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How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet & Generate Payloads Using Termux on Android

in this guide, I will show you how to find bug host (SNI, HTTP) for free internet and using this bug host to generate a payload via Termux on Android.
how to find bug host for free internet using termux on android

Have you been looking for an effective method to find a bug host for free internet using your Android and then easily generate payload with it?

As you all know, one of the best ways to enjoy free internet is by inviting a bug host to the party, that is, using a bug host (SNI or HTTP bug host) which will be the main source of the internet connection that will be powering the whole device that you will be using with free internet.

It has never been an easy task to get a working bug host no matter the country and, firewall restrictions set by the ISP render things more difficult, especially in countries where residents tend to run scans for open ports in their ISP database. The ISP will, of course, make things difficult for them by enhancing their security at their best.

But as I always say, in the computer world, no system is secured at a hundred percent no matter the security they imply, there will always be at least one person to breach it. That is why though hard to get, free internet is still accessible in many countries these days thanks to bug hosts.

The most commonly used bug host now is the SNI bug host because not only it is easy to set up, but also difficult for ISP to block the host and there are many ISP that don't have any idea of this technology. They are ignorant of the situation and it may take them some time to eventually block the loophole.

Any time an ISP opens release a new offer or updates their database, they are exposing their systems to attacks and as they release new offers, they open ports to render the offer possible for subscription and the port will be completely opened for all subscribed users. This is the case for social media bundles.

As the ports are opened, we have unrestricted access to the dedicated social media platform via our ISP, and just this, for a smart config dev, is a sign of free internet. Using the best tunneling apps will help you tunnel unlimited access to that social media platform (for example WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook) powering your whole device with a free internet connection. To know more on how to exploit social media bundles for free internet, check out our complete guide on it.

ISPs have become even smarter with their social bundles that they set a certain daily limit to the social media platform and afterward, the ports will be completely closed disconnecting the subscriber from the internet.

Now with your Android device, it is even possible to get all information about your ISP thanks to some amazing apps that render the task easy and possible.

However, there exist many other ways to find bug hosts (SNI, HTTP) for free internet and the most obvious method is by using your PC to run a series of scans for open ports on the webserver and its different subdomains and then later on exploiting it for free internet. You can check out our complete guide on that here.

The sad side is, not everyone has access to a PC and we all know the most used devices now are mobile devices so, a method to find bug hosts using Android become very demand by the wider audience. That said, in this guide, I will show you how to find bug host (SNI, HTTP) for free internet and then use this bug host to generate a payload via Termux using your Android device.

Table of Contents

What is Bug Host and How Does it Work?

A bug host is a loophole generally known as a bug that may cause a misfunctioning of a system. Bug hosts are generally caused by the system administrators themselves upon attempting an update to the system or by a malicious person whose aim is to exploit the targeted system for his personal interest.

Talking of personal interest here, we can have many options. Some can launch an attack on a system attempting to create a bug in the system which can be used as a back door leading to the system database where information can be stolen.

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Another interest can be an attack on an ISP for a bug to steal data packages (attacks on a subdomain or webserver) or internet packages and can be described as bug host exploitation for free internet.

This is done by using a VPN tunneling app which intercepts the connection between the server and the host then redirects it through a safe tunnel over the VPN servers and then powers the device that launches the injection with free internet access.

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Types of Bug Hosts for Free Internet

There are many different types of bug hosts of which the most common are SNI and HTTP bug hosts. We can also have V2Ray bug host which can be dependent or not on TLS (SNI) encryption.

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A bug host used for a particular injection through a certain tunnel type cannot be used for another tunnel type. That said, an HTTP bug host cannot be used as an SNI bug host and the same situation goes all the way around.

From this our SNI and HTTP bug host list, you will see we have differentiated the bug host based on tunnel type and you can try using one for another but it won't work.

Our Ultimate guide on how to find bug host for free internet in any country shows you how you can use each type of bug host for free internet. It shows a method using your Android device and also using a PC.

To know more about the types of bug hosts, you can check out our complete guide on types of bug hosts for brief explanations of the situation.

How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet Using Android (Termux)

The most demanded method or way to find bug host for free internet is surely using an Android device. Not everybody is a skilled PC operator and as such, not everybody will understand some technical tricks used for PC.

However, the pentest or ethical bureau for Android is known as Termux and this is the environment used by every hacker, programmer, and developer to test system faults and improve security in the system from their Android device.

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Termux is one of the most used if not the most used environment for system administrators on Android thanks to its powerful features that lets users use many tools from repositories. It is even possible to install Kali Linux in Termux to get access to many more system administration and hacker tools.

The tool we will be using in Termux makes use of Nmap to deliver accurate scan results. If you are interested to know more about Nmap and how it can be used to exploit bug hosts for free internet, check out this guide.

If you are not familiar with and used to Termux, then this is the moment you got to be used to it if you want to know how config developers get to find their bug hosts.

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Running scans on unauthorized systems is illegal and can be punished by the law.
This tutorial is for educational purposes only and our main aim is to inform the ISP of their vulnerabilities. You are to assume full responsibility for any misuse of any information you get from this guide and we don't endorse any part of the charges.

