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How to Get Free Internet on Android in any Country for All Networks

In this guide, I will show you how to get free internet in any country for any network you might be using and start browsing without bothers.
How to Get Free Internet in Android In Any Country for All Networks

Kind of wondering how to get free internet with all networks of your country right? Or you may be asking yourself if there is a way you can just get a flow or loop from all the ISP in your country that will just help you to get free internet browsing from them right? What if I tell you there was a way to go through with that? Most of you will be shocked.

In most of our latest tutorials on free internet tricks, we showed you how you can get free internet in any country by using the several methods we provided of which we mentioned the use of great VPN apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, Your Freedom and even DroidVPN.

These VPN apps are known to give free internet in whatever country no matter your situation paying attention to the fact that you must have working bug host for the apps that work with these bug hosts (ha tunnel plus, http injector), good settings (for all) and premium accounts for your freedom and droidvpn.

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We have discussed a lot on free internet on this site and we talk a lot of this because we understand that most of you are students and need free internet for your studies and also, you might want to use free internet because data bundles may be really expensive to afford for, so you just looking for a free way to get connected. We have also talked a lot on free internet tricks for android and how you can set your smart phone for free internet.

However, unlike most of our tutorials on free internet where we will have to follow up some setup steps in order to get the free internet working, this one will not require any expertise setup though we will need to adjust some little stuff. So in this guide, I will show you how to get free internet in any country for any network you might be using without bothers.

By the end of this guide, you are going to be shattered just as this guy when you will get free internet tweaking for your country which you thought could no longer have free internet.

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How to Get Free Internet on Android In Any Country for All Networks

What is Free Internet and How does it works?

The term "Free Internet" was formulated some decades now which describes any means of accessing the internet for free without having or subscribed for a data bundle.

Free internet is real and is possible thanks to some set of protocols or methods that get to over take the restriction barrier set by our ISP.

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When we don't have data service, our ISP or internet provider will just place a restriction or limit to our IP and to lift this restriction, we only need to purchase or subscribe to a data bundle to be able to access the internet by using the limited MB or GB given to us by the ISP. 

So to overcome that restriction, we need to get some tools which can work on Android, iOS and even PC. The most common tools used for such a task are Proxies and VPN. Proxies are one the best way to keep your anonymity online. Your connection is well encrypted through proxies and when ever an external connection tries to interfere with a proxy, the proxy will treat it as a threat. The thing with proxy is that, they can be really difficult to configure.

VPN on the other hand are more sophisticated and come with several options in one to use. Most VPN services or apps nowadays come with various connection modes such as HTTP, TCP, SSL/TLS (SNI), DNS etc. All these connection methods can be used for various types of connections and will depend on its purpose.

HTTP and SNI are the most used connection methods and they owe that to their security and encryption of connections on their servers. More so, SNI is even better because it most ISP haven't yet work on that and so, it can be really difficult for them to stop an incoming SNI connection. That's why people keep searching for SNI bug hosts because they know it will last long for free internet.

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All of this just involves getting free internet illegally and can be punished by your government if ever you get caught up. Your privacy online is the most important you got at hand here.

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How can I get Unlimited Internet for Free Using a VPN

It is very obvious that your ISP no matter the country cannot allow you a long time enjoying free internet on their servers just like that. It is really funny to believe, though we have noticed several internet providers do such but it is not for a long time, they will close down the connection between you and their server within sometime meaning, they just allocated to your account some data. 

However, it can be possible to get unlimited internet from your ISP using a bug host. If any system have a bug, it will not function properly and it can be easily exploited by anyone. A bug host is simply an open gate without guards to a palace of free internet packages. To get this, you will need a good VPN Tunneling app that has secured servers that will keep your identity private online so that your ISP will not be able to track your location and take you down. That's how important a VPN is when using free internet.

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VPNs should also be used on public Wi-Fi because it might be that the owner of that public Wi-Fi collects information from any device connected to its network. So beware of everything with the title "free". So to get free internet on your Android or iOS, make sure you use a VPN such as HA Tunnel Plus or HTTP Injector.

Which VPN Gives Free Internet Data?

There are several free VPN apps out there that gives free internet data on Android and even on iPhone. We have written on the most trending VPN apps that give free internet these days and you can just use any of them in what ever country where you might be located. Check out our Free Internet Tricks Library for this.

How to Get Free Internet on Android in Any Country for All Networks

As earlier said, we will be using a very simple method to get free internet on our Android devices. We will be using an application known as Edoztunnel. This application is really special. Why do I say special? Well because the application developer has compiled so many tricks and tweaks of different countries and ISPs and added them to the application allocating to each some free internet tweaking that has already been configures, you will not be required to do any additional settings. These apps are equally known as free internet connection apps for android.

