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Top 10 Best Game Hacking Apps & Tools For Android (With or Without Root)

Top 10 game hacking apps for Android. Hack your favorite games and get ahead of the competition.
Best Android Game Hacking Apps and Tools Android No Root

Wondering how big mod sites such as APK Premiumz and many more get the game mods they provide freely? There's no magic in it.

Some mod sites have developers who even rebuild the game or app in their own way and make it easy for all the users to apply cheats in the game.

Some developers automatically apply cheats such as unlimited health in GTA San Andreas, Unlimited Coins in Dream League Soccer, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, etc. The logic in all of this is to facilitate game playing with your favorite games.

Some games have lots of mysteries that can't be easily figured out. We even see games with levels that can't practically be unlocked without a cheat. However, there exists a way to unlock these levels but it is hard to get. At times, you might even get bored playing the game and lose interest in the game.

Lately, we showed the best Android apps and tools to get free in-app purchases in any Android app or game. So with those apps, you will not need to buy anything within apps or games. You can get a premium subscription freely without paying a penny. However, that doesn't applies cheats to games or apps. It just gives you free access to what's sold within the app or game without having to pay for it.

But with game hacking apps, you will get the most out of your favorite games and apps you always dreamt of. It is time to say goodbye to that complicated and difficult level where you always get hooked because today you will bypass the level with these game hacking apps for Android.

Some pro gamers out there can't admit that they use game hacking apps to hack and apply cheats to games and then facilitate the work for them to easily show their viewers how they pass that level. Though some gamers are legit in game playing, others are not.

In this article, I will show you the 10 best game hacker apps and tools that you can use to apply cheats and mods to your favorite games without having to visit mod games sites which don't often update your games when you need it the most. You will get to know the most Android tools developers use to apply cheats and mods to their games.

With these apps, you will be able to hack apps such as Garena Free Fire for unlimited diamonds and also, you will be able to hack apps such as PubG mobile without risk of being banned.

Table of Contents

What are Game Hacking Apps and How Do They Work?

Game hacking apps are those apps that let you get the most premium features such as unlimited coins, diamonds, money, health, etc out of a game without having to pay a penny. These game hacking apps are usually referred to as game hacking tools.

Android is the most used platform thanks to its numerous apps and games. But when we confront a situation within the app or game, we always need to use hacking apps and tools for games and apps. Most of these hacking apps for Android will apply cheats modifying the game signature and opening it to source modifications.

These hacking tools or apps work efficiently in hacking these games and some don't only hack games but they are also known to mod apps to get premium paid features of the app for free.

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These game hacking apps modify the source APK code and change its signature before applying a mod to the app. Then from here, the game or app will appear to as not signed for any company and so the mod and cheats can be applied to it without any risk. 

However, a mod not well applied can result in the banishment of your account if you enter it in the mod app or game. We notice this with games such as PubG Mobile which bans many accounts due to unauthorized login attempts from untrusted sources. They do this to preserve their ecosystem for the safety of all their users.

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In most cases, it is not because the cheat or mod wasn't well applied but it is because the games are fully online, and when you go online, the game mod will no longer work because the security enhancement at the game server makes it difficult for syncing your mod data in it. 

Hope you've gotten the logic in this. So don't blame mod game developers for inefficient work. Most of their cheats limits are at the offline level but when it comes to online, they are K.O. Some even disable connection to the game servers if in case the player attempts an online session with the game.

However, we still find many games that have applied cheats and mods and are played online and offline as well.

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Pros and Cons of Game Hacking Apps and Tools for Android

Using Game Hacking Apps has some benefits and its downsides equally. Some of these pros and cons are listed below.

