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How to Get a US Phone Number for Free from Outside the US

In this article, I will show you how you can quick jump and get a US virtual phone number for free whether you may be located overseas in what ever co
How to Get a US Phone Number for Free from Outside the US

 Virtual phone numbers are one of the greatest kits for most of our projects now.

They give a sense of professionalism to our business, help us easily manage our calls and at times to foul some friends that you are really located within the country you got a virtual number for.

The most demanded virtual number is the US virtual phone number.

Who doesn't want to own a US phone number nowadays especially with the great projects we can do with it.

However, this US virtual phone number is provided by third party services or providers that operate fully within the US.

They offer a second US virtual phone number for citizens within the US and some of these providers extend their services overseas to the east side of the world (European countries). US virtual numbers are so important that they are paid when offered by these providers. 

But there is a way to get this us virtual phone number for free whether you are located in what ever country out of the US, there are apps found on Play Store that provide free US virtual phone numbers to their countries. Most of these apps are country restricted meaning, they can't extend their activities to countries located in Africa or even some European countries.

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Some people will always love using Google Voice to get a US virtual phone number overseas, but it is available mainly for US citizens and can be used in some European countries as well. Other countries where it isn't available will need to use a good VPN in order to get a us virtual phone number with Google Voice. But we have found a way to go beyond all restrictions and get a free US virtual phone number using Google Voice in this guide. Check the guide from the link below.

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However, in this article, I will show you how you can quick jump and get a US virtual phone number for free whether you may be located overseas in whatever country, especially for non US Residents that is, those located out of the US.

You will be able to get a free US virtual phone number that you can text and place international calls for free without even using a VPN.

If you are equally interested in getting a working US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, France virtual phone number that you can use for SMS verifications such as on Netflix, PayPal and equally WhatsApp, Telegram, Google, Gmail, then you can checkout the complete guide on this from the below link.

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Table of Contents

What is a Virtual Phone number?

A virtual number, also known as direct inward dialing or access numbers, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line.

Usually, these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers, chosen by the client: fixed, mobile or VoIP.

Virtual phone numbers are of great use.

With some similarities they have with real phone numbers, they can be further customized in our needs meanwhile real numbers once gotten can't be customized.

Also, with virtual phone numbers, you can easily avoid annoying calls from reaching your real number and equally make it impossible for some scammers to get to your real number.

A US virtual phone number virtually simulates your presence within the United States and it will give everyone you contact with the US number, the impression that you are really located within the US.

Virtual phone numbers are great assets for business entities.

Business owners can attribute a virtual number to all of their employees to easily manage calls from their clients and give some sense of professionalism to their businesses.

The virtual phone number to be used in this case should be a private and unique phone number. That means you will have to pay for it.

But I guess not everyone wants to pay for a virtual phone number for such a purpose because it is going to be really expensive.

So to get such a virtual phone number for free, I will advice you to follow this guide on how to setup and get a Google Voice virtual phone number for free. The number obtained from Google voice is unique.

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual phone numbers are very beneficiary especially over real numbers.

Though some are paid, the virtual number is worth the money due to the services it will give you such as free unlimited call and texting to what every country in the world (International calls).

All this will be available for use if you respect your monthly subscription fee.

However, the virtual number is usually issued freely with some features by some providers and if you want more advanced features for business, then you can go in for a subscription plan. Some of the benefits of using a virtual phone number are given below;

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  • Easy to setup.
  • Very low or no fees (depends on provider)
  • Sign of professionalism
  • Easily manage calls (block and forwarding controls)
  • Full control over the virtual number (can delete, and reapply for one depending on the provider)
  • Great management kit for businesses. Business persons can easily get in contact with their clients without local restrictions placed on communication between different countries.

Disadvantages of Using a Virtual Phone Number

Though interesting to use, it is important you know that there are some downsides of using a virtual phone number especially when the virtual phone number was issued to you freely.

  • It can be really costly.
  • If issued freely, the number can be redirected to another person if you don't renew your access to it.
  • Virtual phone numbers can't be used on some sites that don't authorize virtual numbers. So in this case, you will need to use your real phone number which isn't what you want.
  • If you loss your device or virtual number account, you may not be able to have access to the virtual phone number. This is the case for most providers that don't demand registration with email or phone number so you can request for password reset if you loss your login details.

