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What is Tor? How Does It Works

What is Tor

Tor is a layer of several shells related to onion that helps us mask our IP underneath all its external shells.

How to use tor browser

Things to know about Tor

Tor browser brings us many advantages which are very helpful to us in the dark web that confers us protection against IP Spoofing and other attacks from the dark web.

Generalities on Tor:

  • Tor or The Onion Router, allows anonymous use of internet hiding the actual identity of the user.
  • Tor is a layer of several shells which mask your IP address. So before someone wants to get your IP he will need to deal with several layers along the way. That why its called Onion for it is based on several layers.
  • It protects the person using it from every traffic analysis and network spying by ISPs. Not only does it protects from network spy but equally from malicious attacks. 
  • These qualities qualify Tor to be the most popular and secure option off all available for anonymous internet connectivity.

Background and Foundation of Tor:

  • Tor is based on the principle of "onion routing" which was developed by Paul SyversonMichael G. Reed, David Goldschlag in the early 1990's precisely at the United States Naval Research Laboratory.
  • A project was put in place which was the target release called "Tor Project" which was developed by Nick Mathewson and Roger Dingledine. This project "Tor Project" was launched on the 20th of September 2002. Still along years passing though, there were more development on the project under the Financial Roof of Electronic Frontier Foundation "EFF".
  • What is great about Tor an all of its services is that it is a non-profit organisation that always maintain their services and development. 
  • Instead, the project is funded by the United States Government and they also receive some funds and assistance from the Swedish Government and different individual sponsors.

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