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6 Internet Service Providers (ISP) Offering Free Internet Support to Students

In this article, I will share with you 6 internet service providers that offer unlimited free internet as support to students.
isp offering free internet support to students

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, things fell apart as this pandemic affected many countries, its citizens/residents and take away some dear lives. This was a tragic situation for everyone living in countries where the pandemic had higher effects.

The crises affected businesses, government and most especially students. Students were no longer going to school due to the pandemic and since the crises affected many nations financially, students could not afford for internet bills.

This pushed people to look for ways to get free internet legally and also illegally. This is frequent as we noticed the voluminous increase in demand for free internet using VPN apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, DroidVPN etc. This practice can also be called free internet hack.

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However, the best means to get free internet was at home without stress. Everything just served to you on the table in the comfort of your home.

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Many governments put in place many measure for students to continue education while respecting social distancing. That is, they put in place e-learning platforms for many schools that can be accessed freely by any student to keep in touch with their studies.

Some countries such as South Africa, US, Nigeria etc put in place zero rated websites that can be accessed freely by students to access their lessons.

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Some governments of some countries offered free internet to all students of particular institutions for them to access virtual explainer classes to move ahead with studies.

In countries such as the United States, we find many internet providers offering their support to students by providing free internet access to them. This is quite impressive as we do not see the same situation in many countries. They know internet is a vital asset in the present generation.

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In today's article, I will share with you 6 internet providers in the US that offer free internet to students for support during the COVID 19 pandemic and these offers are still valid till date.

What is Free Internet and How Does it Works?

Browsing the internet freely and its numerous contents its has to offer is what we call free internet. Let's say for example you have access to Google and its search features, when you enter a query and get the results without having data or service, then you can say that is free internet.

Free internet can be achieved by many ways of which we have a legal way when your ISP offers you free data, your government offers free data especially to students and we also have an illegal way of getting free internet hack by using VPN applications on Android, iOS and even on PC.

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However, we will not be talking of anything illegal here since we are just going to mention some ISP in the US that offer free internet support to students. There is nothing like free internet hack in what we will give.

How Can I Get Free Internet at Home Without Paying?

As days pass on, many free internet tricks are being released and it is even very possible to get free internet at home without service nor data.

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However, people still prefer using VPN apps due to their efficiency in connectivity and unlimited free internet access they offer. However, in most cases, they require a bug host to work properly. The bug host here matters a lot since it is from there that the internet access will come from then the VPN will tunnel that connection through its secured servers and pass it through the client that requested the connection (your phone or PC).

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When we talk of efficient VPN for such task, we mention HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom which are great VPN apps with amazing tunneling protocols. HTTP Injector and HTTP Custom have advanced tunneling options and you can easily generate a payload with these two apps.

Students equally use these apps for free internet access without service but no one will like to know its ISP offers free internet and you don't enjoy it especially as they have really expensive internet bundles. 

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That is why it is important to stay alert when any free internet trick is released on our blog. For that, you need to Join us on Telegram which is an easy step. You can also checkout our numerous free internet tricks.

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6 Internet Service Providers in the US Offering Free Internet to Students

We find in the US 6 internet providers that offer their support to students by offering free or almost free internet to their subscribers. That said, they are listed below:

1. AT&T Access Program

AT&T is available in 21 states, with its most expansive coverage in California, Texas, and Florida.

AT&T is partnering with participating K-12 schools and colleges to give free wireless data for 60 days via school-issued 4G LTE and hotspot devices. Most households who don't have broadband internet service are within reach of these cellular signals.

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AT&T also has a low-income internet program called Access from AT&T. New participants who qualify will receive two free months of internet service. Those who participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), National School Lunch (NSLP) or Head Start programs or who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are equally eligible for the offer.

2. Comcast Internet Essentials

Xfinity is the largest cable internet provider with a presence in 39 states. Its top serviced areas are Chicago, Denver, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and San Jose.

Xfinity is offering new customers a prepaid Visa gift card for $150 (which covers roughly two months of service) for University students

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Come on, this is a great deal to grab. The offer comes with free self-installation and no upfront fees. This gift card arrives a few weeks after you sign up and install, so you may need to pay for those two months upfront and will then be reimbursed. 

To be eligible for this offer, you will need to verify you're a student by uploading some relevant documents, and you must be a new customer.

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Xfinity is offering two free months of internet service for those who qualify for its Internet Essentials package. It's a limited-income program for people who are eligible for public assistance like Medicaid, SSI, the NSLP, Housing Assistance. In addition to having this free internet service, your speeds will go up-to 25Mbps making you the beast of internet.

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3. Charter Spectrum Internet Assist

Spectrum is available in 41 states, exercises its activities the most in the cities of Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Saint Louis, and San Antonio.

Spectrum is offering one of the best deals: free broadband and Wi-Fi (up to 100Mbps) for 60 days to households with K-12 or college students who don't currently have Spectrum service. Installation and prepayment fees are waived. Only new customers are eligible, and the deal is applied as a credit for the first two months of service.

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4. Optimum and Suddenlink (ALTICE)

Optimum is available in just four states on the East Coast: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Suddenlink services 20 states, and focusses mostly in the South -- primarily Texas, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

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Both Optimum and Suddenlink, under the same parent company, are offering new customers free internet for 60 days. Households with students (K-12 and college students) who don't have home internet service are eligible for the Altice Advantage 30Mbps broadband solution.

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5. Cox Connect2Compete

Cox is available in 19 states, with the strongest coverage in Arizona, California, and Virginia.

Cox is offering a discounted starter package for $20 per month and 50Mbps. Its internet service starter package is typically $30 for 10Mbps, so that's a pretty significant upgrade.

The company also has a low-income internet program, Connect2Compete. Cox is offering two months free ($10 per month after) and increasing speeds to 50Mbps. Families with K-12 children eligible for NSLP, SNAP, and those who receive Tenant-Based Vouchers, Project-Based Vouchers or Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA), or those who live in Public Housing are eligible and therefore, can apply for the offer.

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6. T-mobile 10 Million Project

Though the 6 on our list T-Mobile has exclusive offers for students. T-Mobile launch a project called 10 million project as a commitment of closing the homework gap.

They intend to support hybrid or e-learning free internet and mobile hotspots for 10 million eligible households.

What does this mean? This means homes and families that are eligible for this project will be included and enjoy free internet and hotspot without paying a dime. However, these homes need to be enrolled in the National School Lunch program before being eligible.

Once enrolled in Project 10Million, these families will receive 100GB of FREE internet data per year for five years and a FREE mobile hotspot, plus the opportunity to purchase devices at a low cost.

That will be too hard to miss so hurry and grab the free internet offer from T-Mobile by joining the 10 million project.

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The Bottom Line of Free Internet for Students

Since the pandemic, many institutions, governments 3rd parties and even Google works with local governments in California and commit their efforts in helping students follow their studies ad they are the future of the next generation to come.

6 other Internet Service Providers in the US decided to join hands in this commitment and amongst all, we find the 10 million project which is a a woof projects and it helps out many families out there. Many countries such as Canada, Australia and even countries in Europe, Africa also do same by offering platforms where lessons are being published for free access. Why not consult each of these offers and grab them?

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