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Top 6 Best ZIP File Password Cracker/Unlocker/Recovery Tools [Free & Paid]

In this guide, I will share with you the best zip file password cracker tools that you can use to unlock your password protected ZIP files.
best zip file password cracker and unlocker tools

Zip files are one of the best ways of containing little files together and keeping them safe from attacks such as viruses and any similar attack.

In addition, zip files together with rar, 7z files are one of the best ways people get to share multiple files online since placing files in archives compresses the size rendering it small and adequate for easy sharing. You won't have to select multiple files all the time thanks to zip files.

Zip files are popular file formats commonly used on Windows Operating Systems and on some other OS though they don't have some essential features as the RAR file extensions.

When you download a Zip file from the internet (website, forum etc), if the author does sells the zip file, you might be asked to provide a password to access its contents. However, passwords are not just used on zip files for paid contents but also to preserve a brand and the password can be shared only between authorized members.

That said, you can also create a zip file and protect it with a password which will be require whenever the zip contents is tried to be accessed. You can forget the password with time especially if it is a tough one. All same, you will need a zip file password bypass tool or a zip file unlocker tool generally known as a cracker to crack the zip password hashes then provide you the decrypted password from the hash.

Now depending on the hash type, the password cracking process might take longer and can be impossible in some cases if it is tough and long enough.

Today, we find many zip file password cracker tools that are available online of which some are paid and others are free. These online cracker can be accessed from Android and Windows PC. However, there are some zip file password cracker tools that come as a setup and at times will require a full version to work (in the case where the tool is a paid one).

Android users that want to recover their lost archive password can use a zip file password cracker apk for android which uses a dictionary attack for the cracking. A dictionary attack is the use of a preset wordlist with multiple password combination which can be used for password corresponding.

We can't stay without admitting that the best zip file password cracker is available on PC. Yes on Mac, Windows and even Debian distribution (Kali, Ubuntu). The most famous tool for these OS is John The Ripper and it works well in cracking zip passwords. It is preinstalled on Kali Linux and will require a setup to be installed to work on Windows PC (7/8/10/11).

That said, coming to the purpose of this guide, I will share with you the best zip file password cracker tools that you can use to unlock your password protected ZIP files without complications. Though some are paid tools, you should understand that for best results, you will need to use the best tools and those best tools are the paid ones. However, if you want a free zip file password cracker tool, then you can use John The Ripper of which we will provide the steps to follow to crack zip files using John The Ripper.

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Table of Contents

What is a ZIP File Password Cracker and How Does it Works?

A Zip file password cracker is a tool or software that is used to recover forgotten or lost zip file passwords of password protected archived files. 

These password recovery tool works by determining the hash type used in encrypting the file, pulling out the encrypted form of the password and uses a series of algorithm in unlocking the file.

The choice of a zip file password recovery tool is very important since some tools may come incomplete and can even lead to the total destruction of the targeted file.

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Benefits of Using Zip File Password Cracker

The main benefit of using a zip file password cracker or unlocker tool is to recover your lost or forgotten archive password.

But that doesn't just end there. Some zip password recovery tools will help you better manage your passwords and even recover some zip files that might be corrupted.

That is why the choice of a zip password cracker tool is very important.

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Top 6 Best Zip File Password Cracker/Unlocker Tools

When choosing a zip file password cracker tool, you will need to pay attention to many features and aspects the tool has to offer such as User-Friendly Interface, Lightweight, support for all zip files, support for all operating systems and many more.

Basing ourselves on all of these, we have come out with the best zip file password cracker tools that you can use to crack the password of any zip protected archive file. Some of these zip file password cracker tools are completely free to use and some are both paid and free.

The best Zip Password cracker/unlocker tools include;

  1. PassFab for Zip.
  2. Ultimate ZIP Cracker.
  3. iSunshare ZIP Password Genius.
  4. Passper for ZIP.
  5. KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery.
  6. ZIP Password Cracker Pro.