Pros of Using Game Hacking Apps for Android

  • Get premium features for free
  • Unlimited money, health, and coins will be made available for free
  • Easily pass top-rated levels in the game without failure
  • You are the boss of the game since you cannot be killed by anyone.
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Cons of Using Game-Hacking Apps for Android

  • Some mods don't really work as described
  • If you use a mod game tool or app from an untrusted site, your whole device might be hijacked leading to theft and loss of data
  • Most games cannot be hacked using these hacking apps (Case for many online games)
  • Risk of banishment from the game ecosystem if your account login from an unknown server.

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Top 10 Best Hacking Apps and Tools for Hacking Android Games

Before we proceed, it is good for you to note that not all games can be hacked or modified with these hacking apps for Android. We talk here about some Android games that are fully online. However, for offline games, there are no exceptions because they have offline files which can be modified easily. 

If you are searching for the best Android hacking apps for rooted devices, you can still stick to this article because these apps work even more efficiently when they are installed on a rooted smartphone.

This guide is mainly for educational purposes and you using these apps will be responsible if at all there is any damage made to your phone. We are not the developers of these game hacking apps and as such we can't be blamed responsible for any damage they might cost. We just share the idea with those that want to know how modifications are made to Android apps and games.

1. HackerBot

HackerBot if not at all the most popular game hacking app for Android but it is a great hacking app or tool you can find out there. Many game hacking guides and methods are provided on its official website as guides to use the tool to hack apps and games out there. 

HackerBot is known for its powerful hacking ability to hack many popular games such as PubG, Pokemon Go, Call of Duty Warzone, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc.

It is also known for Free Fire Hacks, Mods, Aimbots, Wallhacks, Game Hack Tools, and custom menus which makes it ideal for Garena Free Fire.

With its in-game purchase hacking features, HackerBot will help you hack most Android games for unlimited money, coins, diamond, high scores, extra lives, etc.

Many Gamers use this app to search for the cheat with the name of the game, cheat type, etc.

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Features of HackerBot

  • It provides multi-platform game hacking tips and tricks
  • Users can watch tutorial videos to understand how HackerBot hacks work
  • Regularly updated gaming hacks and cheats for popular Android games make it one of top game hacker apps you can get.
  • Has an in-built search engine to find the most relevant hacked games
  • Supports Android 4.1 or later
  • No root is required for it to work so Hackerbot belongs to the category of rare game hacking apps without root

2. Xmodgames

Xmodgames is yet another best apps to hack Android games with popular titles. Unfortunately, this app only works on rooted devices. 

Xmodgames can apply patches on supporting games and manipulate them to your advantage.

However, Xmodgames is not available on  Google Play Store. But still, anyone including gamers can download it from the link below.

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Features of Xmodgames

  • It comes with an inbuilt screen recorder
  • Xmodgames can be used to hack popular games such as GTA Games, PubG Mobile, COC, etc
  • Developers keep updating it regularly to make it compatible with the latest updates in mobile games
  • Apart from gaming cheats, some mods can also be used to improve the game's performance or graphics
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3. Cheat Engine

If you don't use a cheat engine for hacking Android games then you got to try it out. Cheat Engine doesn't only hack Android apps but is also known for speeding up various processes within a running task. It is mostly witnessed within games.

Cheat Engine isn't only used in games but it is used to hack and increase CrytoTab browser mining speed on Android and PC giving you free bitcoin at a very high rate.

Cheat engine still keeps its reputation as one of the best apps to hack games on Android for over a long time now With regular modifications, this app is capable of manipulating many popular games and applications. 

Cheat Engine allows you to modify the difficulty settings of single-player games and to debug issues you are experiencing with those games.

Cheat Engine is well known for speed hacks, debugs, direct 3D manipulation, assembler, disassembler, system inspection, and many more potentials. 

However, for noobs, Cheat Engine has a guide within the app that will show you how you can easily use the app.

