Your Freedom VPN New Premium Optimized Settings

Your Freedom VPN New Premium Settings 

Your Freedom is one of the greatest VPN most of us here have known til date due to the numerous advantages they offer for the world as a whole. Your Freedom is not country restricted and they offer quality connectivity settings that gets us connected to the internet without subscribing to internet bundles and masking our IP address from hackers and ISP. 

your freedom vpn fast settings for free internet

They give us free access to the internet without subscribing any bundle from our Internet Provider. But to benefit of this, we need optimal settings that will get us connected to the internet and navigate the web for free. Also, we need a premium account but most of the time this isn’t necessary when you have optimal settings. In today’s article, I will be giving you your freedom vpn premium settings that will get you connected to the internet and browse unlimited with or without a premium account.

What is Your Freedom

Your Freedom is a web service provider that runs and executes several internet protocols DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, Proxies, etc that bypass many firewall kinds and gets any of its user connected to a chosen server. Your Freedom is a world’s revolutionary organization that brings together many advantages in one. 

With your freedom you can get access to internet with a non blacklisted IP. Blacklisted IP are those that your freedom flagged our and cannot be accessed by their servers. If a user insists in accessing this IP, this user’s account will be immediately blocked for accessing this blacklisted IP.

Can I have free Internet with Your Freedom?

Yes, you can have free internet connection with your freedom without even subscribing for any internet bundle. How is this possible? This happens due to the bypass of your ISP firewall restrictions by a requested user and gets you connected to a specified your freedom server. This connection methods usually ran by your freedom are HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, Proxies. They not only get users connected but they change your IP address and make you untraceable by hackers and your ISP. 

Now, you know how your freedom makes to provide free internet to every user. You should also note that not all ISP servers or IPs can be access by your freedom and in some cases, an access to a server is limited and a certain internet volume is allocated to that user every day even if you are a premium account holder.

How to setup your freedom VPN

Now we know the basics of your freedom, we quick head on to the config. Setting up your freedom is very simple if you have some basic knowledge but today, everyone will be able to set your freedom by themselves without having to beg for config from any one. 

In this post, we will be running with the DNS method. The DNS method is the fastest connection method available on Your Freedom and is usually known for its stability. So we will be using another application to get the DNS of our ISP. To get the method, follow the steps below.


  • Your Freedom VPN client (Application)
  • Ping&Net application for obtaining DNS. The link will be given below
  • Observation and Application of the steps below.


  • We need to obtain our DNS First. So we download Ping&Net from here or from the link below the post.
  • Run application and click on Network Info. You will get all the information concerning your network including the DNS. Note that you can get more than 1 DNS so you copy the DNS.
  • Now go to your freedom VPN, skip the wizard configuration and you will be taken on the main board.
  • Now here, click on configure.
  • The first thing you will see is General. Click on that and you Enable the Expert Mode as shown in the image below. This mode allows you to set all the settings optimal by your self and choose how your client will internet with the servers.
your freedom von best settings for free internet

  • Now click on Back and go to the Connection tab. This is where everything is being played. You need to setup the your freedom server. I advise and recommend because this server is not loaded and doesn’t have many users. To add your DNS to this server you need to add a semi colon just after the your freedom server. That is; In the connection mode, select DNS. That is obvious to chose. 
  • Now for DNS for tunnel connection, set it to manual and the IP address should be your DNS you got. DNS for applications should be set to Your Freedom server’s suggestion. 
  • For connection options, check them as you see in the below screenshot.
your freedom vpn best optimal settings for free data

  • Now scroll left to the next section and you set it as you see in the below image.
your freedom vpn best optimal settings for free data 2020

  • Now go back and select the Account Information tab and enter your username and password as shown below.
your freedom vpn best settings for free data

You can create an account in the application or directly on the your freedom website. 

Now go back and click Start Connection and you will be connected to the server after some seconds. 

How fast is this new your freedom setting?

The speed of this config depends on your network coverage and on your account type. 4G networks and devices will be faster than 3G networks and devices. For the account type, a premium account will be obviously fast and unlimited than the free freedom account

Also, this config is universal and works for every country. So it is not country restricted. The config will give any one that uses it free internet access so, it is one of our free internet tricks for our readers.

How can I get a premium account?

To get a premium account, you can either purchase it on your freedom website or from an account seller but don’t purchase any premium subscription from the mobile application. 

However, you can always purchase a Your Freedom Account from a trusted seller from here.

Download ping and net and the your freedom all network free data cfg file below:

Ping & Net.apk 5.9 MB
Your_Freedom_VPN_Fast_Config.cfg 8.7 KB

We equally got a video tutorial on that which shows a detailed explanation and steps covered. You an get the below.