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How to Get Free US/UK/Canada/France Virtual Phone Numbers for OTP and SMS Verification

In this article, I will show you the best method or best virtual number provider you can use to working virtual numbers that you can use to signup
How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers have been of great help for many people out there and most especially for business men out there. When you manage a company or if you grow a business, you will definitely need a virtual phone number to redirect your calls and keep your personal number private. 

It is not always easy to get these numbers especially the US, UK, Canada or France numbers and most often, you will find virtual numbers through the web which provide free US, UK, Canada numbers. The thing with these numbers provided by these website is, they don't work on any website and most of them don't work at all. This brings us to the fact that if you want a good US, UK, Canada of France phone number either for your SMS verification for OTP bypass, you will have to pay.

But I guess if you are here, it just because you don't want to pay. So in this article, I will show you the best method or best virtual number provider you can use to working virtual numbers that you can use to signup on many sites that require a phone number for verification such as PayPal, Google, Netflix just name them and also, the method I will show you will help you bypass various OTP (One Time Password) restrictions. This method will work for you no matter your country and location.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual number, also known as direct inward dialing or access numbers, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually, these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers, chosen by the client: fixed, mobile or VoIP. Source Wikipedia.

So with a virtual phone number, we can equally do what we normally do with our real numbers. That is, placing phone calls, sending text messages etc. However, if you want such a number, then you will have to get a private number from paid virtual phone number provider. I will show you how to get such a number for free.

Some Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers

Believe it or not, virtual phone numbers have some advantages over our physical or real numbers of which the first is privacy features and instant redirect. Plus, you can close up or delete the number if ever you don't want to use the number anymore. Some benefits of virtual numbers can be sited below;

  • You can work anytime anywhere with a virtual phone number.
  • It gives professionalism to your business profile
  • Redirect call just very easily
  • It shows and gives some superior service for your employees and clients
  • Helps maximize saving costs.

How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Numbers

If ever you were looking for a free virtual number for WhatsApp, or a free virtual number for Telegram, then this trick will work for you just perfectly. Also, for those looking for free virtual number for receiving sms or otp bypass, this method sill equally be good for you. So if we are to talk of good virtual phone number issuers such as Textnow, Textplus, just name them, we will notice that their services are paid. 

I will somehow give you a double method in one to get free virtual US or UK number and somehow use this phone number to get another premium private phone number from a phone number provider such as Textnow of Google voice which normally will require you to provide a real phone number to verify your location and then use this private number for texting and calling and also to verify your WhatsApp, Telegram account.

You will equally be able to use this phone number to verify your PayPal account of even use the number to receive Netflix OTP by SMS when creating a Netflix account.

This virtual phone numbers can be used to verify services such as Telegram, Facebook, Google, Google Voice, Amazon, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk, PayPal, Netflix and many more.

Before we proceed, we will be need some requirements which are vital for this trick.



As earlier mentioned, we will need an Application known as Temp Number and you are required to download the recommended version from the link provided. If you are to work with this number on PC, no problem we will cover a PC section for that. We have covered two sections, the section on Android using the Temp Number application and the section of iOS and PC using the website.

Follow the steps below to successfully get a free US, UK, Canada, France virtual phone number on Android;

  1. If you are on Android download Temp Number from APK Premiumz.
  2. Open the application. It will look similar to the image below; then click on Get Free Number.
    How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers
  3. Next you will be shown a list of countries from which you can obtain free virtual phone numbers. The available countries from which you can get free virtual phone numbers are United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Poland, Australia, Puerto Rico, France, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands and Belgium. if you click on any country from this list, you will be able to see their free virtual phone numbers that you can use. The list of the countries can be seen in the image below.
    How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers
  4. I need a free US virtual phone number, So, I will click on United States. And on the next screen, I you will see a list of virtual phone numbers for the country selected (US) which are ready to receive SMS and are freshly updated most often. I will advice you to always use a number that was added at maximum some hours ago because when a number is already a day old, I has been used by many other users for SMS verifications and maybe for the verification of the service you wish to use the number to get an SMS from.
    How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers
  5. Click a number from this list and you will see its messaging list. Copy the number and use it on what ever site of your choice including PayPal and Netflix. Also, you can give it a try on WhatsApp or Telegram. 
    How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers

That is just it, you got your free US, UK, Canada, France, Netherland that you can now use freely either to prank friends or for SMS verifications.

