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How to Create Mobile Apps (Android/iOS/Blackberry) Online For Free Without Coding Skills

Creating mobile apps has never been easy since it requires coding. In this guide, I'll show you how to create mobile apps without coding skills.
How to create mobile apps for free without coding skills

 Mobile apps have brought a great change to the tech world today.

Mobile devices have beaten all cross devices and have become the most used devices throughout the globe.

We use our mobile devices for many purposes. We have many applications in our mobile devices that help us for several purposes such as communication, entertainment, apps that serve as tools and even games that give us realistic enjoyments.

It is really great when every online entity or business has an android or iOS application to ease the access of their products and catalogs online without having to enter the web browser.

But most often, if we don't have coding skills, not everyone can afford to pay for the development of a mobile app. 

What if I tell you you can get an Android/iOS/Blackberry application at a time just with some few clicks without having to write a series of codes or pay for it? That is possible.

Plus, you wouldn't have annoying Ads being displayed in your app, no watermark, and most of all, you can monetize these applications with an AdMob Account ID. That a lot of features you will have with your application.

By the end of this article, you will be able to create an Android/iOS/Blackberry application without prior coding knowledge or skills and all for free.

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Table of Contents

 How to Create a Mobile App for Free without Coding Skills

We all know that creating an Android or iOS or any other application type isn't easy and most of all isn't free.

We have crossed out most app builders out there both free and paid app builders and have finally come out with the best for you.

Of course, the process will be done online and you wouldn't have to install a software on your PC. So no risks for viruses on your PC. 

You don't pay anything for this so just follow the steps below. But before, make sure you have ready and set to go, the below requirements. They are very important for this to be a success.


  1. App Logo (Ideal Size 180 x 180)
  2. App Splash Screen Image (Ideal Size 750 x 1334)
  3. AdMob Interstitial Ad Unit ID (For Monetization. This is Optional)

Procedure (Steps and Guides)

Step 1: Go to Allapppress. You will be first shown a page with a blank space for your website URL. Enter your website URL as shown in the image below then click on "TRY FOR FREE".

How to create mobile apps for free without coding skills

Step 2: On the next page, provide your name, email address, and password. The password here isn't for your app but to finish setting up your account.

How to create mobile apps for free without coding skills

Step 3: When you provide the above information, you will be taken to a next page with a message asking you to check your mail box to activate your account with the link they sent to you. In the mail you will receive, click on "Click here". 

How to create mobile apps for free without coding skills

Step 4: Once you open the link, you will see a page with Create Push Version written there. Just click on that.

How to create mobile apps for free without coding skills

Step 5: In the next section, will be the most important part of this tutorial. You will have to provide your App URL, Name, App Launcher Icon (180 x 180), App Splash Screen Image (750 x 1334), AdMob Interstitial Ad unit ID, App bundle ID and App Version.

How to create mobile apps for free without coding skills
  1. Enter the true URL of your website. This will be the the address where the application will get contents from.
  2. Enter your App name. This is the name your application will carry on all devices.
  3. Provide App Launcher Icon of dimension 180 x 180. You can create an App Launcher Icon with Canva Premium. Get Canva Premium Here. Don't know how to Create an App Launcher Icon? Check it Below!
  4. Provide an App Splash Screen Image of dimension 750 x 1334. You can equally create this using Canva Premium. Don't Know how to Create an App Splash Screen Image? Check it below!
  5. Provide an AdMob Interstitial Ad unit ID. This is an optional feature and it is the used to display Ads in your application. This is the monetization feature.
  6. Enter your app bundle ID. It can be a subdomain of your domain. Example: com.aimtuto.com
  7. Choose your App version. Generally, every starting App starts with an Android version of 1.0 or 1.1. So allocate the version you want your App to carry and click on Build/Generate App.

Your Application will be created within some seconds and you have the full option to download it for either Android, iOS, Blackberry or Amazon Fire platforms for free without builder watermark.

To download your App, Click on the download box just below the recreate app box. A next section will appear below. In that section, you can choose to download your app freely for any mobile platform be it Android, iOS, Blackberry or Amazon Fire.

How to create mobile apps for free without coding skills

The sections marked in red indicate how you can proceed to download your App for your mobile platforms.

Note: This method is best mostly for all those that have a website and that want to launch a mobile version of their website or online stores. 

How to Create an App Launch Icon and an App Splash Screen Image?

It is even easier to do this especially if you are a frequent user of Canva. Canva provides many features that can help realize you graphical projects and many more things. Canva premium is even best for this so get it from the link below.

How to Create an App Launch Icon

Open Canva and login to your account (if you are using the free version). If you are using the premium version you will download from the link given in this article, you wouldn't have to Sign In. But Canva is best experienced when you deal with it on the web.

Click on the Blue pinkish button on the top right corner of the screen named Create a design and below that list, click on Custom size. Provide the size of the App Launch Icon (180 x 180) and proceed. 

Use the numerous tools Canva provides to design your logo. Also, Canva provides free template which can help you go faster with the App Launcher Icon Creation. Canva Pro provides more best pro features and tools.

How to Create an App Splash Screen Image?

Still in Canva, Select Custom size, enter the required splash image size (750 x 1334) and proceed.

Again, make use of the tools Canva provides for this. For a Start select a good background color for your splash screen image so that it will look some how professional.

You can equally make use of Canva Pro application to do this. 

Download Canva Pro below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a free app without coding?

You can create a free app without coding by using the platform mentioned in the article.

Can I create my own app for free?

Yes, you can create your own app for free using platforms like Andromo, Appy Pie, AppsGeyser etc.

What is the best free no-code app builder?

Appy Pie, Airtable, AppSheet, Quickbase, SurveySparrow, Ninox Database, AppMySite, VINYL are all free no-code app builders.

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