How to Get Free Internet for iOS (iPhone and iPad) Without Data Plan Using VPN

Free internet has been one of the greatest things that have happened to many people lives and has brought many advantages. Free internet is accessed over bugs and bug hosts on our ISP that permit us to get Internet by Injecting hosts most of the time. But, in some cases, free internet can be accessed to through some apps that don’t necessarily require bug hosts. 

How can I get free internet? 

Well, that’s what we will be discussing in this post today. Continue reading.

free internet on iphone

What is Free Internet?

Internet is one of the essential and business center for many of us nowadays and most informations are available on internet. Accessing this internet is paid unfortunately because our ISP obligates us to subscribe to Internet bundles they offer in order to get free Internet. Along with time, there have existed means to bypass subscriptions to these bundles and access the internet for free. Yes, you got me right, there are means to access the internet for free. There are two means you can go through that which are;

How to get free internet?

The two ways you can get free internet are by;

  1. Using a bug host (Manual Injection).
  2. Without using a bug host (Automatic Injection).
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You might be asking yourself  “which method will I be using in this tutorial?”. 

We will be going through with the second method which will be assisted by a third party application for free internet connection. 

So without wasting anymore time, lets get to what you will need for the internet connection.


  • An IOS Device (iPhone or iPad)
  • A YooMee SIM Card (For Cameroon Users)
  • Some patience


  • You will need to download an application known as Psiphon from the AppStore. Many of you know of Psiphon on android and PC but there wasn’t an IOS version which was released just of recent to permit IOS users bypass internet restrictions.
  • After you must have downloaded the application from AppStore, Open it and make sure your internet connection is switched on. 
  • In the main menu of the application, just click on connect and wait for some seconds for it to connect. 
  • Once connected you will get something like the image below.

Free internet with yoomee

  • This is a screenshot taken from an iPad Air 2 with the network YooMee Cameroon.

Things to Note on free internet on Ipad and Iphone

  1. This is to show all IOS users that there’s is now a Psiphon version for IOS devices and that can confer free internet for some networks.
  2. This trick was tested on YooMee Cameroon and works fine with a great speed as on Android.
  3. Keep the location to “Fastest Country” to let the application decide on the fastest server for your location.
  4. Make sure you have zero data connection in your SIM card. 

As you all can notice, Psiphon has introduced PsiCash into their system. This PSICASH boosts your connection to the server you are connected to fro insure a greater internet speed. But, to access this, you will need some PsiCash points to get this offer.

How to Get Unlimited Psicash on Psiphon for Free

Coming to that, I will update readers on this blog when I will get a premium version of Psiphon with all these features enabled just subscribe to the blog to be updated.

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