This number isn't private. If you want a private number for WhatsApp, Telegram or any other service on which you will love to get free virtual number for then continue reading.

Follow the steps below to successfully get a free US, UK, Canada, France virtual phone number on iOS or PC;

  1. If your are an iOS or PC user and you wish to use this free virtual numbers, then you will have to access Temp Number service from their official website. Click Here to visit their official website. It will look somehow similar to the image below;
    How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers
  2. From here, you can click on the country of your choice to get virtual phone numbers for it. This time around, I will click on United Kingdom and then you will see a long list of freshly added UK virtual phone numbers that are ready for use.
    How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers
  3. Copy the number and use on any website of your choice may it be PayPal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line etc just use it and you come back and refresh the message list to be able to see your code. Below is a list of messages receive by a UK virtual phone number I clicked on the site. You can notice that the number has received messages from Amazon, PayPal and many other sites.
    How to Get Free US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Numbers
  4. That is it, you can now use this virtual phone numbers on your iOS and PC.

Though we have these working phone numbers for many countries, there is something we need to take into consideration. That is, the number's privacy. This number can be used by any one who has access to the site equally which is not what we want these virtual numbers especially for business or personal use. So this brings us to the point of how to get a paid private virtual number for free.

How to Get a Paid Private Number for Free

The term paid says everything that it isn't free. What these paid virtual number providers do is they provide free private virtual numbers for all of their user for them to use for their business or personal use. We are talking here of virtual number providers such as Google Voice or virtual number providers that require a real number that will help verify your account. We talk here of Textplus, TextNow, Tollfreeforwarding, TextFree, and also Google Voice

These virtual number providers will give you a virtual phone number only if you verify your account with a real US number. That shouldn't be a problem because the trick I showed you above will give you virtual phone number that will help you overcome and bypass this step. So grab a US virtual number above and verify for a private virtual phone number and use it to signup for your social media accounts or personal accounts.

Where do these US, UK, Canada, France Virtual Phone Number Works?

As highlighted by the owner of the virtual number provider, this virtual phone numbers from Temp-Number work well on Telegram, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Gmail, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk. How ever, we believe their effectiveness is more than that because we have tested it on several sites including PayPal, Netflix and Google voice.

Can I Use this Virtual Phone Number to Get a Free Virtual Credit Card?

Yes, we believe so. If you want to get a virtual credit card from a site and then you are asked to enter your mobile number for verification, just use Temp-Number virtual phone number and you will bypass this verification. We have shared many tricks on how to get free virtual credit cards. Check them below;

Other Free Virtual Phone Numbers Apps and Websites for SMS

Below are the other virtual phone number web services and apps we have compared to Temp-Number and concluded that Temp Number is the best of all.

Also, there is another good alternative app known as 2ndLine. 2ndLine provides free private virtual numbers that you can use to call, text and many more things. You fully own the number. 

To register and get a free private virtual number with 2ndLine, you will need a good VPN connected to the US. Don't know where to get good VPN? Don't worry you can get them from HERE.

MUST GET: Premium VPN Now Free to Use

Final Thoughts and Conclusion on Free US/UK/Canada Virtual Phone Numbers for OTP Verification

Virtual phone numbers are really important assets especially for business personalities because they will always want to differentiate between business and and their personal life. So, this article will help facilitate this need.

Temp Number provided virtual numbers that can be used practically on almost all websites for SMS and OTP verifications. They can verify WhatsApp, Telegram, Google voice, Gmail, Facebook, PayPal, Netflix and many more sites. The thing is, this numbers are not private and so, you can't rely all the time on them because they can be deleted if ever they no longer work. 

So I will advice you that if you want a number for WhatsApp, then, get this number from Temp Number and then use the trick in the section on how to get paid private number for free just above and get your private number that you can use for your private affaires. You can use Tollfreeforwarding, Textfree, and even Google Voice to verify your real number using the Temp Number virtual phone number and then get a private virtual number in return.

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