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How to Get Free Virtual Number for SMS Verifications

Get a free virtual phone number for any online verifications. Use the number obtained on multi platforms for free without restrictions.

 Get Virtual Number for Netflix, PayPal and many more verifications

Getting a virtual number is very important for business parties and organisations. And again virtual numbers gets us anonymous in the sense that you won’t have to display or spread your original or real number. Getting this number isn’t free and if it’s free, it is limited. So in today’s post, I will be showing you a method to get free virtual numbers for sms verifications.

free virtual phone numbers

In many cases you won’t get a virtual method for free. Some methods are paid and so many can’t afford them. 

What is a Virtual Number?

A Virtual Number or an access number or Direct Inward Dialing is a telephone number without a direct telephone line. They are programmed for forwarding calls to one of the numbers preset to it which is chooses by a client.

They are usually used in many occasions. This numbers are a vital step for large companies which intend forward their clients incoming calls to the preset number associated to the virtual number.

Why should I get a Virtual Number?

It’s quite important but not necessary at times to get a phone number. 

The most outstanding reason why people get Free Numbers In our Tech world is due to online verifications or for One Time Password (OTP). With these virtual numbers, one you verify the service in question you won’t have to border or receiving further notices on your phone number.

With Virtual Phone numbers, you can bypass Netflix OTP, you can verify PayPal. More so, you can equally verify WhatsApp, Telegram and many more social media accounts of your choice.

With this trick, you will be able to verify PayPal, Netflix, WhatsApp and Telegram which are the ones I tested by myself. This verification will be done by SMS. So its an Online SMS Verification Service.

After this, you will be able to verify whatsapp by SMS, Telegram by SMS, Verify PayPal by SMS, verify Netflix by SMS with this online sms verification system.

Advantages of Virtual Numbers

The advantages of these virtual numbers are so numerous of which some of these advantages are listed below...
  • Give companies a dedicated way to keep in touch with their customers.
  • Many habitant world wide use virtual numbers to bypass OTP or One Time Passwords set by various organizations for verifications.
  • Virtual numbers help many out there to host more than one account on third party applications that require phone numbers for verification.

Disadvantages of Virtual Numbers

Some disadvantages are commonly known to these which are described to as limitations. They can be seen below;
  • Virtual Number providers with free plan don’t permit their free users to place direct calls (Not all).
  • Free Virtual Number users numbers have a limited lifespan and doesn’t last long.
  • Loss of your data to third party applications if in case you got to lose your Virtual Number
  • The most issue at times is good Virtual Numbers are usually paid.

How to get Virtual Numbers for free

Now that you’ve read the basics above, lets talk on how to get these virtual numbers for free. 

There are several applications and websites that permit us to have free virtual phone numbers of which the most common applications are TextNow, Text+, TrueText, 2ndLine etc...

In this trick, we won’t be using a mobile application to get the Virtual number, We will be using a website that offers top bypass services using virtual numbers.

I had to compare this website with several other websites which offered the same services but this one came out to be the best of all and I assure you that it’s completely free meaning you won’t have to pay for the service.

Follow the below steps to get the free virtual number

It’s quite easy to proceed with this because it doesn’t require any signup nor setup to use the service.
  • If you are asked to verify the human verification, verify it and proceed ( This occurs when you use VPN ).
  • Select the country of your choice and click to Obtain the Virtual Number dedicated to the chosen country.
  • Now copy the number there and paste it to the website or application where you wish to verify by phone number such as Netflix, PayPal, etc.
  • That’s it, you got yourself a verification method...

I won’t advise you to use this number for creating or opening a personal account because that number won’t be used by you alone.

Moreover, the number can’t be personalized for individual use. So note that you might not be the only one using the number especially for signups and verifications.

That’s it folks, you got your free virtual number for verifications at no cost. To be sincere, I préfère this than TextNow because it is a onetime use and you can use it for multiple verifications without limitations unlike TextNow virtual numbers that get expired after a certain period of time which is very nerving because we used the numbers for so long and did personal verifications with it so losing this virtual number affects us a lot.

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