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How to Get Money Off an Expired Debit Card [3 Easy Ways]

Can you withdraw money from an expired debit card? This article compiles the best ways to get money off an expired debit card.
get money off an expired debit card

You got money! The sad thing is, the money is found in an expired debit card and you really need the cash found in the card, then, knowing how to get money off an expired debit card can be of help in such situations. 

Debit cards are those cards that are connected to a bank account and that let us use use our funds found in our bank account conveniently. Debit cards also known as ATM cards can be used at ATM points to withdraw cash from our account. You can also use an ATM to transfer money from a debit card to another bank account.

Debit cards can be Prepaid debit cards which can be used for international shopping. These prepaid debit cards are ideal for shopping online without hassle.

However, the enjoyment you get from a debit card ends when the card expires. When your debit card expires, you are practically left without a means to access funds from your account at an ATM and to carry out various transactions such as managing subscriptions, paying bills etc.

An expired debit card may result to many situations, this is what happens when your debit card expires.

To avoid facing such situations, you need to anticipate your card expiry date by renewing your debit card before it expires. You will not want to have a bank account without debit card because having a bank without debit card can be frustrating and slow your financial activities.

If you are already caught up in the situation, your debit card just expired, and you had funds in the expired debit card, fear not, your money is still there. A debit card cannot store funds on its own and as such, it is always linked to a bank account which it uses as a funding source. This bank account holds all the money found on your debit card.

Knowing this makes it even much easier to get money off an expired debit card.

To get money off an expired debit card, you can either transfer the funds in the account to another account or request for a replacement card. You can also visit a nearby bank branch and request to withdraw money from your expired debit card.

Too hard to capture the key points? Don't worry, just continue reading to get a detailed procedure of each method.

That said, in this article, I will show you how to get money off an expired debit card without hassle.

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What is an Expired Debit Card?

An expired debit card is a card that has reached the end of its validity period and can no longer be used to make purchases. The purchase will very certainly be denied if you try to use an expired card. The card usually expires on the final day of the month and is no longer usable beyond that date.

Will A Debit Card Work If It’s Expired?

If you've ever tried to use an expired debit card, you're familiar with the sinking feeling that comes with having your card denied. This is due to the fact that expired debit cards cannot be used to make any purchases.

Furthermore, if you have any automated payments set up with your expired debit card, you will most likely receive an email notification that your card has been refused. I'll go into more detail about this later, but for now, just know that expired debit cards will not work.

Why Do Debit Cards Expire?

Simply explained, debit cards expire and must be renewed every few years to protect against fraud.

To begin with, the expiration date is just another item a customer must produce to show they are the card's owner. It's not enough for a consumer to know the card number; they must also know the card's name, expiration date, and CVV number. The expiration date is simply one element of the puzzle that adds to the card's security.

Card readers and debit cards must also keep up with the rapid progress of technology these days.

When you renew your card every few years, the issuer is able to provide you with a more secure and up-to-date card.

For example, I recall a time when debit cards in the United States were swipe-only. Chip readers weren't really a thing back then. However, as debit cards across the country began to expire, people began to acquire more secure cards with embedded chips. A debit card without a chip is now extremely rare.

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What to Do When Your Debit Card Expires?

If your debit card expires and your bank does not immediately issue a new one, request one. Check your address or mail to ensure that your debit card does not end up in the wrong hands.

Any online service you use to change your debit card will also notify you. Future transactions and renewals will be rejected if the old debit card information is not updated.

Do not attempt to withdraw money with an expired debit card. Forgery on your account may result in a penalty from the bank. In rare situations, your account may get overdrawn, forcing you to pay a hefty fee. Furthermore, repeatedly returning an expired card might result in your bank account being blocked.

Can I Withdraw Money With an Expired Debit Card?

No, an expired debit card cannot be used to withdraw funds. If you want to withdraw money, you'll need to get a new debit card if your old one has expired. This is an essential security feature, because you can't do anything with an expired debit card.

3 Ways to Get Money Off an Expired Debit Card

Getting money off an expired debit card can be very useful when your card just expired without you knowing. This happens to many users every year. The best thing is, your funds are still there and available directly in your bank account (if the debit card was linked to an active bank account).

If you find yourself in this situation, here are 3 ways to get money off an expired debit card:

1. Transfer the Money to Another Account

Transferring money from a bank account to another is a great way of getting money off an expired debit card. Debit cards are linked to bank accounts which they use as funding source for all their transaction. A traditional debit card unlike a credit or prepaid card can not work without a bank account.

To get money off an expired debit card, all you need to do is to transfer the money found in your account to another bank account and ask for physical cash from the beneficiary. This should be even easier if you live with a friend or relative that has a bank account. This is a great way of transferring money from debit card to another debit card.

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2. Visit a Nearby Bank Branch to Withdraw the Money

Another great way to get money off an expired debit card is by going to a nearby bank branch and requesting for a withdrawal from your expired card. This shouldn't be much hassle if you have the info required by the bank to withdraw the funds. You might be asked to provide your Identity Documents and card PIN to show you're the owner of the account.

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3. Request a New/Replacement Card

Requesting a replacement card for your expired debit card is another way to get money off your expired debit card. Once your new card will be delivered to you, you will need to activate it before using it. The card will come already linked to your bank account so your funds will be available for withdrawal once you activate the card. You can then head to an ATM and get money off the debit card without hassle.

If you request a new card while your old debit card is still functional, upon activation of the new card, the old card will be deactivated and the only option you will have will be to throw it away.

This process can be slower than the others but, is also a reliable way to get money off an expired debit card.

Can You Transfer Money from an Expired Debit Card?

An expired debit card is considered as unusable and as a results, you cannot transfer money from it directly especially from an ATM.

 However, you can also transfer money from an expired debit card by using the bank linked to it to send the funds to another account. You can do this without hassle if your bank has an online platform.

Final Thoughts On How to Get Money Off an Expired Debit Card

Debit cards let you withdraw funds from your bank account without hassle either at ATM or online (when shopping). However, the card becomes useless once it expires. You cannot get withdraw money from an expired debit card. You will need to request a new one in order to withdraw funds from your account at an ATM.

Transferring money to another account and withdrawing at a bank branch are other excellent ways to get money off an expired debit card.

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