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Code to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped

In this guide, we have compiled a series of code to check if your phone is hacked or tapped. These codes are easy to use and return important results.
code to check if phone is hacked

Are you looking for a code to check if your phone is hacked or tapped? The main reason that can take you to such queries is, when you noticed your android or iPhone doesn't responds as before. Well this is probably because it has been tapped or hacked by someone or that it is just being monitored.

Your privacy is important and no one has the right to operate and perform actions on your phone without your awareness.

In most cases, phone can't just be tapped or hacked like that. You probable got yourself into something or some phishing sites that collected information about your device and IP and are using that against you for their personal interest.

Mobile phones have been the main source of digital interaction for some years now and this rate is considerably increasing. Obviously, malicious persons will always want to attack your from your android device because they know you use it to access all your personal and professional information.

In most cases, your phone can be just monitored by someone usually a tutor monitoring a kid or any similar situation. But no one likes when he or she is being monitored not even a kid.

Whether you think your phone is being hacked, tapped or monitored, all lye under the same subject since it is an unauthorized access to your phone that someone has gained. That is why you will go look for codes to check if your phone is hacked, tapped or monitored.

That said, if you want to find out if your phone has been hacked, tapped or monitored, you are just in the right place. In this guide, we have compiled a series of code to check if your phone is hacked or tapped. These codes are USSD codes that you just need to enter in your phone dialer to check just as if you are dialing a code to check your mobile balance.

What is a USSD Code and How Does it Works?

USSD codes fully termed "Unstructured Supplementary Service Data", sometimes referred to as "quick codes" or "feature codes", is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the mobile network operator's computers.

These feature codes helps you access some hidden features of your phone (Android & iPhone) by just dialing a code. You can as well access some additional security-related information on your smartphone. Depending on the feature you want to access, the code might be different in each cases. There are some codes that give you a lot of information on your phone meanwhile some just give you a pin point information about a specific aspect of your phone.

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USSD Codes can be used for various works such as a (Wireless Application Protocol) WAP browsing, prepaid call services, mobile money services and so more.

There are some android secret codes that are equally known as hack codes and are known for performing numerous activities related to cheat on Android. Checkout these android secret and hack codes.

There are many indicators that can let you understand if your phone has been hacked or tapped. This is very important so you should know if you can start taking initiatives and appropriate measures to secure your phone.

How to Tell If your Phone Has Been Hacked or Tapped

Before going in for the codes to check if your phone is hacked or tapped, it is a good thing you can be aware of the indicators and signals that will inform you if your phone has been hacked or tapped. We find many situations where many people complain of attacks on their phones. This is because, they were not aware of the indicators that will let them informed before the worst comes. So it is very important you know some of the clues that will tell you if your phone is monitored. However, below are some of the signals that can tell if your phone has been hacked or tapped.

  • Installation of unknown apps: Malicious monitoring apps need to be directly installed on your phone before it begin its monitoring, so it’s a critical situation you see an app with a vague name that you don’t recognize.
  • Battery draining fast: All programs and applications running in your phone background will drain your battery. There are some system apps that run in background and we can't just stop them because it will make the phone to misbehave. However, if you notice a sudden quick drainage of your phone's battery, then you should know that it is a malware or monitoring app that hides and operates in background. At times, this can lead to overheating of the phone and can damage your phone battery. Consider installing a Premium Antivirus for Android to spot and terminate the malware.
  • Unknown messages: Some malware apps will just gain control of your phone and send unknown messages to your contacts. If that's the case, then inform your contacts not to engage with some incoming messages from you till you inform them maybe through mail that you have resolved your issues.
  • Increase in Data and SMS Usage: Any monitoring app for android will always want to send all the captured data to its source and for that to be possible, it needs sources such as data or SMS. Depending on the data collected, the size might vary. If you notice a huge increase in your data and SMS usage, then you should start investigation.
  • Strange Pop-ups despite having an adblocker: If a malware is trying to access your phone, you will see some strange pop-ups that will prompt you to install some certain apps to accelerate or repair issues on your phone. This is one phishing technic that is well used by phishing sites now. Beware of such attacks as it won't cause anything good to your phone. To stay safe, use incognito mode for some type of queries and I highly recommend you to use a premium Adblocker to stay safe from these types of cyber attacks.
  • Can't send emails: If you are sending emails and for some reason or the other, it doesn't gets to its destination, then this means that your email configuration has been transferred to an unauthorized server.
  • Data breaches: If you use some sites or services where you entered your private information such as passwords, phone number etc and a data breach occurs where passwords are being stolen, then you are a target for hacking. It is always recommended not to use the same passwords for more than 2 websites so as to secure your other accounts if one gets hacked.
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Codes to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped (Android and iPhone)

Some of the codes given below may not work on some ISP,. As a result, you will receive an error saying "Invalid MMI code" or "Connection error".

The codes shown below are some simple USSD codes that you can dial in your phone dialer to check some certain features if they have been compromised or if you are being monitored. This will then serve as a reference to know if your phone is hacked or tapped.

We have categorized each code based on its function which will give you a best understanding on which code to use and when to use them when necessary. We have 2 main categories; conditional and unconditional forwarding codes to check if phone is hacked or tapped.

We will also see some other codes that will help you know if your device features are compromised. The codes are not device specific, whether you own an Android phone or iPhone, you can use these codes to check if your phone is hacked.