So before we start, make sure you have the below requirements;

  1. An Android Phone
  2. Any ISP SIM Card
  3. Edoztunnel App - Get it Here
  4. Edoztunnel Pro App - Get it Here

Assuming you already have all of that and have downloaded the Edoztunnel App, we can now head to the tips on how to use these two application on Android for free internet with any network.

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1. Using Edoztunnel App

Edoztunnel is an amazing tunneling VPN that comes with so many blasting features. There are predefined tweaks already in place and plus, you can setup your own tweaking with the custom setup toggle. Follow the steps below to see how you can setup this app.

  1. Open the Edoztunnel application and you will be shown an interface similar to that on the image below.
    How to Get Free Internet on Android In Any Country for All Networks
  2. Select your sever or let it be set automatically. I always take Singapore servers because they are fast when it comes to VoIP and Gaming.
  3. Now select click on the Globe section to select the tweak for your country. There are a lot of countries listed including Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Netherlands, France, Italy, Turkey UEA, United States, United Kingdom, All network social bundles, All Network 0KB bundles and many more. 
    First select a tweak for your country as you see in the list below.
    How to Get Free Internet on Android In Any Country for All Networks
    Everything has been configured by the developer, you will not have to enter host manually or something like that. But I will add a little bit of pepper to the tweak.
  4. Once you select a tweak for your country from the list, we can proceed with my own little tweaking. Identify your country by its name and flag from that list because the list is very long. Make sure you don't select tweaks with (block) beside it because it will not work.
    For the tweaking, click on the hamburger icon at the top left hand corner of the app and Toggle on DNS Forwarder, UDP Forwarder and CPU WakeLock as seen in the image below.
    How to Get Free Internet on Android In Any Country for All Networks
    Each of these settings have its own function. The DNS Forwarder will help forward any requested connection to the Google DNS for higher success rates upon connection. UDP Forwarder does same but in the UDP interval. The CPU WakeLock will keep the VPN engine up and running even in background when you minimize the app. I hope you've gotten the point of toggling on all of these.
  5. Now on the main screen, click on the floating button that glows to Start the connection. And just after some seconds you will get connected without issues.

In the case where you don't get connected, just keep on trying out all the tweaks for your country from the list. If they don't still work, tryout the all net kit. You can also tryout the all social bundle kit and see its results. You will surely get at least one working for you.

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2. Using Edoztunnel Pro App

Edoztunnel Pro works on the same basis and protocols as Edoztunnel and there is no great difference in the functioning of these two apps. However, it doesn't call itself pro for nothing because there is an option for VIP members where they can get their own private servers which I think is really cool but the thing is, you will have to subscribe before being a VIP member. 

However, being a VIP member doesn't changes anything. You can still get connected using this pro version and access all the features that are available in the non-pro version. This app is cool in that it comes with detailed set of options which can be helpful for developers but that doesn't mean that the app is only for developers, it can also be used by anyone with or without developer skills and also it is user-friendly as the other app. 

As earlier said, having similarities to the previous app, we will not be explaining some features already explained. we will just move straight to the point.

  1. Open Edoztunnel Pro App and you will see an interface similar to that below.
    How to Get Free Internet on Android In Any Country for All Networks
  2. Select your server, as always I will go in for Singapore but this time I will let the app decide for me.
  3. Next click on the button just below the server button and you will be shown a list of tweaks and tricks similar the the Edoztunnel App. Select the tweak for your country from the list of tweaks provided.
    How to Get Free Internet on Android In Any Country for All Networks
  4. Now we will have to repeat the same tweaking as we did in the previous app. Toggle on DNS Forwarder, UDP Forwarder and CPU WakeLock.
    How to Get Free Internet on Android In Any Country for All Networks
    I guess you already know why we toggled this on as we explained in the steps in the previous app.
  5. Now click connect and you should get connected right away.

Try all the tweaks available for your country. Tryout the All net 0KB tweaks in the app and also try the social bundle all net. Make sure you got an active social bundle before trying out the social bundle package.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Edoztunnel is one of the applications everyone would have dreamt of having some years ago. If you have such an app, then no need to go looking for free internet outside. They offer everything within their app but don't just take all of that for granted. There are many tweaks amongst those packages that don't work at all and the developer did not mark with block. So you will have to try every tweak to see the working one which is kind strenuous.

However, we will advice you to keep on searching for more free internet tricks without data plan or service on the internet for your country and see what it has to offer. Most often, you will get old tricks so I will prefer you keep on checking our free internet tricks library for free internet tricks in all countries. But I will equally advice you not to neglect the apps and tryout their tricks to see if it works for you and comment your results down below. We will be so happy to hear from you.

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