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Best Virtual Prepaid Cards for International Shoppers

This article compiles the best virtual prepaid cards providers that you can use as an international shopper for online shopping.
virtual prepaid cards for international shoppers

If you are someone that frequently shop online, then you must be familiar with virtual prepaid cards. A virtual card that is accepted everywhere online is the best every international shopper can be contented of.

With virtual card providers increasing in numbers every year, it can be really difficult to get the best providers. However, here are the best virtual credit/debit card providers in the USA and best virtual cards in the UK.

Unlike with physical credit cards, a bank account isn't necessary to get a virtual credit cards since we have many virtual credit card providers without bank account.

Mobile platforms are gaining increasing users every year, which is why, you can now get your virtual card directly on your mobile device without having to visit a web browser. As a showcase, here are some instant virtual card provider apps with no deposit required.

PayPal is the world-leading payment gateway. It is secured and PayPal payments are accepted worldwide. Having a virtual card that can be linked to PayPal and other mobile wallets is even the best you can go in for. However, to complete PayPal payments, you will need to create a verified PayPal account.

To complete your PayPal verification, you will need a virtual credit card or virtual bank account for PayPal verification. Once you've gotten your PayPal account set, you can proceed by applying for a PayPal virtual card also known as a PayPal key which is linked to your account main balance and can be used securely across any website.

However, if you want to take off with more advantages when shopping, online bank accounts with instant virtual debit cards are equally an option. In the case where PayPal isn't accepted, you can always use your free virtual debit card linked to your online bank account to complete the purchase.

In recent years, the concept of online shopping has grown exponentially, and it has become a vital aspect of the worldwide economy. However, many people are still unable to shop online because of geographical restrictions. Many customers, for example, are unable to purchase things from specific websites because the site's delivery services do not support their nation, or their bank does not yet allow online payments.

In the digital economy, virtual debit cards and virtual prepaid cards are quickly becoming a requirement. 

However, the internet is not that safe. Scam virtual debit card companies like Cliffscard and Safepay are among the many threats on the internet. This is why you need to be aware of the best virtual card providers.

That said, in this article, I will share with you the best virtual prepaid cards providers that you can use as an international shopper for online shopping on any website in the world.

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How Do Virtual Prepaid Cards Work?

virtual prepaid card providers issue virtual cards which are accepted worldwide. However, y ou must go through a verification process after signing up for these services.

Verification is not difficult or time consuming, especially if you have your scanner nearby. They will want various documents to confirm whether you are a registered citizen with a genuine residence address, phone number, and bank account that is free of fraudulent activities.

You will be free to use your own money using their virtual debit cards once the paperwork have been validated. How? Simply add your funds via one of their approved top-up methods, such as local bank transfer, local credit/debit card, or PayPal, and then wait for the money to arrive.

10 Best Virtual Prepaid Credit/Debit Cards for International Shoppers

Now we all know how virtual prepaid cards work, lets see the best virtual prepaid cards for international shopping:

1. US Unlocked Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

US Unlocked is not only one of the best virtual card providers in the USA, but also, it is also the best option you can have to get virtual prepaid cards for international shopping. However, their cards are specifically designed to shop in US stores.

Merchant specific and one-time use virtual cards are available. Merchant-specific cards are linked to the first store they are used in in the United States. The one-time use cards, on the other hand, are extremely secure because they close two minutes after the initial usage. These are appropriate for websites where you don't intend to shop again and/or where the security of your purchase is a worry.

How Does US Unlocked Works?

US Unlocked will require  some basic information from you, as well as a US mailing address from one of their affiliated services. The majority of these can be found here. The next step is to fund your account and pay the $15 account activation fee.

There is also a cost for loading your account. (Local) bank transfers, ACH, Ideal, Sofort, Yandex, Boleto, WeChat Pay, and Alipay are all options for funding your US Unlocked account. A $3.5 monthly account maintenance fee (if you have a balance) and a $0.5 per transaction fee are also charged.

