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How to Get Free Internet in Any Country Using an External IP Address

In this guide, I will show you how you can use your external IP address to get free internet with your network or ISP in any Country.
free internet in any country using an external ip address

Kind of wondering how you can get free internet by just using an external IP address? Maybe you might even be wondering how you can get free internet by using an IP that how can that be possible? Well that can be really intuitive and tricky to even guess if such a thing can get you connected to the internet for free browsing just like that.

In one of our recent posts, we spoke on how you can actually get all information concerning your ISP by just using your smart phone and if you read that guide, you passed through a section where we said, we will be using that for one of our free internet tricks to come. So, here it is.

I will just give you the procedure on how you can use this external IP address for free internet assuming you already know how to get it. Getting information about your ISP is a very crucial step in cyber security because it is what we call information gathering and this is the base to get started for every attack. Information gathering will let you know of information such as bug host, the server on which the site is hosted, IP and many more details.

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All external IP address are really important for the device that carries it because this is somehow the IP that identifies you in a pool fool of computer devices on a network. Just like the fins of a fish that Identifies it from the foots of a tortoise in water.

So in this guide, I will show you how you can use your external IP address to get free internet in any country paying attention to the fact that it might select networks in some countries. However, we will talk of the best way to overtake this restrictions set by most ISPs to block such connections from going through.

What is Free Internet and how does it works?

Free internet as the name says is a way of browsing the internet for free without purchasing any data bundle nor internet package. You just open your browser, or any app that works with internet and start browsing for free. This is possible thanks to a set of rules or protocols that will help us bypass restrictions set by our ISPs.

There is no magic to get free internet, you just need to obey and follow the rules or strategies developed by many free internet specialists that have the habit of not being restricted from accessing the internet. When we talk of free internet, we always most of the time, mention protocols such as HTTP Proxies, VPN, SSL etc. Most free internet tricks make use of VPN due to their facility and numerous tools they offer that will just help us browse for free. 

Many VPN nowadays such as HA Tunnel Plus that uses a very secure and encrypted protocol (SSH2.0) for all its connections between two parties (server and client or P2P) makes it really easy to get connected securely to the internet and keep our ISP safe from the tracking of our ISP. Similar apps to HA Tunnel Plus with encrypted connections are HTTP Injector, Anonytun VPN

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Free internet has even gone crazy and viral till the extent that there are already free internet tricks with airplane mode switched on.

When you connect to a VPN and access the internet without a data bundle, we call that illegal access which is commonly known as free internet illegally and many people keep searching for how to get free internet illegally and may be it may be the case for you reading this.

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Though accessing the internet without data bundle is illegal, it is good to admit that it help many of us especially students who follow courses online due to the pandemic (Covid-19) that fell on schools forcing them to launch online classes. However, most ISP or network or internet providers provide free internet access for education sites of the country. This is being funded by the government of the country.

Whenever you access a website freely without data service, bundle nor VPN, it is always a good idea for making scans over that site, its IP and all of its different subdomain. If it redirects, find out where it redirects to and then test out the domain and start creating your free internet files (.hat .ehi, .hc).

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How Can I Get Free Internet Access in Any Country without Data Service

Habitually, when we say free internet it means accessing the internet for free without paying for anything. There are several ways to get free internet in what ever country you may be in without having to pay for data services. On this site, we have enumerated several tricks and tips in order to get you connected on the internet for free just with a blink of an eye paying attention to the procedure. We have free internet tricks on HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, Your Freedom VPN, DroidVPN and Psiphon Pro VPN

You can get free internet in any country you may be located be it in Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia etc. At least one of the tricks will work well for you. So now I believe your famous question "can I get free internet access without data service" has been answered and solved? Ok let's move ahead.

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Another way to get free internet is by using your own external IP address. Which is what we will be talking of below.

What is an External IP Address?

An External IP address is your virtual Identity on the web or internet and every computer, phone, printer device connected to the internet have an external IP address which differentiate it from the other devices. External IP addresses are not to be confused with an internet IP address.

An Internal IP address is the address that all devices connected on a specific network have on that particular network. Let's say for example, you have a printer, mobile phone and PC connected to the same network (Wi-Fi or Router), all these 3 devices will have an internal IP address which differentiate them on that network (Wi-Fi or Router). I hope you've gotten that well.

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Now back to external IP address, we can equally call that a public or external DNS. This DNS can be specific or general in the sense that, you and other people using a particular ISP SIM Card can be hosted over the same DNS server. There is also what we call IP address which is the one that identifies us online but we will not be using that since you cannot inject or trace your own self. It will obviously report an error in the system.

