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How to Transfer Your Facebook Data to Other Services

Transfer your Facebook Data to giant services and keep your Facebook data secure for malicious persons and away from data bridges.

How to Transfer Your Facebook Data to Other Services

Facebook is one the most used social media platform that was put in place in 2004 and served as a means of communication between friends, families and loved ones. 

Being a large social media platform includes keeping huge data from every single user that opened an account on Facebook. Facebook went viral years back then and has been increasing its security features to protect their user account.

This brought Facebook to release an exportation tool that will help all its users export their data to other services in other to keep it secure.

In the past years, Facebook underwent through several security bridges and issues and this let them to become stronger by enhancing account by placing an additional layer of security known as a two-factor authentication. Read on how hackers hack 2FA of large services such as Facebook, Instagram and how you can protect your social media account.

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Facebook updated their data transfer tool to make it easy for all their users to export their data off Facebook be it to quit the social media platform or any other thing else. By the end of this article, you will know what the Facebook data transfer tool is and how you can use it to export all your Facebook data to any other service of your choice.

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What is Facebook and How Does it works?

Facebook, Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Menlo Park, California. It was founded in 2004 as TheFacebook by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, roommates and students at Harvard College. - Wikipedia

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Facebook lets individuals and businesses display information, pictures and videos, and communicate with each other. Facebook users can: create a profile. add other users as 'friends' exchange messages with friends.

Facebook launch a beneficiary tool for all its users called the Data Transfer Tool (DTT) that lets all its users transfer their data from the Facebook platform to any other service. This let many quite Facebook without leaving any traces behind them.

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What is Facebook Data Transfer Tool?

Facebook has lots of tools that let its users create profile, add third party services, create apps (in Facebook Developers) and many more and mostly, they have a Data Transfer Tool.

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Created in 2019, Facebook Data Transfer Tool is a tool that helps every Facebook user, to easily export all their data on Facebook to other services without leaving a single trace of their data behind them. This tool is really efficient for those that will want to quit Facebook for any reason that might push them to do so.

What's the Update in the Facebook Transfer Tool?

Among the improvements, it should be easier to see the status of each transfer, start multiple transfers to the same location, and filter through and select what data you actually want to move. Transfer Your Information has expanded since Facebook launched the service in 2019.

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This gives you complete access and control to your transfer status and to spot and fix anything that might be going wrong during the transfer.

In its previous versions released, users could use the tool to transfer their Facebook date to opular services such as Google Docs, Blogger, and WordPress.com, as well as port photos and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos, and Koofr. 

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Now in this recently updated version, Facebook made it easy for their users to export data from Photobucket and Google Calendar. In addition, the tool now supports a new data type: Facebook Events.

Facebook has equally made some major improvements in the DTT user experience. These improvements are:

  • A completely rebuilt experience that’s simpler and more intuitive — people can now more easily see what destinations and what data types are supported
  • Greater transparency around the status of each transfer, including making it easier to retry certain transfers
  • The ability to simultaneously start multiple data transfers for one destination
  • Filters that allow people to more precisely select the data they want to transfer

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How to Transfer your Facebook Data to Other Services Using the Updated Facebook Data Transfer Tool

The procedure is straight forward and easy. Let's do this real quick

You Must be on Mobile before this will work for you. So get your mobile devices and follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Facebook Account and head onto Settings.
    How to Transfer Your Facebook Data to Other Services
  2. Scroll down till you see the section named Your Information. From there, click on Transfer a Copy of Your Information.
    How to Transfer Your Facebook Data to Other Services
  3. On the page, you will be shown some little piece of notice. Just click on the blue Next button.
    How to Transfer Your Facebook Data to Other Services
  4. Now Choose your Destination. This is the destination where your Facebook Data will be transferred to. Choose wisely and make sure you have a good reason for doing such a transfer.

    The available services are Koofr, Google Photos, Backblaze B2,Wordpress.com/Jetpack, Google Calendar, Blogger, Google Docs, Dropbox and Photobucket
    How to Transfer Your Facebook Data to Other Services
  5. Done your transfer has been successful. You can now manage your data on your newly selected platform.

You can equally select to download your Facebook user Data to access it offline and even before deleting it. The weight will depend on how long you've been on Facebook and how much contents you have on Facebook.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Facebook is a giant social media but making this tool available to its users if for a reason. They want all their users to have access to their data and somehow the users will be responsible for all the actions that they carry out with their data exported or downloaded.

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You should better have a good reason for using this tool, otherwise, don't even think of it because any unsafe access can lead to your account credentials being leaked and even soled out in the black marker or the dark web.

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