Requirements to Find Bug Host for Free Internet on Android

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Procedure to Find Bug Host for Free Internet on Android

  1. On your Android device, Download and Install Termux App.
  2. Download and install a good VPN app from here.
    The importance of using a VPN here is to dissipate your real IP address in case things go the other way around since you will be running scans on your ISP's main web server. You can use a proxy equally.
  3. Open the Termux App and enter the below series of commands to properly install Nmap and some necessary repos.
    apt update && apt upgrade -y
    pkg install nmap
    pkg install wget
    pkg install curl
    pkg install git
  4. Once you run all of that, it's time to install the tool. We will have to clone the repo by using the git command. Make sure your git is properly installed from the command you ran earlier if not you will fail at this stage. Enter the command below in Termux and hit enter on your keyboard.
    This will take some time to download the repo and this is where you will require a good internet connection.
    git clone https://github.com/HackeRStrategy/Irparpaya-a.git
  5. Once the above operation completes, then it means you have cloned the tool to your local device storage. So to access the tool, we will need to change the directory to that of the tool thanks to the cd command. Let's do that. Enter the below command in Termux and then click enter.
    cd Irparpaya-a
  6. Once in the directory, you can enter "ls" in Termux to list all the contents found in that directory. You will see something like "real-host-v2.sh" highlighted in green. You can still skip all of this and just enter the command that will be provided below. We need to render the highlighted section into an executable application that can be run from the terminal (Termux). For that, we will need to use the chmod +x command. Enter the command as seen below or just copy and paste it in Termux.
    chmod +x real-host-v2.sh
  7. Now let's run the tool now with the bash command. Copy and paste the command below in Termux then hit enter.
    bash real-host-v2.sh
  8. Perfect, once you enter the above command, the tool's interface will be shown to you which looks similar to something as that below.
    How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet using Termux on Android
  9. The tool has 7 options namely; Host & SSL Extractor, Show Web Status, Save Host Extracted, Create Payload Functional, See Web and Host Ports, See Proxy Host & Web, Use Manual Host E.
    What should interest you here the most should be Host & SSL Extractor, Create Payload Functional, See Web and Host Ports, and/or See Proxy Host & Web.
  10. For a start, we will do a brief scan for open ports on an ISP web server.
    An ISP web server is a main website where all other smaller websites or subdomains are hosted for the ISP. I'm sure it will not be difficult for you to figure out your ISP web server.
    For example, www.mtn.co.za is the main web server for MTN South Africa.
    I will use an ISP in Cameroon (Nexttel) for a demonstration.
  11. In the terminal, choose option 5 and enter the web or IP address or the webserver. For this case study, I will enter "www.nexttel.cm".
  12. As seen in the image below, I have 2 open ports (53 and 80). As a config developer, I already know I have 2 ways to get free internet with this ISP, which are; DNS (port 53) and TCP (port 80). For DNS, you can use apps such as Your Freedom VPN for free internet access with this ISP, and for TCP, you can use AnonyTun VPN, HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector VPN, and HTTP Custom for free internet with this ISP.
    How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet using Termux on Android
  13. For further analysis with a specific port, you can enter it in the terminal to and hit enter on your keyboard to collect some more information and know how you can easily handle it.
    How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet using Termux on Android
  14. Now we know of the open ports on this web server, it's time to extract the different hosts or websites or subdomains under the main web server.
  15. In the terminal, I will choose option 1 and enter "www.nexttel.cm" again to see all the subdomains and websites hosted under this main webserver.
    How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet using Termux on Android
  16. As you can see in the image below, I now have all the different websites hosted under the main web server I entered. I can play around with each of them now by trying to generate a working payload for free internet access with each of them till I get on the right one.
    How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet using Termux on Android
  17. You can generate payload with each of these hosts using VPN applications paying attention to the ports we got above. AnonyTun is a great choice for a start and then you can do it with HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector. Advance config developers will already know what to do from here. If you are somehow lost, don't worry, we aren't done yet, let's see how you can easily generate payload for free internet using Termux on your Android device.

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How to Generate Payloads on Android Using Termux

We will still be using the same tool we used for the port scanning and host extraction above. Everything is done in Termux and you will only need to use VPN applications to test each generated payload you get from the tool.

  1. Head back to the tool's main interface.
  2. From there, select option 4 which is Create Payload Functional.
  3. For a start, you will need to enter each host you got and get the payloads, then test each of them if it works for your ISP. This can be long and tiring but when you fall on the right host, you will also be able to get a working payload for it.
  4. I had to run many scans, tests, and trial sessions till I fell on the right host for the ISP I mentioned earlier. So I will just enter the direct host and get its different payloads for test.
    How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet using Termux on Android
  5. Now test the gotten payloads with AnonyTun for a start, test each payload one after the other till you fall on the working one.
  6. Once you fall on the working one, then you can consider yourself happy with your new free internet discovery. You can later on export the config and share it with others and gaining popularity as a free internet config developer.

A payload that works for one VPN will not necessarily work for the other. That is, a payload that works for AnonyTun might not necessarily work for HTTP Injector or HA Tunnel Plus and the situation goes the same way around.
For each VPN, you will need to test the payloads to see which one works best for it. However, some payloads are general and this misunderstanding of payload between VPN apps is due to the tool that makes the payload specific for each VPN tunneling app.

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Final Thoughts on How to Find Bug Host for Free Internet on Android and Generate Payload Using Termux on Android

Termux is a widely used terminal for Android and helps in the development of several projects from Android devices. It is also possible to run free internet projects using Termux by using some tools that will help in scanning for open ports on an ISP that can be exploited and used for free internet access.

The tool we used today is a case-effective tool that is known for running scans on ISP for open ports, extracting the different hosts, and then using them to generate a payload.

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For a detailed guide on how to find a bug host for free internet, please refer to our ultimate guide on this. There you will learn more about how to exploit social bundles and local hosts for free internet access.

It will require you some time to fall on the right host that can give you free internet access. One sure thing is if there are open ports on your ISP, then there is a way to get free internet with that ISP. You just need to keep on looking for the right host and once you got it, you will be the boss.

You can use the host now to generate your own payload via Termux and test them in VPN apps such as AnonyTun VPN for a start till you fall on the one that works just perfectly. You can later on test the payload on other VPN apps for a better experience.

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