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Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Pro Mining Software Cheat New Trick

Easy and New trick to mine a huge amount of cryptocurrency with a premium software for free.

 Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Mining Software Cheat

In today’s tutorial, I will be giving you a cheat trick to bypass the mining capacity of a software known as Minergate. This trick is a premium sold trick which ill be giving to you for free today.

Bitcoin mining software

What is Minergate

Minergate is a mining website which uses many computers as mining machines connected to a network. They have mining softwares which permits all users to mine crypto currency directly from BTC. This Cryptocurrency mined from these servers are then directly sent into each persons wallet for use.

Minergate mining cheat

As earlier said, we will be using the web miner known as minergate. 
This web miner has PC clients for both mac and Windows so everyone can benefit of this tutorial and trick.

Diving Into the Mining Trick

You should keep in mind that having a PC with good graphics card is always better but this trick will do with any graphics card you use.


  • A PC (Windows or Mac)
  • Good Internet connection
  • Notepad ++ or any code editing software of your choice
  • The Mining Software Below
If you’ve made sure you got the above requirements, then you are good to dive into the tutorial. 


  • Go to minergateClick here ) and sign up or create an account. Make sure you verify your email address and make sure you use a real email address for this.
  • Once you’ve created your account, get to the XMR section and copy your email address.
  • Download the Mining Software ( Click here to download the software )
  • Now extract the contents of the zip and locate the Config.json
  • Open the Config.json with what ever code editor of your choice and replace the email in the file by your minergate email. When done, save the file.
  • Now launch the miner and the mining process will begin with a very fast rate than usual.

That is it, you just started mining at extreme speeds and rate.

Important Notice

As usual, this tutorial is for educational purposes only and this blog doesn’t allow any misuse of it’s contents.

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  1. can you post a video on this process... a little confused on the replacing the XMR email address part
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