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2. Skrill Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

Skrill is a well-known payment gateway powered by Paysafe which is mostly used by freelancers and website owners to accept payment through their websites. Once you have a Skrill account, all you need to receive a prepaid virtual MasterCard is to be a European resident. Skrill enables you to shop online, pay bills, receive and send money, and buy cryptocurrency.

Skrill's virtual prepaid MasterCard is accepted all around the world, so you can use your money anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It can be used with a variety of currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, and PLN. You can use your Skrill card as long as your account balance is good.

If you already have a Skrill account, you can acquire the card in a matter of minutes. The first virtual card is free, however there is a €2.5 cost after that. There is no yearly service charge.

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3. PayPal Key - The Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

PayPal Key is a virtual card that lets you use your PayPal account anywhere that accepts credit cards. PayPal Key can be used as a virtual card at any online merchant that accepts Mastercard payments, even if there isn't a PayPal button.

Because PayPal Key isn't a brand-new credit card, there's no need to fill out a long application or undergo a credit check. You also won't have to pay any setup or usage fees*. PayPal Key is a more flexible version of PayPal Wallet.

Cross-border and cross-currency transactions are subject to a foreign transaction fee. Merchants or other entities other than PayPal may levy usage fees.

At this time, PayPal Key is only available to residents of the United States. Consumers in the United States can use it at any online merchant in the United States, as well as worldwide to shop internationally, assuming the business accepts MasterCard.

However, to be qualified for this PayPal key, you need to be in possession of a verified USA PayPal account. Hopefully, here are some guides to verify your PayPal account. Once your account set, you can then follow this PayPal key setup link to setup your PayPal virtual card and start shopping securely right away. Most importantly, here are 6 things to keep in mind concerning this PayPal key.

Here is how PayPal Key Virtual Card Works

  • Choose a payment method from your PayPal Wallet
  • Receive a secure PayPal Key with its own virtual card number, expiration date and security code
  • Save the PayPal Key to your browser for faster checkout or use it as you would any card online
  • Take PayPal Key anywhere you shop online

You can use your PayPal Key to:

  • Shop at any U.S. and non-U.S. merchant that accepts Mastercard
  • Buy over the phone (just give the merchant your virtual card number, expiration date and security code)
  • Earn points in the same way you would with any card in your account
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4. Ezzocard Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

EzzoCard is unique among the cards on this list because it is also a virtual visa gift card that can be used internationally. These are issued worldwide and come in two currencies: USD and CAD. You can pay for an EzzoCard using cryptocurrencies, PerfectMoney, Webmoney, and other anonymous payment methods with no verification checks.

The issued USD card can be used for a period of 6 (Green card) to 12 months (Blue card). Before using the card, all you have to do is register it for the first time. Following that, you can use it anywhere on the internet. To use a different address, you must change the address using your card number and pin.

All of their virtual cards are AVS-compatible and can be used with any US or international address. Because Canadian cards can only be used in Canada, please be sure to include a legitimate billing address.

Purchasing a card can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the method you use. On their website, under the section How To Pay, you may find information on the various methods of payment. The Virtual Visa Card cannot be loaded, but it can be repurchased in various denominations.

You can use your EzzoCard as a virtual visa gift card if you want to share or offer some funds to your relatives or friends. It simplifies shopping by allowing you to use the card at any website, online retailer, or web store that accepts prepaid cards. The EzzoCard can also be used for PayPal verification. This virtual card is can be used anywhere Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted.

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5. Payoneer Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

Payoneer offers a free prepaid virtual bank account with MasterCard that can be used to pay money to thousands of websites as a virtual credit card. Register for a Payoneer account on the official website. After waiting for verification, you will be able to use this service.

Only a few Payoneer bulk payout firms accept the Payoneer Virtual Card. To see if your Payoneer mass payout company offers this service, log in to your account and see if the "Payoneer Virtual Card" option is available as a payment method.

You can apply for a Payoneer US virtual bank account from anywhere in the world, by providing the requirements to open an account.

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6. Blur Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

Blur, also known as Masked Card, is an Abine payment option.

They allow you to create a virtual card that you may use for personal purchases. It presently only provides these services to citizens of the United States and exclusively through US merchants and online businesses. They use AVS to authenticate cards, therefore this service may be rolled out to more nations soon.