So let's see how we can use an external IP address (DNS) to get free internet.

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How to Get Free Internet Using an External IP Address (DNS)

As earlier said, we are to use the public external IP address known as DNS which is provided to all users by the ISP itself. We will be using this DNS together with some free to use VPN (2 new VPN on our site) that will just get to do the job correctly. So before we kick start, I will assume you already got your DNS because going to that guide again will take us away from the focus of this tutorial. Click here to check our the tutorial on how to get your ISP DNS.

However as always, you will need some requirements to get started.

Requirements to Get Free Internet in Any Country Using an External IP Address

One of the above listed apps can be used for this but for your convenience, I will advice you to get all because it might happen that you will need to use Your Freedom which may be your last option.

Procedure to Get Free Internet in Any Country Using an External IP Address

I already assume you got your DNS or External IP address. If you don't have, get it here. We will be using the above three applications because one might for for someone and the other might not. We will start with one VPN. I will be working with two DNS which are and

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1. Using One VPN

Download the app from the link above and open it. Then Set it as seen below;

  1. In the server section, select FREE CA1 (DNS|SSL|SSH|PROXY) or FREE CA2 (DNS|SSL|SSH|PROXY) from the drop down
  2. For connection mode, select DNS Tunnel (DNTT) from the drop down
  3. Locate Change DNS (DNTT) right below and click on it, you will see a list of different DNS.
    For a start click on DNS Local. The app will automatically use your local DNS which is already a great start.
    How to Get Free Internet in Any Country using an External IP Address
  4. Now click the green START button and the connection will begin. In most cases you might get connected.
    In the case where this doesn't work, select the Google DNS ( Click START to see the results.

    If it doesn't still work, you will want to use the Others option from the list. Click on Outros (Others) from the DNS drop down list and enter your external IP address or DNS.
    How to Get Free Internet in Any Country using an External IP Address
  5. This one should probably work. In the situation where it doesn't work, it might be due to the application crashing. It is what we observed on several devices and many of our testers confirmed the app crashing on their end but for some, it just connects without issues.
    If the app crashes for you, just move on to the next step

You might receive an error message when trying to connect with this app. It will just be normal since your ISP doesn't supports such connection. We will have to force the injection by using a more sophisticated application. However, many used the application and confirmed that it works just perfectly on their side and we confirmed that devices above version 6.0 will crash. Let's see what the next application has to offer to us.

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2. Using TLS Tunnel

Download the TLS Tunnel app from the link above and open it. Then Set it as seen below;

  1. In connection Method, select DNS Tunnel
  2. Connection Type Select UDP[53]
  3. DNS Server, enter your external IP address or DNS.
  4. Port, enter 53 since it is already the preset port for all DNS connection because it has best results.
  5. Server, leave it to Automatic. See the image below for practical descriptions
    How to Get Free Internet in Any Country using an External IP Address
  6. Now click Start. 
    You will get connected to the internet if at all your ISP can't stop the connection.
    However, in most cases, you will see the app will not connect, it will probably say "Connection Lost, Service Stopped" as in the image below. Well its just normal for such an ISP with tough security. 

We have not come here to see errors and failures isn't it? Well let's see how we can get through that. The previous applications just introduced this plugin as a new feature and are not yet enhanced for such a connection. Let's see the results we get when we use a more sophisticated app with real time anonymous servers.

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3. Using Your Freedom VPN

Your Freedom VPN is a really good application when it comes to bypassing restriction rules set by ISP in tough situations. Thanks to its numerous connection method, their services are really effective. However, you will need a premium account and good settings for your ISP in order to get this working. 

We have made it easy to set up your freedom with your ISP and get connected without issues. We explained how to go through the app and showed the best settings you can use with your freedom in this guide.

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When you get the settings, we will still have to do some little tweaking in the application. Let's see that below;

  1. Open Your Freedom Application and click on Configure
  2. On the next screen, select Connection
  3. Now in Your Freedom Server, you will have to add your external IP address (DNS), Google DNS ( and Local host ( All of them have a role to play.
  4. To add them, just after the Your Freedom Server that ends with de, place a semi-column (;) just after the server and enter your DNS then put comma (,) enter Google DNS and put comma (,) and then enter the local host ( See the image below

    How to Get Free Internet in Any Country using an External IP Address
  5. Now go back and click on Start Connection.
    Here it is sure that it will get connected to the server considering that you have good settings and a premium account then everything will work just perfectly.