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1. PassFab for ZIP (Paid)

This is definitely the best zip file password cracker tool you can find on the market right now. Based on its numerous reviews, PassFab for Zip wins the first position as it qualifies for all the required eligible requirements: - effectiveness, speed, compatibility, affordability, and user-interface. 

No matter your the software used to create the Zip file, unlike other tools that won't work for some ZIP files, PassFab for Zip will get rid of the password for you. Its focus on Zip files makes it an ideal best password recovery and remover tool you can use to crack your zip file password easily.

Advantages of Using PassFab for ZIP

  • Instantly recover your lost password in encrypted ZIP/WinZIP/7ZIP/PKZIP archive, no matter what types of characters or symbols your ZIP password contains.
  • 3 password attack types using the latest decryption algorithm, making password recovery easier and faster than ever before.
  • Support to recover password for all kinds of encrypted ZIP/WinZIP/7ZIP/PKZIP archives.

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Disadvantages of Using PassFab for Zip

  • It is a completely paid tool and you will need to purchase before use. However, you can get free trial for the tool.

How to use PassFab for ZIP to Crack Zip File Password

  1. Download and install PassFab for ZIP, then import the ZIP file into the application by clicking the "Add" button.
  2. When you successfully import the archive, the next step is to choose an attack mode. PassFab for ZIP comes with the following types of password attacks:
    1. Brute Force Attack: This mode attempts all the possible key combinations to figure out the password. It is effective, but it takes time.
    2. Dictionary Attack: This attack mode tries the ZIP against all the words in its inbuilt dictionary. You can add more words to this dictionary.
    3. Brute Force with Mask Attack: It is a form of brute force attack that you use when you know some details about the password. It could be the length or the first character. It creates every possible password combination with the details.
  3. After you must have selected the recovery type, click "Start" to start the ZIP password recovery process. Allow the program to run for a few minutes, and then the password will be made available. Close PassFab for ZIP and unlock Zip file using the recovered password.

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2. Ultimate ZIP Cracker (Paid)

Ultimate ZIP Cracker is definitely one of the best tools to recover forgotten zip passwords. Not only you will recover zip file passwords with this tool, but you will also recover forgotten passwords of file with Word and Excel formats.

Ultimate Zip Cracker is a very easy to use zip file password cracker tool and its main interface lets you browse and select the file that you want to crack.

Proceeding with the next step will allow you to select the encryption type. Then, you can pick the type of recovery method. The methods available are brief scan, brute-force attack, dictionary attack, phonetic attack, date search, free type validation, and customized search.

This zip file password cracker and recovery tool has both a free and paid version and depending on the version you use, you will have access to a certain amount of features. 

The paid version of this software is $56 and we believe someway somewhat, it is worth its services.

Advantages of Using Ultimate Zip Cracker

  • One of the best things about the password recovery tool is that its supports for not only ZIP but also Word and Excel file formats.
  • Also, since the application uses many methods of cracking the password, there is a higher chance that the recovery process is successful.

Disadvantages of Using Ultimate Zip Cracker

  • One of the drawbacks of the program is the limitation of the free version. The length of the password that the program can recover is limited up to five characters only. You need to pay USD 59.00 to upgrade to the full version.
  • Plus, the process of recovering the password takes too much time.
  • The software works only on Windows XP, Vista, 7

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3. iSunshare ZIP Password Genius (Paid)

Considered as many as the best zip password recovery tool, this tool can recover zip file password created with any software including WinZip and PKZip archivers. iSunshare Zip Password Genius is not considered as one of the best password recovery tool for many by its cracking features only but also, due to its moderate pricing despite the features the tool offers.

This tool uses 4 recovery modes to recover the lost passwords which makes it very efficient with a higher success rate.

Unlike the Ultimate Zip Cracker tool listed ahead, it is widely distributed on Windows OS and supports previous versions of Windows. Its pricing beats its competitors equally as it goes at $19.95 USD.

Advantages of Using iSunshare Zip Password Genius

  • Has a very easy to use and user-friendly interface and can be manipulated by every users including beginners.
  • It supports multiple archive formats, such as ZIP, 7ZIP, and WinZIP.
  • It can crack passwords of all complexities.
  • The technical support is free, even for users on the trial version.
  • It allows you to pause/resume ZIP password recovery operations.
  • It is compatible with all Windows OS versions.