Features of Cheat Engine

  • Easy and free to use
  • Cheat Engine has its own wiki page with detailed tutorials
  • Cheat Engine supports Android ARM 32-bit, Android ARM 64-bit, Linux x86 & 64, and Android ARM 7
  • Developers can access open-source codes of the Cheat Engine app from its official website
  • Cheat Engine is known to work best for single-player or offline games
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4. Game Guardian

Game Guardian has also gained its place among the top 5 game hacking apps for Android thanks to its 100% free extensive features. The app can be used on old or new smartphones. 

Game Guardian works pretty well on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones.

Based on the fact that rooted devices have over 50% of advantages over non-rooted devices, Game Guardian has its own limits when it is being run on a non-rooted device. But in rooted phones, gamers can use Game Guardian with plenty of features.

With Game Guardian you can manipulate the speed, health, money or coins, etc. This app is not available on Google Play Store but you can download it from the link below.

Features of Game Guardian

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Game Guardian supports ARM, x64, and x86 devices. It also supports Android emulators on PC like Bluestack, MOMO, KOPlayer, etc
  • Works on Root and Non-Rooted devices
  • Game Guardian can run on Android Gingerbread, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and later versions of Android OS
  • Game Guardian can support apps from more than 50 languages
  • All features of Game Guardian can only be accessed on rooted devices. However, non-rooted devices can make it work with limitations

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5. Freedom APK

Game Guardian is another fantastic game hacker app for Android. It supports ARM, x64, and x86 devices. It also supports Android emulators on PC like Bluestack, MOMO, KOPlayer, etc

Game Guardian can run on Android Gingerbread, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and later versions of Android OS

Game Guardian has support for different apps using over 50 languages

Works well on non-rooted devices though with some limitations. However, all the features of the app are available only on rooted devices.

The app requires Android OS 2.3 or later with a minimum of 512 MB Ram in smartphones. 

Its way of working is really exceptional since it provides a fake credit card number to make purchases in paid applications. Freedom APK does this by opening a simulated payment page for the game and making a fake payment. When the purchase is complete, the game's premium features will be unlocked.

Features of Freedom APK

  • Freedom APK lets you hack the most popular games like Angry Bird, Asphalt, Badland, Candy Crush, and many other popular Android games
  • The app lets you unlock paid features for free with the help of a dummy credit card
  • Freedom APK can also help you in bypassing license verification issues
  • Developers keep updating Freedom APK to match the latest gaming updates
  • Freedom APK also allows you to apply multiple patches in a single game
  • This best hacking game app can also work on a few server-based online games
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6. Lucky Patcher

If you are looking for the best Android game hacking apps for Android and you haven't yet fallen on Lucky Patcher, then you have not been well led.

Lucky Patcher is one of the best hacking apps for games on Android, which allows you to remove annoying ads from any app you are using on your Android smartphone. It is also efficient in hacking top Android Apps available in Google Play Store.

Additionally, you can also use Lucky Patcher to modify in-game settings, remove unwanted system apps, or create backups.

Its ratings have blown off as more users get to discover the app and what it can do. It counts over 1 billion downloads with over 4.5 as average ratings. That's really incredible for a game hacking app.

Features of Lucky Patcher

  • It requires Android 4.0 or later to install
  • Lucky Patcher can block ads, provide you free coins, and in-game features
  • You can easily turn 3rd party apps into system apps to enhance their performance with the Android device.
  • You can use Paid apps and their premium features freely with the assistance of Lucky Patcher

7. Leo Playcard

Yet another amazing game hacker app and tool is Leo Playcard which doesn't require root to work properly.

Leo Playcard lets you download premium paid games and mods for free without paying a penny.

Leo Playcard lets you increase the numbers of your game coins, lives, or gems making it ideal as a hacking app for games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and many more games out there.

It is important to note that this app works mainly on Offline games and its mods cannot be applied to online games so it is not an online game hacking app for Android. It won't work on Multiplayer games due to constant updates made online.

You can download Leo Playcard from the link below.

