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Free Internet For MTN Cameroon

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It’s been a disaster and somehow a punishment for some Cameroonians who used the latest Free Internet trick with OM Deals with the Orange network. Many Cameroonians are hunting for free internet. Some get it and some don’t. So in this post, I will share a tweak free for everyone in Cameroon to benefit of Free Internet once more. Continue reading to get the tweak.

What is Free Internet?

free internet for mtn cameroon

Free internet is a means that is used to access websites and URLs that require an internet connection but are accessed at no cost. No data charges. This is similar to zero rated websites for various countries which can be accessed for free without internet. 

What is the Origin of Free Internet?

Most of you just hear of free internet but don’t know how they come through to reality. You just use them as soon as you get the trick. Let me emphasize a brief point on the origin of free internet or on how to discover free internet or how is to create a free internet. 

In every ISP system, there happen to be some faults usually known as a “bug host” which can be exploited and injected by system administrators or ethical or grey hat hackers in order to retrieve data packages from the system server. This data can then be tunneled over proxies or VPN service providers in order to give us access to the internet for free with our ISP. These VPN Providers tend to mask our IP from our ISP in order to blind our traces in their system. This process of masking is called Tunneling or Tunneled Connection.

Now that you’ve gotten a brief description on free internet, let’s talk on the how to get free internet.

How to get Free Internet?

Today’s post will mostly target Cameroon users because the tweak is based in Cameroon. I can help anyone who got hosts and needs to inject them so I can help you inject the host and see the outcome for free internet with your ISP. You can reach me on telegram or Just Comment below or Telegram group for assistance and I will help you out.

Follow the steps below to get the Free Internet MTN Cameroon Tweak work for you.


  1. First download Slow DNS from the playstore. 
  2. Open the app and fill in the details below exactly as you see them
  Username and Password Should be left to default settings
  Tunnel Server —-> Select any server ( Including the Premium Server )
  DNS Server —->
  LPort —> 250
  RPort —-> 20
         Click Connect and You should be connected within some seconds.

Or just follow the settings in the image below

free internet all countries settings

This is how the application will look like when connected

how to get free internet

Other Free Internet Alternatives

Though the speed is not quite good, you guys can manage it for the moment by the time we get to a faster internet tweak.

If you want to know how to get the DNS Server of your Network, You can always refer to this video below. I showed how to get your Network DNS so check it out.

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