How to Get Free Internet Legally and Illegally At Home 2021

How to Get Free Internet Legally and Illegally At Home

Getting free internet in this present generation is a vital and essential thing everybody must have. Not only must the internet be free but it should be pretty fast to cover your searches. 

Internet is a vital tool for all students because they get most of their lessons online. Everybody spend money to get internet to get connected either with their loved ones, or for studies or for business purposes and the average amount of money spent for free internet in most homes is over $60 at least monthly and more though in rural areas, the expenditure may be less.

However, it all still leads to expenditures and if you spend $60 every month then you can spend $720 a year just on internet without counting that fact that this bundle may be little at times especially if you have some downloads to do and then, you will find yourself spending more that the amount you usually spend monthly.

Do you know you can save all this money you keep on spending on internet? Yes you can and you can save the money by using free internet legally. Though some illegal methods to get free internet are usually the best to get free internet with any network in any country. 

There are many ways you can get free internet legally from the comfort of your home without spending a dime or if in the case you should spend, you will spend just a little amount compared to what you usually spend. You can also get free internet illegally in any country with any network which will involve the use of VPN apps to do the task. So how to get free internet on Android using VPN? Click the link below to view the guide on that.

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However, we will make things look clear for the legal path because, in this guide, I will show you how you can get free internet legally in any country and save your money you usually spend on internet for other uses.

What is Free Internet and How does it Works?

Free internet is the put in place of a set of rules and protocols that are known for hijacking an internet connection from a host then passing it through a secure tunnel Thus, - giving free internet to the device that launched the injection.

These set of protocols or rules are HTTP Proxies, SSH, etc and are usually found in VPN applications. These VPN apps are generally called free internet VPN apps and they are known to bypass all restrictions set over a network by ISPs. However, free internet can also be issued freely by ISP to its customers usually when there is an event or when they are celebrating something.

How to Get Free Internet on Android, iPhone and PC Illegally

There are several methods to get free internet on Android, iPhone and PC of which the most common way is by using a common way they all have (VPN). VPN apps are widely distributed on the Android platform which makes Android the ideal device to get free internet. However, on iPhone and iPad, there are also many ways you can get free internet on iOS using a VPN. Check the guide below.

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If you are on PC, then it is a sure fact that you can have your free internet. If however you got a bug host for your ISP or network, then you can get free internet on your PC by creating a free internet config file for your PC. The most used VPN on PC for such task are HTTP Injector and SVL Injector. Both have similar ways of injection of a bug host. You just need to provide the right parameters for the injection of your host. The config file extensions for these PC VPN apps are .hpi and .svi respectively. However, you can use use Psiphon on your PC which will not require you to enter a host. But you should know that Psiphon is selective with networks.

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There is an even more easy way to get free internet on your PC which is by tethering your free internet VPN connection you use on Android to your PC through hotspot. This is aided by third party apps since we all know that you cannot directly hotspot a VPN connection to your PC; Check the below guide to know how you can hotspot your Android VPN connection to your PC.

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Coming more back on Android, we have work so hard on the best VPN apps that give free internet and we have provided all the methods you can use to get free internet in any country with any network. Check them from the link below.

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You can equally checkout our free internet tricks library for more free internet tricks for all countries.

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How to Get Free Internet on Android, iPhone and PC Legally (6 ways)

The above methods are the various methods you can use to get free internet illegally but did you know there are equally many ways to get free internet legally in any country you might be located? Well lets see how this is possible.

The main method to get free internet in your country legally is by using the free internet data that has been given to you by your ISP and you can use it to browse. Many ISP give welcome bonus to their subscribers every time they get to install their SIM Cards on a new device. This is the case seen the MTN in many countries.

There is another method to get free internet legally in your country which is by using a the free internet service provided by your government. Most governments of many countries put this measure in place to help their citizens (students) to access their classes online what we call e-learning and has been the most used method of teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The government put in place several platforms or websites where students can download their notes and access a wide variety of lessons online. They also give free internet data to their citizens as a way of support to continue their activities. This has been seen with many governments in the world.

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That's not just all because there are more cool ways you can get free internet legally in your country without even counting on your IPS, internet provider or government. We have enumerated them below.

1. NetZero

Netzero is a fast growing brand that provides free internet to its users. It was established in 1998 and it is ideal mostly for old people that don't recall their internet dial-up.

There services to give free internet to their users are really amazing as they give access to the internet freely of 10 hours every month to all their users. It might look to small but I think there nothing to complain of because these 10 hours might cost a lot of $ if you try buying it from your ISP. So, it helps to reduce your monthly expenditure.

How to Get Free Internet Legally and Illegally At Home

To be able to profit of this free internet, you will need a phone line because they offer internet dial-up services. These dialup services will not be fast as you expect it to be because it is not to be compared to there modern and sophisticated connection offered by your ISP. So the first time you will use their free internet, it will be quite nerving and boring to you but with time, you will get used to it.

In addition, NetZero customers get a special offer and the first month free for NortonLifeLock's all-in-one protection for your Cyber Safety. What you waiting for to grab such an offer? Visit NetZero now by clicking the link below and claim your own free internet.