Features of Leo Playcard

  • Leo Playcard can be installed on smartphones with Android versions like Nougat, Marshmallows, etc
  • This Android game hacking app doesn’t require rooted devices to work. You can use it on non-rooted devices without any hassle. However, its top features are available on rooted devices.
  • Developers claim that it can hack all offline games for Android smartphones. So give it a try with your favorite offline game.
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8. CreeHack

CreeHack is yet another great app to hack Android games. CreeHack lets you crack any Android game and make in-app purchases for free in any game or app without root.

Thanks to its numerous features and compatibility with old and new Android Smartphones, CreeHack is no doubt one of the best Android hacking apps you can find out there.

Features of CreeHack

  • Works well on non-rooted Android Smartphones but with limited features
  • The app is lightweight
  • CreeHack is compatible with and supports Android 4.0 and later versions
  • As per developers, Creehack is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by users

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9. GameCIH

GameCIH is another great hacker app that merits its place among the top 10 on this list. It lets you alter game files to provide you extended lives, paid features, etc. 

However, this game hacker tool will only work on rooted devices. You can install it to alter offline or single-player games like Minecraft on your device.

Features of GameCIH

Works only on rooted Android devices

It requires Android 4.0 or later to work

Can remove in-game advertisements and purchases

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10. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is another good hacking app for games on Android that lets you modify game object values to provide you with unlimited health, in-game money, or even to increase the character’s speed. 

Just like its competitors, SB Game Hacker can also work on rooted and non-rooted devices. That said, rooted devices get more benefits with the app.

SB Game Hacker is a top-rated Android game hacker app but it is being placed as the last on this list. Why that? Well, it is because the app has an annoying survey that you will need to complete in order to use the app.

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However, SB Game Hacker isn't to be neglected as it can hack non only offline games but it equally hack some online games without root. The best results will be seen with rooted devices.

Features of SB Game Hacker

  • Easy and free to use
  • The app can be run in the background with the game you want to hack and alter values in SB Game Hacker to affect the game
  • SB Game Hacker works on non-rooted and rooted devices
  • Block Ads on most games.

Best Game Hacking Apps for iOS No Jailbreak

Just like Android, iOS also has some game hacker apps that require jailbreak. However, we find many apps for iOS that can be used to hack iOS apps even iOS 14, and will not require a jailbreak. They are as follows.

  • iGameGuardian
  • iOS Game Mods
  • GameGem
  • HackerBot FreeFinder for iOS Game Mods
  • GamePlayer
  • Xmodgames
  • Moving to a superior OS for Game Hacking
  • Macros
  • File Explorers & Managers
  • Emulators / Simulators

For more details on each of these ios hacker apps without jailbreak. Bookmark this site or subscribe to our notifications because we will talk about them, and how you can use them to cheat in iOS games. You can also join us on Telegram to get notified whenever we release the guide on that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best apps to hack games?

There are many apps that let you hack games. Some of the best Android apps to hack games include; Hackerbot, Xmodgames, and Game Guardian, which are some of the best options you can find out there.

Where can I get hacked games?

You can get hacked games from any trusted site that offers modified versions of the games. A good example of a trusted site to get hacked games is apkpremium.com.

Can you do ethical hacking on Android?

Of course, you can do ethical hacking on Android through terminal apps like Termux. It lets you clone any repo and run commands.

What is the most hackable game?

Fortnite is the most cheated game on the web, making it the most hackable game.

Final Thoughts on Best Offline/Online Game Hacking Apps and Tools for Android

Above are the 10 best Android game hacking apps to hack Android games. Some will hack any offline Android game and some will just hack a few online games.

However, we find more amazing online game hacker apps such as SB Game Hacker that will hack most online games and get the best out of them.

These Android game hacker apps can hack most Android games and just as these Android games receive updates from their developers, the game hacker apps receive updates from their developers for compatibility with every game's latest version.

This list of best Android game hacker apps is not final and will constantly receive updates based on ratings in forums and official websites.

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