How to Get a Free and Working US Phone Number for Verification

Now you know what a virtual phone number really is and what it takes to get it equally with its benefits and downsides, we can now proceed in getting the US virtual phone number. 

We are going to be using an application known as textPlus which is an App known for its services in providing free US phone number.

But not everyone know the trick in getting a textPlus account in order to have a free virtual phone number that's why some people try but they don't succeed with this App and to succeed, you will need to have a specific version of the App that is not commonly found out there.

I will show you how you can get the free US virtual phone number for non US residents (outside the US) using textPlus in the below lines.

Before we head on to the procedure, you should take note of something. 

Whatever your aim of getting this virtual phone number is, AiM Tutorials isn't responsible for any misuse of this content and you following the full procedure of this content means you adhere to be fully responsible of whatever activity you use this tutorial for.

You will need to get some requirements before you head on to getting the us virtual phone number.

This part is really important because if you don't use the right materials, you might get blocked somewhere and you will not get the us virtual phone number.

Requirements to Get a Free US Phone Number

  • Android device with version of at least v5.0
  • textPlus App - Download the required version of the App here or from the below download link.
  • Follow the complete procedure.

Steps to Get a Free US Phone Number

Video guides are always the best guides because everything is being done live and practically. That is why we considered making a video on this. Check it out below.

You need to download the textPlus version from the download link provided below. Any other version will not give the expected results in some locations.

  • Download textPlus App here. After you must have downloaded the App, install it. If you don't know how to install the App, the complete installation instructions for the App is provided at the bottom of the page where you will download the app.
  • No open textPlus app and you will see something similar to the image below; click on Sign up.
    How to Get a US Phone Number for Free Outside the US
  • Grant the app all permissions it will ask from you and you will be shown a Sign up form on the next screen. You need to enter a unique username and password here, accept the terms and conditions. When all of that done click on Signup.
    How to Get a US Phone Number for Free Outside the US
    Verify the Captcha box to show you are not a robot. Wait for the next screen to appear.
  • In the next screen, you will be asked to Select your state and area code. If you are not convinced with the best area code to choose, just Google best area codes in the US and you will be shown area codes that are good to use. However, you can use what ever area code of your choice, it will work just fine. But it will be a good idea you use an area code that is not well known in the US. This is important if you want to use the number on social platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
    How to Get a US Phone Number for Free Outside the US
    Wait for your account to be created. It may take sometime in some cases.
  • Once your account is created, you will be given a free US virtual phone number that you can use for free calls and texting.
    How to Get a US Phone Number for Free Outside the US
  • You now have your free us virtual phone number that you can call anyone within the US or Canada.

To manage and customize your number, click on NOT NOW on the screen presenting your number then click on the Hamburger icon then click on Customize My Number just beside your US virtual phone number.

How to Get a US Phone Number for Free Outside the US

The hint mentioned above is; No use of VPN. If you use VPN, your signup will fail. Most people always turn on VPN before signing up that's why they fail.

However, the textPlus version used here is very delicate and is not available everywhere on the web. So you need to get the working version from the link below.

Download textPlus required version from the link below;

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Make sure you download the textPlus version from APK Premiumz assigned "textPlus Original Download".

textPlus: Free Text & Calls.apk 48MB

Where can I use this US Virtual Phone Number?

You can use this US virtual phone number on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and any social media platform. If you want to use it on these platforms, then you should not create an account directly with the number if not it will be rejected by WhatsApp.

What you need to do is, you create a WhatsApp or Telegram account with your real local number then wait for 2 - 3 days then change the WhatsApp account number with your us virtual phone number you got from this tutorial. The same case applies for Telegram and similar social media platforms.

Can I use this Virtual Phone Number on Netflix?

Unfortunately, you can't use this US virtual phone number on Netflix. Netflix will reject the number as soon as you try to verify OTP and your free trial will be patched. However to get a US number for Netflix, you will need to follow this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free US phone number?

You can get a free US phone number through apps like textPlus and Google Voice.

How can I get a second US number for free?

Apps like Google Voice, TextNow, TextFree, FreeTone, and even Talkatone let you get a second US number for free.

Where can I get a free US number for WhatsApp?

Some apps that let you get a free US number for WhatsApp verification include; Burner. textPlus. FreeTone. Hushed. Talkatone. Text Me. Flyp. Sideline.

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