Your Freedom is one of the best app when it comes to bypassing internet rules and their DNS connection mode tends to be the best and fastest connection mode they have to offer to their clients. If you think that using DNS with your freedom will give you a slow connection then you are just deceiving yourself. Your Freedom recommends this as the best connection mode with their app since it works in areas where other modes don't work.
Google DNS is the global DNS and it is to be used in all DNS connections no matter the ISP. Sometimes, Your Freedom redirects the connection to the Google DSN especially when you use it.
The local host here is used to tell the server that the connection is being initiated locally from a client (user-agent).

We have equally made a your freedom vpn cfg file with these tweaks that you can just import and everything will be set. cfg is the file extension of all your freedom files just as .hat is the extension for Ha Tunnel Plus and .ehi is the extension of HTTP Injector Download the cfg file below;

Your-Freedom-New-Fast-File.cfg 3.54KB

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What is DNS Mode and how does it work in Your Freedom?

"DNS mode" is one of many ways to connect to the Your Freedom servers. It makes use of the DNS (domain name service) system available to most people (if not everybody) everywhere and tunnels ordinary traffic through it. 

Even if normal Internet connections are not possible in your place, you will probably be able to resolve names to IP addresses. Unless your provider interferes with this name resolution (for example, by resolving all names to the IP address of some access control web server) you should be able to get connected to the Internet using the Your Freedom client in "DNS mode".

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using DNS?


  • DNS mode will likely get you connected in places and situations where no other mode works.
  • It might put your traffic in a better traffic class and thus give you better performance than other modes in places where traffic is prioritized and where lines are over-utilized.
  • Works on Windows PC, Mac OSX, Linux and Android.
  • All applications work!
  • Like with all other connection modes of Your Freedom, the tunnel is securely encrypted.


  • DNS mode is -- by nature! -- less stable and performant than other connection modes.
  • It will work well with many name servers, but not with all of them.
  • To make matters more complicated, it will work well with many of our servers, but not with all of them. It all depends on the provider's protective measures.
  • Not suitable for real-time applications (like VoIP).

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How to Bypass ISP for Free Internet

All ISP are becoming more and more secure based on the different kind of attacks they receive on their systems every month. If your ISP is that which receives attacks frequently and block the floods, then it will be very difficult to get free internet with them even using the most tough encryption method, SSL/TLS (SNI).

However, I always mention this parable, "In The Computing World, No System Is Secured At A 100%". Meaning you can still bypass your ISP for free internet no matter how tough they are.

The first thing you will want to do if you want to get free internet from ISP is to grab a working bug host for your country. You can learn how to find bug host from our Numerous Bug host guides. Once you got your bug host, the next thing you will want to do is to create a working free internet file for your ISP or any network. We recommend two VPN apps for these tasks; — HTTP Injector, which can be used to generate payloads with HTTP and SNI bug hosts and HA Tunnel Plus which is used for the SNI tunneling. However, you will need an SNI host to use HA Tunnel Plus.

Here are some HA Tunnel Plus free internet guides for any country.

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Here are some HTTP Injector free internet guides for any country.

However, if you want more options or alternatives to these tunneling apps, here is a list of best tunneling apps for free internet.

How to Bypass ISP Firewall to Access Free Internet Using a Home Page

If your ISP offers a home page or portal that you can access for free, then you can bypass the ISP firewall on that homepage and access free internet. The most simple approach to bypass this firewall is to inject the home page URL as an SNI host.

Here is what you should do to bypass this type of Firewall:

If the injection is successful, you will see Connected in the Log. If it isn't successful, then you will need to use another method for the exploit. Our ultimate bug host guide shows you how to exploit this type of bug host.

Conclusion on How to Get Free Internet in Any Country Using an External IP Address

We saw how you can use three VPN apps to get connected to the internet without Data by using the DNS connection mode of which the first app we used is One VPN. One VPN is a good app when it comes to tunneling but is equally known for crashing on some devices so it is not advices for most people who have android devices with higher Android versions. 

TLS Tunnel was the second app we used and it works really great but doesn't work in some situations. If you get connected to the internet using this app, then your ISP might have neglected such protocol. In the case where they took care of this, you will receive errors in the log. So you will need an application that has powerful servers for bypassing this limit.

Your Freedom takes care of business and handles all like a pro with the right tweaking as shown above.

The reason we made and spoke of errors is for all of you to understand that we also get errors from our tests and we however want to let you know of it and show you how we get rid of the errors by using better alternatives.
Also, all our free internet tutorials are done in transparency and we test them from different locations before confirming if it works or not. If it does, then we share it with everyone on this website.

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