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Best Instant Virtual Debit Card Providers in Australia

This article compiles the best instant virtual debit card providers in Australia for residents, non-residents, expats and foreigners
instant virtual debit card australia

Looking for an instant virtual debit card in Australia? It obvious because Australia is a great country with amazing cultures and probably the most interesting area in the Oceania. Many foreigners and expats often travel to Australia and have rated the country as an interesting place to be.

Asides from its cultures and topography, Australia makes it easy to manage finances within the territory. Most Australian banks make it very easy for foreigners and expats to open a bank account in the country as non residents and hence, making it easy to get bank cards in the country to withdraw cash and eases financial managements.

Though most banks in Australia offer the most of financial services, there are only few that offer virtual debit cards in the country.

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Some of the best financial institutions such as Revolut, Wise, are registered in Australia and are authorized to perform virtual activities within the country — meaning, you can use these virtual card providers to get an instant virtual debit card in Australia.

In that faith, we have compiled the best instant virtual debit card providers in Australia which will help you get an instant virtual card in the country to facilitate your transactions and purchases within and outside the country.

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What is a Virtual Debit Card and How Does it Works?

A virtual debit card also known as a digital debit card is a bank card that works same as a physical debit card but differ in appearance. A virtual card is in a digital form and can be accessed only on mobile device meanwhile a physical card is a plastic card which can be held in hand.

A virtual debit card can be used for secure online transactions since it lets you control the way your card spends and keeps your real card info safe from the hands of malicious sites.

You have full control over a virtual card as you can freeze, or delete the card if you think it has been accessed by an unknown user without even visiting a bank branch.

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Benefits of Using Virtual Debit Cards

Virtual debit cards offer many advantages over physical card which make them convenient to use at any online merchant or store. They let you manage subscriptions, set spending limits and much more. Below are some of the advantages you get when using virtual debit cards.

1. Convenience

Virtual cards are convenient to use than physical cards. They help you make quick payments directly form your phone without having to use your local bank card. You won't ever search for a misplaced virtual debit card because it is in your phone unlike physical cards that can be either misplaced or stolen.

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2. Fraud Protection

Virtual cards keep your personal information safe and private during your transactions online. Virtual debit cards tokenizes the transaction data, encrypting your account numbers and creating a randomized sequence — or token — that will be used for one-time payments. This sequence is repeated for all other transactions to keep your personally identifiable information (PII) safe and secure.

3. Spending Controls

Virtual cards let you set a spending limit to your card by limiting the amount you can spend every month and thus, saving extra money. This feature can be really important for companies who want to set a spending limit on a card for their employees to use the company's fund wisely. It also keeps your account safe it your virtual card details falls into the hands of hackers or phishing sites.

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4. Subscription Management

Many virtual card providers such as Revolut, Privacy.com and many more let you manage your subscriptions for each service. You can block your card from being charged after a free trial which helps you safe extra cash. This can also help you keep your funds safe from companies that supercharge customers. 

Best Instant Virtual Debit Card Providers in Australia

There are many card providers in Australia but only few are international virtual debit card providers in the country. The essence of getting an international virtual debit card in Australia is to let you easily spend cash in different currencies other than the Australian Dollar (AUD).

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Here are some of the best instant virtual debit card providers in Australia:

1. Revolut Instant Virtual Debit Card in Australia

Revolut is undoubtably one of the best if not the best instant virtual debit card provider in Australia. It doesn't only focuses in Australia as it is a London-based digital bank. It is one of the best providers that offer instant virtual debit card in few minutes.

Revolut has been rated for its top-notched virtual banking services as it lets you hold a digital bank in most European countries and with a virtual debit card linked to it to ease your spending online.

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The great news is Revolut fully launched in Australia in August 2020. They have an Australian Financial Services Licence under a different bank, and are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Australians can get the most out of Revolut services including the virtual debit cards.

Here's how to order and get an instant virtual debit card on Revolut:

  • Go to the "Cards" tab in the app
  • Select "Add card"
  • Select "Virtual debit card" and complete your order

The virtual card will appear instantly your account and you can immediately start using the card for online purchases without any further activation. Note that you will not receive a physical copy of this card.

To view the details of the virtual card (card number, CVV, expiration date) — you must find the card in  the "Card" section and click on the "eye" icon visible in the upper left corner of the card — select whether you want to check the map or copy the details. You will need to authorize this action by providing the password to the application.

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2. Wise Instant Virtual Debit Card in Australia

Formally known as Transferwise, Wise borderless is one of the best options you have to get an instant virtual debit card in Australia. With a Wise borderless account, you will get a virtual debit card linked to it which you can use for multi-currency transactions worldwide. Wise also offer a physical debit card that you can use to withdraw money from the ATMs around the world including Australia.

Wise offers a virtual debit card called the "Wise digital card" which lets you spend online, in e-shops and abroad while saving extra money that would have been deducted for currency conversion.

Wise is a London-based financial technology company that has been providing banking solutions to residents of UK and countries located in EU and EEA.

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Wise offers multicurrency account which makes it ideal for expats and foreigners traveling to Australia to easy access their funds online and withdraw at the Australian local banks without hassle.

Attached to a Wise borderless account is an virtual debit card which can be gotten instantly and directly from your account.

With a wise borderless debit card, international banking is made even simple than you could think and is ideal for non residents of Australia to get banking solutions within the country.

Click here to get a Wise Multicurrency borderless account with debit card.

Click here to get a create your Wise virtual debit card.

To know more or the best instant virtual debit card providers, checkout this article. There are also best bank account with instant virtual debit card providers that you should consider checking out.

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How to Get an Instant Virtual Debit Card in Australia

With the best instant virtual debit card providers in your disposal, you will now need to make a choice on the best that suites your need. But however, it is good to pick one that works for your current status — if you are a resident, you should consult the best digital banks in Australia if they do offer digital bank cards or better still, you can use Revolut — if you are an expat or a non resident, then, pick the best virtual debit card providers for foreigners such as Revolut or Wise.

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How to Get an Instant Virtual Debit Card in Australia as a Resident

  • Go to Revolut or any digital bank
  • Assemble the paperwork required to get a virtual card
  • In Revolut, order for a card or apply for a card from the digital bank
  • Your virtual debit card will appear instantly in your account dashboard.

How to Get an Instant Virtual Debit Card in Australia as a Non Resident or Expat

  • Go Revolut or Wise
  • Signup for an account and verify the account
  • Go to cards section
  • Select virtual card
  • Order one
  • Get a your virtual card instantly in your account dashboard and start spending.

Final Thoughts on Instant Virtual Debit Cards in Australia

Australian banking system makes it easy for foreigners, non-residents and expats to open a bank account without hassle in the country. Not all these banks offer virtual debit cards and online some few online banks do offer this service.

However, Revolut and Wise which are both based in London have stood up for the show and taken the situation at hand by providing virtual debit cards that are accepted and used in Australia.

Revolut offers instant virtual debit cards that can be used by resident, non-residents, expats and foreigners of Australia. So it stands out as the best pick for this task.

Wise offers a Multicurrency borderless account which accepts and send money in multiple currencies without charging excessive fees for conversion. Wise offers a debit card which is linked to your account and can be used on ATMs in Australia. They also let you create virtual debit card to facilitate your online payments.

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