Disadvantages of Using iSunshare Zip Password Genius

  • Using the free version limits you to many features, so to enjoy the software to the fullest, you should consider purchasing it.

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4. Passper for ZIP (Paid)

Passper for ZIP is another great and effective zip file password cracker tool and it deserves its place in our lineups for the best password recovery tool. What's amazing with this tool is its fastness in cracking password protected zip files effectively without lagging phases.

The cracking process is in 3 steps and on every step, there is a set of instruction that guide you through the process to follow to be successful.

Passper for Zip has 4 powerful password attack modes: Dictionary Attack, Combination Attack, Mask Attack and Brute-Force Attack which increase the success rate of every password recovery process.

In addition, it has a wide support for all the current Windows OS. (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista).

Advantages of Using Passper for ZIP

  • Very fast and efficient recovery algorithm
  • It has 4 password recovery types
  • It sports a powerful GPU & CPU acceleration algorithm.
  • This Zip file password cracker also decrypts AES encrypted archives, despite the complexity of its password.
  • Passper for ZIP is versatile and will recover passwords of any protected archive thrown at it no matter what program it was made with.

Disadvantages of Using Passper for ZIP

  • Cannot unlock 7Zip files
  • Relatively expensive and I recommend you get better paid alternatives above.

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5. KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery (Free)

KRyLack Free ZIP Password Recovery is without doubt one of the best zip file password cracker tool that you can find out there in the market and it has a set of all what is need to unlock Zip file password. The exciting part in all of this is, the software is completely free to use and you won't have to pay a penny for upgrade or something else.

However, this zip file password cracker tool has a dummy user interface and can be complicated for a newbie since it requires a set of options and tweaking to be made before it can start the cracking process. But it doesn't mean it is complicated to use.

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The main interface of the program lets you select a ZIP file from your PC. Then, you can select which character set you to think the password contains. This character set includes Latin, capital Latin, spaces, digits, and symbols. This accelerates the recovery of the password.

Advantages of Using KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery

  • Completely free to use
  • It can recover encrypted archives in several formats, such as PKZIP, ZIP, and WinZIP.
  • Can unlock and recover AES encrypted archives.
  • It works with 3 attack modes, namely, brute-force, dictionary, and brute-force with mask attacks.
  • Autosave and resume features are available on this WinZip password cracker.
  • After the cracking process is done, the password will be displayed in a whole and not part of it.

Disadvantages of Using KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery

  • Slow in recovering zip file passwords
  • Outdates User Interface.

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6. ZIP Password Cracker Pro (Free)

ZIP Password Cracker Pro is another software that helps you in your password recovery for zip files. It has all what a cracker can have to recover zip files and just as KRyLack, it is a completely freeware and can be used freely without limits.

It has a dummy user interface and its efficiency in password recovery for encrypted zip files isn't that efficient as the others but it sticks to the eligibility.

The interface has three main tabs: "Brute-force Password Cracking", "Password is Partly Known", and "Password List and Text". The first tab enables you to select different character sets like uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and other keyboard characters to accelerate the process. It also lets you input a password length range. For the next tab, if you know some characters of the password you can input them there for faster searching. The last tab shows the list of passwords.

Advantages of using ZIP Password Cracker Pro

  • It is completely free so all the features are available without the need to pay any amount. It also contains a lot of powerful password generation features.
  • Moreover, the recovery software saves the restart information in case you accidentally turn off your computer or your computer crashes. This unique feature allows you to proceed where you left off.

Disadvantages of Using ZIP Password Cracker Pro

  • Slow in recovering zip file passwords
  • Outdates User Interface.

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Zip File Password Cracker for Android

Though some sources might say otherwise, there's no known safe Android app that allow users crack passwords on their mobile device — some you might find on the internet might have a malware that would just steal information from your mobile device.

However, you can clone a Github zip cracking tool on Termux and crack passwords from the terminal on your Android device.

