MTN Cameroon Free Internet Cheat Codes 2021

MTN Cameroon Free Data Cheat Code 2021

This is one of the free internet trick for our fellow readers. If you are new here, please consider visiting our Free Internet Tricks. In today’s post, we will be talking on how you can get free internet data with MTN Cameroon. 

Surf gratuit MTN Cameroun 2020

MTN Cameroon free internet trick have become one of the hardest tricks to get these times, what we do now to enjoy free internet with MTN Cameroon is we keep on searching for some loop holes and open ports on the ISP. If we don’t get back with any result, what we do is we search for susceptible USSD codes that will permit us to get free internet with MTN Cameroon which is what our today’s article is based on. 

In this post we you will get free data for internet browsing on MTN Cameroon network.

MTN Cameroon Free Data Trick

Free data is a method of getting internet volume for free that will permit you to browse the internet for free. MTN Cameroon have raised the prices of some of their internet bundles which makes it difficult to buy internet bundles. Most of the time when these bundles bought, they expired without us knowing how it managed to finish. So, today, you will know how to eat from them too without having to pay a dime. 

We will be using a USSD cheat trick that will permit us to get free internet to use within 4 months

What are USSD Codes

USSD codes are executable codes that are ran by various devices chips on a broadband network that executes a command on a network database. USSD Codes are simply the codes you enter in your phone dialer to which are in the form of *123# or #123# that executes a certain command and display you the reply from the server.

USSD codes always starts with * or # and ends with #. So we will be using a USSD Code that will give us free data.

Can I get free Internet with USSD Codes

Yes you can and it is very possible. Most network companies release offers to celebrate an event or something similar that will serve the advantages of their customers. Which is what we will be giving you today.

MTN Cameroon Free Data Trick using USSD Codes

Now that we have gotten our basic knowledge on USSD Codes, we can now proceed to the trick. But before you start you will need some basic requirements to get the trick working perfectly.


  • MTN Cameroon SIM Card
  • An Android Device


Once you are complete with the requirements, you can proceed with the steps below.
  • Put your SIM Card in your Android device.
  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • Now you will need to run a USSD code which is *157*8#.
  • You will receive a screen with any of the two options below;
  • Option to register your phone for MTN 2020 anniversary or Option asking you to subscribe to the bundle with your new device (note this is the second case and both cases can’t display at a time so depending on your SIM and Android device, you will get one of these options).
  • Now confirm your subscription by entering 1 (first case) or register your phone with 0 (second case).
  • And once you’ve subscribed , you will receive a message similar to that below.
Mtn Cameroon free day cheat codes 2020

Mtn Cameroon free data cheat codes

  • You will get 2GB free to use in the interval of 4 months and this 2GB is renewable if existed by any internet purchase of at least 500FCFA that is made by your SIM.
  • Now that you’ve subscribe to the bundle, you can proceed browsing the internet for free.
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