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MTN Cameroon Offering Free Internet data to their users

MTN Cameroon has been a very difficult to get ISP with loop holes for free internet. But still, we managed to get some tweaks for free internet...

MTN Cameroon Offering Free Internet for to their Subscribers as End of Year Gift

As we earlier mentioned in one of our tutorials on free internet, we said free internet can be issued by the ISP to celebrate an event or any similar occasion. We opt out at sharing all of these tricks with you guys. 

mtn cameroon gives free data to its subscribers

MTN Cameroon has been a very difficult to get ISP with loop holes for free internet. But still, we managed to get some tweaks on this MTN Cameroon free internet that keeps our users connected. To get these free internet tricks, read on our Free Internet Tricks. To benefit of more of our Free Internet Tricks for your country, please consider reading on our Free Internet Tricks for Any Country.

So in today’s post, we will be talking on how MTN Cameroon gives free internet to all their subscribers and how you can get this free internet data.

What is Free Internet

Free internet is a the art of browsing the internet for free without paying anything or buying any data bundle. Come to think of it, it is the most researched and best way of staying connected on the internet because you don’t have to worry of any data lost or any internet volume limit. 

More over, it happens in some cases that free internet has some limits and isn’t unlimited. That is what is mostly faced with the common ISP in Cameroon, MTN. So, we somehow come out with various tricks o bypass this limit.

How can I get Free Internet?

There are several means of getting free internet. We have the usage of VPN injectors, Proxies that renders us the task very easy. But when there is no suitable host, we can’t really make this injection accurate in order to provide a more genuine speed and bandwidth. That’s the case with SlowDNS. This VPN runs with the aide of DNS and passes over many protocols and gets users connected to the internet with the aide of a DNS host. But this speed is not really genuine. This is because the DNS servers are heavily loaded and have a very limited bandwidth that has to be share equitably for every free user on the server. So the speed isn’t that good.

More over, when you use premium server, you can see a really great change in the speed though not very much. But with another famous VPN know today such as Your Freedom VPN, The bandwidth and speed are really great when you run the injection through DNS. Your Freedom has several servers that accept all DNS protocol. All this is possible when you have a Your Freedom Premium Account that will make you really enjoy their services though with a Free Freedom account, the speed can be compared to that of SlowDNS. Read more on Free internet with Your Freedom VPN.

MTN Cameroon Free Internet codes

We will be using one of the Famous tricks we have used on this blog before with USSD code. In today’s trick, you will get to know how you can activate free internet on your SIM Card Using USSD code. 

On every new even of any ISP, they release or share either free calls, SMS, or data but in most cases, data is involved de to the demande of internet data by everyone. It’s not easy for someone having the habit of browsing the internet everyday to stay a day without going online. So, they use these tricks to get the attention of people and their subscribers or users. So today, the trick will be based on free Internet with the use of an event USSD Code. Read more on free internet using USSD Codes.

How to activate this MTN Cameroon Free Internet data

All MTN Cameroon users can now say, this is one of the greatest things MTN has done this year. More still, it is just a good initiative by MTN to grow up their market. But what can subscribers say? They should just take advantage of such offers. MTN Cameroon offered this to their users this 20th December 2020 MTN Cameroon actually released this as their end of year gift for their subscribers. So let’s head over and let me show you how you can activate this MTN Cameroon Free data.


To be all set before proceeding, make sure you got all of the below requirements and head over to the procedure.

  • MTN Cameroon SIM Card (Many as possible you can have)
  • An Android Device
  • A 4G Modem (Optional if you got a good 4G phone) 


So you might surely be wondering why we ask to have as many MTN Sim Cards as possible. Some of you already know why this is for. Let me just make things short. Fortunately, we won’t be using any application or VPN. So the trick is given in the below steps.

  • Grab an MTN SIM card and put into your android device. Skip this step if the SIM is already there.
  • Open your dialer and dial the code *200# and you will be taken to a board of options.
  • On the list of offers shown to you, the first option actually got a FREE allocation at the end. So, this is your free data given to you by MTN Cameroon.
  • Each sim can be presented a unique internet data volume for browsing. So after some analysis, we discovered that MTN Cameroon shares this data to their users based on their activities on their network. So, some Sims will be given more internet data than others. But every SIM Card is entitled to a free data volume.
  • Now, remove the SIM and put into you modem and enjoy this free internet data at a great speed. This is optional if you got a good and performant Android device. 
  • Now if you have as many MTN Sim Cards as possible, you will be able to accumulate this free internet data and so have a vast free internet volume for yourself. That’s why we asked you to get many SIM Cards as possible.
On AiM Tutorials, we aim more at sharing any free internet tweak to our readers. As always, if you wish to work with us on hosts or request a free internet for your country. You are always free to contact us with the various contact methods offered on our Contact page.

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