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How to get a Total Freedom Premium account on Your Freedom

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It is quite expensive to get good things and more again, get them work well. You want your freedom premium account but you don’t have the means and money to get it? Well what if I tell you that there is a way to get a your freedom not only premium account but a your freedom total freedom account. Yes it is possible just continue reading.

your freedom account
Your Freedom

What is Your Freedom?

Your freedom services make available all what is un accessible by our ISP to us and are known to hide our IP address from those that don’t need to know including our ISP.

Now to access these your freedom services, you will need a Your Freedom account and Your freedom settings. The account here can be a your freedom free account or a your freedom premium account

The main difference between the Your Freedom Free Account and Your Freedom Premium Account is that the Your freedom free accounts are limited in bandwidth, speed, connectable devices at the same time meanwhile the your freedom premium account bypasses the speed of the free account and can attend unlimited speeds and bandwidth. Also, the number of connectable devices at a time is greater for some accounts types (Enhanced Freedom Account and Total Freedom Account).

How does Your Freedom Works?

Your Freedom has an amazing way of working. What they do is they transform or virtually turn our PC and devices into Web proxies and SOCKS proxies which can intend be used by applications such as the browsers, games and any other application to access the internet and as such, masking our IP from those who don’t need to see it. Your Freedom tunnels connection through FTP Proxies, Web Proxies, DNS servers, firewalls and many more ways.

How can I get a Your Freedom Total Freedom Account For Free?

Well, that’s the objective of this tutorial. Follow the steps below to get a Your Freedom Total Freedom Account For Free.

  1. Go to the Your Freedom Website and create a Free Account. Make sure you create your account with a Temp Mail because the trick will demand unlimited trials on total freedom account. So, you can’t use your real email account because enough won’t be able to create more than 1 your freedom account with the same email address. For the address, you can use a fake address generator or just suggest one because you won’t have to verify the address.
  2. Once you’ve created and verified your free freedom account, you are done with the first step. Now, open your freedom mobile application and fill in the account details. The Your Freedom Mobile application can be found on playstore.

  3. Now once you’ve filled in your account details, On the “Configure” menu of Your Freedom Application, locate “Shop”. Now scroll left to third and last panel of the Shop section till you find Total Freedom. Below it, you will see “1 hour free trial” just click on it and you will receive a message from the server saying “Your Upgrade has Been Successful” and from now you can use your brand new your freedom total freedom account for an hour without restrictions. 

  4. You might be asking yourself why only an hour? Yes it is an hour but the trick is unlimited. You can get up to 3 trials per account created and at every third trial, I will suggest you to create another free freedom account and just repeat the previous steps. 


Make sure the account is at least an hour old if not you won’t get this to work on your side. 

Also, make sure you create another free account on every of your third total freedom 1 hour trial period.

That’s the trick guys hope it helped. If you want more detailed steps or a video tutorial on that, feel free to watch the below video tutorial version of this written version.

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