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How to Create a Verified PayPal Account in Cameroon 2021

To create a PayPal account in Cameroon or any other country, you need to take into consideration certain steps. The steps are as follows...
how to create a verified paypal account in cameroon

PayPal is really a difficult thing to get especially in African countries. Most African countries are advanced than others and have PayPal enables to send and receive money in and out of their countries and some other countries don't have.

Again, some countries can request for PayPal money without being linked to a credit card. That's the issue for obtaining a PayPal account in Cameroon and other African countries, you will need a working credit card

In most African countries including Cameroon, obtaining this credit card for a PayPal account is really a stroll. So, most third party services or credit card issuers have been put in place by some developers and entrepreneurs to help citizens get credit cards at a cheap rate and link them to their PayPal accounts for online transactions that require PayPal. 

In today's article, we will be talking of these third party services or credit card issuers that we will use to open a valid PayPal account in Cameroon.

Once your PayPal account will be created, you will need to add a credit card to verify your account. We will be covering all that below.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment system that provides a quick and easy method or way to pay, send and request money online world wide. PayPal is the most known and effective payment system used by many merchants in their online boutiques. 

With PayPal, you can transfer money online to anyone, friends, family online shops, auction sites or online marketing sites such as eBay.

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How to Signup for PayPal in Cameroon

This is the beginning of the various steps we have to cover for opening a PayPal Cameroon. It's very simple. Follow the below steps to open a PayPal Cameroon verified account.

  • Open your browser, it can be any browser then click on Signup above or at the center in blue or Ouvrir un compte in French.

paypal cameroon signup
  • You will be taken to a next page where you will need to verify your number. Just enter your mobile number and pass this step.
how to create a paypal verified account

  • Next you will be taken to a next page asking you to fill in your personal details. I will recommend you enter your real details because you will be using this for online transactions.

how to create a verified paypal cameroon account

  • Once you fill all the details required, you will be taken to a next page requesting for your address. Fill the form with your address and go to the next step.
  • Congratulations, your PayPal account has been created. But you are not done yet. You need to add a valid credit card to get your account rolling because at this step, you can't do anything with the account.
  • So, to add a credit card, you click on the highlighted section in yellow as shown on the image below.
how to verify a paypal account with a credit card

  • Next you will be taken to a page where you will need to enter your credit card details or information. We will leave it here like that for now.
how to add a credit card to a paypal account for verification

Now, we will need to obtain a working credit card to add to our PayPal account for sending and receiving money. 

To do that, you can add your valid credit card to PayPal at this step. Grab on your credit card issued from your bank and follow the steps below to add your credit card to your PayPal.

How to add a credit card to a new PayPal account

So, we continue with the steps above where we ended on the stage of adding a credit card to PayPal.

How to add a new credit card to PayPal account

  • Add you credit card info you got on this page and you will be good to go.

Note: You may receive an error when trying to add the credit card. If this is the case, then you will need to skip this step and add the credit card address. 

Go to your PayPal account and enter the address section. Then add a new address. Add the below address as a new address in PayPal

See the below image to know how you can add this credit card address in your PayPal account.

how to add virtual credit card address to paypal

  • Once you've added this address, go back to your dashboard and link your virtual credit card to your account. 
  • There shouldn't be any error experienced anymore. So now you've added your virtual credit card to your PayPal account.

But still, you are not yet done yet, your PayPal account is still limited for sending and receiving money till you verify that credit card you added.

PayPal cuts $1 for verification from the credit card and returns it in 3 to 5 business days to the credit card.

Why does PayPal does this? 

PayPal does this to make sure this credit card you added is able to send and receive money. So it's just a way of verifying the credit card legitimacy. 

Once PayPal deducts that money from your credit card, your account limits are taken off and you can send and receive money as you wish with your brand new PayPal account.

You just got a verified PayPal account for any online transaction.

 Note: The money in this credit card can be used with PayPal equally without any issues.

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