2. FreedomPop

FreedomPop is another great way of getting free internet. If you are looking for a way to get free internet without paying a dime on a long run, then FreedomPop is the choice for you.

They are based in Los Angeles and are widely known for their free internet services. Plus their plans start from $0.00 and comes with numerous advantages. Not only will you get free internet with freedom pop but you will equally get free text and calls that you can use.

Also, if you want to get free internet on the go non stop, you can purchase any of their phones they sell or of you don't want to buy their phone, purchase their SIM Cards and you will get your free internet non stop without any obstruction paying attention to the fact that your mobile device can support their network.

For every new user in FreedomPop, you will get 2GB of free internet for your first month and later on, you will get 500MB per month which is great and this is enough for those of you who don't really have big deal on the internet and then, you won't ever pay for internet. However, if you are using a GSM SIM Card, instead of 500MB every month, you will get 200MB which is not small either.

When you signup for FreedomPop, you will have to do a little deposit into your account and FreedomPop will send you all the equipment or tools you will need to get started.

They have a Freemium Plan which includes Unlimited WiFi Calling, 10 Text Messages and 25MB LTE but you will need to order a SIM from them in order to use this Plan.

How to Get Free Internet Legally and Illegally At Home

If however you find this free internet data offered monthly freely by FreedomPop, you can upgrade or signup for an account that offers more. Their plans are really affordable and cheap as compared to those of your internet provider. You should consider checking out this amazing free internet provider.

3. Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi Hotspot is another ideal way to get free internet. The relative number of Wi-Fi hotspot has increased especially in urban areas where development keeps on going on. With a lot of new infrastructures, the number of free Wi-Fi hotspots have increased considerably.

How to Get Free Internet Legally and Illegally At Home

You can get free internet by connecting your mobile device to a free Wi-Fi hotspot that may be available in your area. All you need to do is to turn on your mobile Wi-Fi and search for available hotspots in your area. If there are no Wi-Fi connections in your area you can move to other areas and search for free wifi.

However, you can equally get free Wi-Fi if your neighbor has Wi-Fi. All you need to do is to ask them how you can enjoy their Wi-Fi. They will probably ask you to give something to them in exchange of their Wi-Fi. If you don't want to propose to them that you will contribute for its monthly payment, you can propose them your services. For example, you can propose them to clean their yard, garden and keep their environment and flowers clean. If that interest them, they will give you free access to their Wi-Fi and then you can enjoy your free internet on the go as long as you respect your term of contract you arranged with your neighbor.

Also, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi by using a municipal wireless network which is the one offered by your government in most areas. They do this to help citizens especially students to learn a lot of things they can do with internet.

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4. WiFi Map App

WiFi Map App is an ideal app that you can use to get free public Wi-Fi it searches free open Wi-Fi in your area that are generally free to access. This app will display all the registered wifi in the area you are located so that you can easily spot out the Wi-Fi of you choice and use freely. 

However, this app will require some permissions such as Maps to run properly in displaying the Wi-Fi based on the geographical location.

WiFi map app will just spot you all the free wifi that you can use without worries. However, when connecting to these WiFi, I will recommend you to use a VPN to enhance your security.

5. EveryoneOn

Being an Internet provider, EveryoneOn is part of the Connect to Compete program that is being carried out by the Federal Communication Commision (FCC). EveryonOn was mainly created to help the the underserved to get free internet and is an ideal choice for people that have a low income.

Their main aim is to help students get online because since the past years with development going to another level, the internet is a vital and crucial asset for every student because everything is gotten from the internet. This scheme wants to keep all students (rich or poor) at the same level of education by giving them means to afford for an internet connection that might be almost impossible to get due to their low income.

How to Get Free Internet Legally and Illegally At Home

However, being cheep internet will mean something, the speed will not be as expected and can be really slow at times. But it can be equally fast in some cases. But its good to be sure on the fact, you can run an internet speed test to see the upload and download speed of their internet service.

Before you get free internet in this program, you will need to go through and eligibility check which doesn't take plenty of time. When you get eligible, you can then benefit of their free internet services.

6. All Free ISP

This is another ideal choice to benefit of free internet. They don't offer free internet themselves but they connect you to services or companies that provide free internet a very cheap and low cost.

All you will need to get started is your ZIP code and they will do the search for you and give you all the results of the best internet providers in your area at cheap rates. You can equally search by State. The states available are those of the US.

How to Get Free Internet Legally and Illegally At Home

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You can checkout their services by clicking the link below and give us some feedback of their services in the comment section.

Checkout more ways to get free internet from the list below.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Free internet is a vital asset in most of our activities and most of our activities are full time internet based and it will be a really good idea to reduce expenditure on ourselves by using free internet and save some cash. The internet is also a vital asset for studies for all students. So I have shown you how to get free internet legally and illegally on your Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and on your PC. 

The illegal method makes use of VPN that are known for tunneling a free connection and powering the whole host device with free internet. The Legal method just makes use of free data issued by our ISP, government - and also, the free internet issued by various internet providers.

I have to say that amongst the two methods, the VPN method is the ideal method because it is fast and unlimited. The only thing is you need to be very secured before enjoying this. The VPN just takes care of this and all you have to do is to continue your activities online.

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