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Orange Cameroon Free Unlimited Internet Trick

Download this Orange Cameroon latest working config and configure the VPN as shown below and start browsing the internet for free...

Orange Cameroon Unlimited Internet Trick with Premium Config

Browsing the internet with complete freedom is what we all want especially when we have the habit of using just free internet tricks to connect to the internet. That’s why we make on several researches daily for free internet tricks. Free internet is a well searched term now our days and has become very difficult to get. This difficulty to get free internet is due to advancements in technology by all ISPs.  

Surf gratuit orange cameroun 2020

It’s also important to note that there are various ISPs who haven’t yet fallen during exploitations for free internet. So, people search for free internet tricks including that with this difficult to get free internet tricks with these ISPs that have never been exploited. So, most scammers tend to invent what so ever called free internet tricks with these ISPs and so, some people fall into their trap and get scammed. Don’t be fouled please.

Our fellow readers know that on this blog, we work very hard to provide them with internet tricks that will help them keep updated minds on how free internet trick tastes. You can always visit our free internet tricks library and view more tricks concerning free internet for any country. The main objective of this blog as always is to provide our readers free internet tricks for complete access to internet without restrictions. So we come out with some limited tricks and some unlimited tricks. Check out more of our Free internet tricks.

So, in todays article, you will get an Orange Cameroon Free internet trick.

What is Free Internet

Free internet is the free access to the worlds technology and digital library (internet) without any data subscription plan. Yes, it is a method of having free access to the internet without having any internet volume. 
This is possible with the use of several protocols or methods that bypass the firewall restrictions of a given ISP. This usually makes use of Proxies, VPN injectors etc... Most often, scans are carried out on certain ISPs to discover open ports found in the network. And if open ports are found on a given IP, they are immediately exploited and results obtained. 

How can I get free internet for browsing

There are several methods of getting free internet as mentioned above. Some make use of USSD codes that will give you free internet data to browse the internet. These codes are usually provided by the ISP itself for occasions or celebrations of an event. Check out our Free internet tricks using USSD Codes.

Another method is by the use of VPNs and Proxies for injecting exploited hosts. These hosts are obtained from the pentest scan made on a given ISP. 

So for today’s method, you will get the method involving VPN Injectors. The VPN already does everything for you. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given below to obtain the trick.

Orange Cameroon Free Internet Trick

Now we’ve come to the most important part of the article. To get the trick working for you, you will need to make sure some of the requirements below are well equipped and ready to go. 
We will be using one of the known VPN on our blog DroidVPN. DroidVPN uses almost the same protocols as your freedom VPN. You need a working config and a premium account to head on with this method.


  • Orange Cameroon SIM Card with Zero data
  • An android device of at least 5.1 (Very Important)
  • DroidVPN application
  • A DroidVPN Premium account. You can contact me on telegram if you will like to purchase a Droid VPN premium account. Click here to contact me for an account.
  • A DroidVPN Working config (can be gotten below).


After you’ve made sure you got all the above necessary requirements, then you can proceed with the steps below.
  • Download DroidVPN application form PlayStore.
  • Open the application.
  • Fill in your account details if you got one. If you  don’t, you can contact me for one.
  • Nw for the config, I hosted it ease where for security purposes. You can download the config with the link below. Everything has been explained in details in the config file for you to set it up very well.
  • Once you’ve configured DroidVPN, you can connect it and start browsing the internet for free.

Specifications of the Config: This config has been tested and approved by many of our readers and now made live. The config is very fast and some times, you might experience some disconnections, this is just due to the network instability. To fix that, just switch your network setting form 4G to 3G and you will be good to go

Remember: This post as all others on this blog is for educational purposes only and we aim at informing the concerned ISP of their vulnerabilities and this blog is not to be held responsible for any misuse of its contents on every posts. 

Download the working fast config for orange Cameroon free internet below

txt OrangeCam DroidVPN Fast Updated Config.txt Download

Config might be unstable on some devices due to handshake issues, but will work well though.

Sharing is caring and happy browsing...

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