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MTN Cameroon Free Unlimited Internet Trick

This our latest free internet trick with MTN Cameroon. Click the below link to download the config, set up the injector and start browsing internet.

MTN free internet trick is one that is really difficult to get these days and most tricks gotten out are really limited. So people opt at selling some tricks of which some work and some don’t. On this blog, you will always get internet tricks for free. Check out our Free internet tricks

mtn cameroon free internet tweak 2020

In today’s post, we will be proving you a free internet trick with MTN Cameroon.

It’s been difficult to get some right tastes out of the experiments carried out on this ISP and we did published a trick on MTN free internet trick with cheats codes. Continue reading to take the trick.

What’s Free Internet

Free internet is a means of browsing the internet for free. It is the use of several protocols that bypass ISP’s firewalls and get a particular user connected to the server for free access. VPN injectors and Proxies are always used for these tasks because they get you connected to the ISP server on which you are injecting by bypassing several connection and restriction protocols from the firewall and masking your IP address on the internet to keep your traces blank and untraceable by the targeted ISP. 

We are interested in bypassing these internet protocols set by our ISP which is why, we make use of some VPN Injectors’s such as Anonytun, ComboVPN, DroidVPN, etc. 

Free Unlimited Internet with MTN Cameroon 2021

To get this tweak up and working for you you will need some requirements. We will be using a VPN known as Droid VPN for this trick. Set with some latest tweaks, this configuration will be even fast than you expected. All you will need to keep this going is a droid VPN premium account. To purchase one, you can reach me out on Telegram. Get the below requirements and follow the procedure


  • MTN Cameroon Sim Card
  • Android Device
  • Droid VPN application 
  • Droid VPN Fast config


Once you’ve made sure you got all the above requirements, then you can get started with the steps below.
  • Download Droid VPN
  • Open and configure exactly as you see in the file below.
  • For security reasons, this config has been hosted elsewhere and would not be published here on this blog. You can find its download link just below.
  • If you want to request something else or a modification, you can reach us directly from our comment section below or contact us from our contact page.
  • Then that’s it, you are good to go browsing for free with this latest fast config.

Download MTN Cameroon Free Internet Config 

To download this fast and latest config, click on the download link below. You will be redirected to our download site where the download link is encrypted. You wait for the link to finish decrypting then you get the link by clicking get link

We prohibit all sales of any of our tricks and we don't allow redistribution without linking back and note that any of our pages recopied or reproduced without proper linking back to us will face copyright take down. The same applies for any of our configs that are redistributed without linking back to us.

Why do we do this? We do this because recently we found many of our free internet tricks being sold on social media which were distributed here for free. Please consider subscribing to this blog to always get a notification alert of nay trick we upload and stay away from the hands of scammers who are just out to scam others and destroying the reputation of big organizations.

We solely thank you for your trust in us so far and we will always aim in serving you better.

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  1. Hello please how do i configure the app and how do I use it for free browsing and how long will it last thanks am waiting. For your reply
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