To use Blur, all you have to do is fill out an online form with the necessary information. They've made it easy for you by not giving any personal information while purchasing online, as privacy is one of our top worries.

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7. Leopay Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

The primary difference between LeoPay and the other services on this list is its 'cards,' which are powered by iCard Services AD. That's correct, cards – plural! When you sign up for a LeoPay, you'll have to go through the standard KYC process, which is very basic and quick (at least in my case), and then you'll get two cards for free!

This is a great way to get verified because the VISA cards will need to be delivered to your address. You can have multiple names (perhaps for family members) and different currencies. You can open a LeoPay account in any of the ten available currencies. Unfortunately, LeoPay is only available to residents of the European Union.

They don't have virtual prepaid cards, but they do have conventional VISA cards with a chip that can be used. Each LeoPay account may hold up to five cards, making it an ideal solution for the whole family. The LeoPay website and/or mobile app (iOS/Android) can be used to adjust access to each card. Locking cards, enabling/disabling POS, ATM, and internet transactions are all options. You can also set spending restrictions and receive transaction notifications via SMS or email.

Using LeoPay to make purchases, whether online or in stores, is simple and stress-free. Uploading money to a LeoPay card or account is free for EU residents and 2% for everyone else.

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8. Visa Virtual Prepaid Card for International Shoppers

It's sometimes preferable to work with one of the industry's titans. Visa has a lengthy history in the credit industry, therefore they know how to create a reliable and safe product. It functions similarly to any other virtual debit card or Visa product. The major disadvantage is that it necessitates an RBC bank account, which may be a problem for international users. If you live in Canada, though, this is almost certainly the most sensible alternative.

If you're having difficulties with your address or phone number, I recommend getting a package forwarding address for that country and submitting it at the checkout.

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9. American Express Go Virtual Card for International Shoppers

You can register and create a user profile and virtual Card via the American Express Gcash Virtual pay card gateway, with the option to mail a physical Card. Banking services that can assist you in effortlessly creating prepaid and virtual credit cards. You can pay money to host websites, online retail companies, and other international websites using American Express virtual payment.

To get started, download the app once you've been invited to a company's American Express Go program. You'll be able to use your virtual card for on-the-go business purchases anywhere American Express is accepted (Foreign transaction fees apply). You can also save the virtual Card and use it again at a later time.

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10. Citibank Virtual Card for International Shoppers

Citibank lets you generate a random virtual card number to use while shopping online on any website in the world. You can use a randomly generated Citi card Virtual Account Number instead of your real account number while shopping online or via mail order.

All purchases made with your virtual card will appear alongside your other transactions on your monthly bill, along with the Virtual Account Number used for each transaction.

Not all Citi cards come with the Virtual Account Numbers feature. If you have a Citi card, you may log in or register for Card Advantages to see the benefits for your individual card.

Citi provides a limited-function virtual credit card. A virtual number is given to the cardholder, but it can only be used for online purchases. Furthermore, one number is only good for a single merchant.

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How to Get a Free Instant Virtual Debit Card Online

Virtual debit cards are one of the most popular brands of virtual cards as they are used for online purchases. In Nigeria, virtual dollar cards replace these virtual debit cards as their main currency is in USD. Nowadays, we find many virtual debit cards providers that offer instant virtual debit card online for free.

If you reside in Australia, then these instant virtual debit card providers in Australia might be of great help for you.

Final Thoughts on Best Virtual Prepaid Credit/Debit Card Providers for International Shoppers

Using a virtual prepaid debit card from an reputable credit card number service can be a great kickoff point. This way, the card you will get can be used for purchasing not only in US online shops but also in international shops online anywhere on the web.

We all know mobile wallets are becoming the best and most convenient payment methods these days. Which is why a virtual card which can be linked to a mobile wallet such as PayPal is the ideal choice. PayPal offer a more secure method of sending and receiving payments online. In addition, you can get eligible for a PayPal key if you own a Verified US PayPal account.

That's all folks, those were our 10 best virtual prepaid cards providers for international shopping. You got something to add? Just comment it below.

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