Are There ZIP Password Unlocker Online Free?

Yes, there are a couple of Zip password unlocker tools online that you can use to unlock your Zip file for free, some of which include;

  • Lostmypass.com
  • Groupdocs.app
  • Aspose.app
  • dcoode.fr
  • password-online.com

Is There a Large Zip File Password Cracker Online?

The size of a Zip file can tell whether the Zip file can be cracked or not; — a large Zip file's password has a compiled and large hash size which might create chunks on the tool and result to freezing.

In most cases, the hash of large Zip files can't even be gotten because it's too long.

I'd suggest buying a paid tool and doing the task there — however, consider reading customer reviews before purchasing a tool.

How To Unlock ZIP File Without Password Using John The Ripper

We have talked on the best zip password cracker tools in the market. Though John The Ripper wasn't mentioned among them, it remains however, one of the best zip file password cracker tool for windows, MacOS and even Linux distributions. It can even crack rar and 7zip password protected files.

It is not hard to crack zip passwords using John The Ripper but the only drawback in it is the time it can take to decrypt the password on the file. Depending on the hash type, it might take an eternity.

MD5 hashes which is a very tough encryption format can be almost impossible to crack.

We will start by getting the hashes of the encrypted password protected file and then extract the password from the hash. Depending on the password strength, this final step might take longer.

Step 1: Downloading John the Ripper

  1. Go to Openwall and Download the Jumbo version of John The Ripper.
    how to crack zip file password with john the ripper
  2. Make sure you download the 7z format from the website. It is very important because if you download the zip format, you will get an error during the extraction.
  3. After you must of downloaded the file, extract its contents.

Step 2: Setting Up Basics

  1. Copy the password protected Zip file into the john folder you extracted.
  2. Search CMD from your Windows search box and open it.
  3. Now you will need to access the john folder from cmd. To do that, you need to change the directory to that of John. You can do this by entering cd desktop/john. However, it will depend on the directory where your john folder is located.
  4. Now enter "run" in the terminal.

Step 3: Extracting the Hashes

  1. To obtain the hashes for the locked zip file, enter "zip2john lockedfilename.zip > hashes" Replace the lockedfilename with the name of your password protected file.
  2. The hashes should be extracted within some seconds.

Step 4: Cracking the Hashes

  1. To crack the hashes and obtain the password phrase, enter "john --format=zip hashes".
  2. The password will be displayed within some laps of time depending on the password strength.

Step 5: Unlock your Zip File

Once the hashes have been cracked and decrypted, you will be shown the password that was used in creating the file. You can then use this password to unlock your zip file and access its contents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I crack zip file password?

Yes, you can crack Zip file password using tools or directly online. However, the password strength will determine whether the file can be cracked or not.

What do I do if I forgot my zip password?

You can simply use some tools to crack the password. If you know the password hash, then you can use John The Ripper for the task yourself. Keep in mind that the password cracking might take sometime depending on the password strength.

Can hackers crack any password?

Yes, even if you avoid using personal details in your password, a hacker can crack it. Often people will reuse passwords across multiple sites. Hackers will search for data stolen in previous data breaches to see if your credentials have been leaked before

Final Thoughts on Best ZIP File Password Cracker Tools and How to Crack Zip Files with John the Ripper

We have seen the best zip file password cracker tools in the market. We have mentioned 4 paid tools that have the qualities to get rid of forgotten zip passwords. We also considered some completely free to use tools that you can use to crack zip passwords.

When choosing the best zip file password cracker tools, you will have to consider the attack types of each tool and how it can be beneficial in your password recovery. Pricing is also an important aspect since each person can afford according to his/her pockets. 

There are also many zip password unlocker online that are free to use but however, they aren't recommended since the can be incomplete and some are just there to deceive visitors and you might get scammed in the process. However, they aren't that efficient.

You can also find some zip file password cracker apk that can be used to crack zip file password on android and depending on the app, you can unlock only some specific files and it isn't that efficient as it is on PC.

John the Ripper is another excellent tool you can use to crack zip file password freely on your PC.

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