Below are the categories of the code to check if phone is hacked or tapped:

Conditional Forwarding Code to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped

Conditional forwarding code comes with conditions, which can be easily flagged by the victim. For example if hacker calls a victim, the victim's phone will ring once it will be forwarded to the other number. Hackers don't use this only for calls. They can equally use this technic in forwarding messages, fax, other information etc., to their own preferred device.

Use the following code to check if phone is hacked:

USSD Code Description
*#61# This USSD code will help you to know if someone else is receiving your calls, messages, etc. whenever they are unanswered.
If you find any enabled setting, you can disable or erase all of them by dialing ##61#.
*#62# This USSD code will help you know who receives your texts, calls, etc., when your device is switched off or not reachable.
If this code returns a number, don’t panic — it is without doubts your voicemail.
But if you definitely want to disable this function, dial ##62# and remove all ears of hackers from your calls.
*#67# This USSD code reports the status of all the calls, messages, etc., being sent on other numbers when you are busy on another line or rejecting the call.
The response you receive from entering this code will reveal if someone is after you.
If it's an unknown number and not your own, simply dial ##67# to disable this feature.
*#004# This USSD Code will let you know of who is receiving your calls or messages for all conditional forwarding (busy, out of reach, do not reply to a call) of.
In other words, it generalized the conditional forwarding of all calls you can't take.
So feel free to use this code instead of *#61#, *#62#, and *#67#.
You can also erase all conditional forwarding settings by dialing ##004# from your original number.

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Unconditional Forwarding Code to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped

Unlike conditional forwarding, with unconditional forwarding, the victim cannot easily detect forwarding codes. Whenever a hacker calls a victim, it will get forwarded directly to the hacker’s number whether the victim’s number is busy or available to receive the call. All incoming calls, SMS will just be automatically forwarded to the hacker. The victim won’t even receive any ring or notification of message entering his mobile device. This is a well-known phone tapping attack used by many hackers to get bank alerts.

Some hackers go further and forward all your calls and messages, no matter if you’re available or out of reach. This type of attack is called unconditional data forwarding or diversion.

Use the following code to check if phone is tapped:

USSD Code Description
*#21# Also known as the diversion code, this USSD code will help you to know if someone else is receiving your calls, messages, etc., without your knowledge.
You can dial ##21# to reset all unconditional forwarding settings.

More Codes to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped

There are some other codes that you can use to further check if your phone is hacked or tapped by a malicious hacker. Hackers will always develop new strategies whenever their previous ones get blocked. However, for iPhone users who want a code to check if their phones have been hacked, you can find in the table below a code for iPhone users. However, both Android and iPhone users can use any of the other codes below to check if their phones have been hacked or tapped.

USSD Code Description
*#06# Known as the IMEI code, This USSD code when dialed will show you the IMEI number of your device.
Every manufacturer provides each hardware a unique identification number, called IMEI, to make a difference between each of them.
This IMEI number will help you file a complaint and track down your device location if should in case you lost it or it gets stolen.
his code will work ideally if someone broke into your phone’s security.
So, before you check any other USSD code, dial *#06# to know your device’s IMEI number and note it down somewhere safe.
*3001#12345#* - iPhone Code iPhone users can dial this code to check if their phone has been hacked or tapped.
This code will show information about RAT (Radio Access Technology) and
LTE (Ota Msg, Service Cell Info, and Rach Attempt), which can be used for further analysis.
*#002# This USSD code is another call diversion code will show you all diversion settings, from conditional to unconditional, applied to your number at once.
To reset everything everything here, Dial ##002# from your original number.
*#*#197328640#*#* This USSD Code is also known as Utility Netmonitor Code.
When dialed, information regarding everything that our phone sends or receives, along with the location.
This can be very useful if you are trying to track down a hacker that steals your data from youe device.
This is the first number you can consider dialing if your phone is tapped or hacked.
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Code to Unhack My Phone

If you find out that your phone has been hacked and you want to unhack the phone, you can as well use an android secret phone to stop the hacking process. If you have some sensible data on your phone that you want to keep secure, you can run a USSD code to factory reset your phone. Here is a list of USSD secret and hack codes that you can use to best know your device and how to unhack it if it gets hacked.

Final Thoughts on Code to Check if Phone is Hacked or Tapped

Hackers develop new strategies and tools to replace the patched or block methods they once used in the past. Mobile devices (Android and iOS) are the prior targets for hackers now since these devices are the most used for both personal and professional activities.

Hackers now have some new strategies to hack android and iPhones. They use mobile operators services to perform their malicious activities. This is the same situation that occurs when hackers hack 2FA authentication on any system thereby, stealing users passwords and information.

From your phone, there are many ways you can detect an attack without using a 3rd party software. We have listed the points that will let you tell if your phone has been tapped or hacked.

If you find out some suspicious activities on your phone that you do not recognize then you can use USSD codes to check if Phone is hacked or tapped.

There are conditional forwarding and unconditional forwarding codes which can be used to check if your phone is hacked or tapped. Those located in the US, Canada UK, Australia can use these codes to check if phone is hacked or tapped. Some other European and African countries can use these codes but it will depend on the support for your ISP with the codes.

If ever you lost your phone or it got stolen, then some other codes such as *#06# will give you a your phone IMEI code which you can use to track your stolen phone and get its location.

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