZA(MTN)-free-internet.ehi 3.10KB

Spain EHI Files (Newly Added - Updated)

Spain(Movistar)-free-internet.ehi 2.23KB

Tajikistan EHI Files (Newly Added)

TJ(TCell)-free-internet.ehi 2.73KB

Turkey EHI Files (New - Updated)

Turkey(Turkcell)-free-internet.ehi 3.63KB
Turkey(Turkcell)-free-internet.ehi 2.87KB
TR(Turkcell)-free-internet.ehi 2.41KB
TR(Turkcell)-free-internet.ehi 2.41KB
TR(Turkcell-1)-free-internet.ehi 3.10KB
TR(Turkcell-2)-free-internet.ehi 3.26KB
TR(Tekno)-free-internet.ehi 3.88KB

United Kingdom(UK) EHI Files (Updated)

UK(Three-Roaming)-free-internet.ehi 3.09KB
UK-free-internet.ehi 2.74KB
GB(EE)-free-internet.ehi 2.74KB

United States (US) EHI Files (Updated)

US(Unlimited)-free-internet.ehi 4.54KB
US(Kvivo1)-free-internet.ehi 2.49KB
US(Kvivo2)-free-internet.ehi 2.55KB
US(Kvivo3)-free-internet.ehi 2.55KB

Join us on Telegram for all updates on these files.

Uzbekistan EHI Files (Newly Added)

Uzbekistan(Ucell)-free-internet.ehi 3.38KB
Uzbekistan(Mobi)-free-internet.ehi 3.37KB

Zimbabwe EHI Files (Coming Soon)

All Net Social EHI Files

Allnet(YT)-free-internet.ehi 3.99KB
Allnet(YT1)-free-internet.ehi 3.55KB
Allnet-Social(Snapchat)-free-internet.ehi 3.99KB
Allnet-Social(IG)-free-internet.ehi 4.01KB
Allnet-Social(FB)-free-internet.ehi 4.13KB
Allnet-Social(FB1)-free-internet.ehi 3.16KB
Allnet-Social(WA1)-free-internet.ehi 4.13KB
Allnet-Social(WA2)-free-internet.ehi 4.18KB

Do you know we can create personal files for you? Oh yes, we can. All you need to do is to submit a bug host on our Contact Page and we will start the creation of your file as soon as we get it and then send it to you.

We are still working on some files from some countries that's why you get to see Coming Soon beside the countries whose files are coming up.

Join us on Telegram for all updates on these files.

HTTP Injector Config Files Telegram

If you want HTTP Injector Files directly from Telegram, then you can join our Telegram Channel to get updated whenever we release updated and new configs. Also, we plan on adding HTTP Injector Lite EHIL config files so Join us On Telegram to stay updated whenever we release these files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are HTTP injector files?

HTTP Injector files are those files that when imported in the app gives the user free internet access or simply lets them bypass ISP restrictions.

How do I open an EHIL file?

You can open an EHIL file by importing the file into HTTP Injector Lite app. Select import config at the right side of the screen to import config files.

What app will open an EHI file?

HTTP Injector is the app that recognizes and opens files with the .ehi extension.

What is HTTP injector free Internet?

HTTP Injector free internet is the art of getting free internet access through the HTTP Injector app.

Final Thoughts on HTTP Injector Free Internet EHI Files For All Countries

We have provided free internet files for the http injector that you can download, import, and start using immediately. The reason we do such is that we understand that many people cannot set up http injectors by themselves so we work on hosts for various countries, create the files, send them to our followers residing in the concerned countries and test them. When we get a full report of the files that work, we quickly update this page and add new files.

Want to become our follower for tests? Join our Telegram Channel.

However, you will notice that most files were not created by us we just gathered them and decided to share them out here for free because we see many people selling them out there the first principle of free internet is to browse for free without buying any data nor files.

We continue updating files for exiting countries on the list and adding new files for countries that are not yet on the list daily so you should consider checking this page daily for new files.

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