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The 10 Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards [No Deposit]

In this guide, I will show you the best online banks where you can apply for an online bank account and get an Instant virtual debit card for free.
best online bank account with instant virtual debit card

Banks are the best places where your finances can easily be handled securely and cautiously. Not only bank accounts help you easily manage your funds, but in addition, you can easily send and receive money to and from your bank account with little or no fees depending on your bank account provider.

US bank accounts are the main bank accounts everyone will want to hold. Because of the influence the US has economically over its other competitors, US bank accounts are the best bank accounts to hold. If you are in the US, then that will be an easy task for you since you just need to visit a bank branch with your SSN and identity information and open your account.

However, for non US residents, opening a US bank account as a non resident can be even more complicated than you ever thought because for some banks, even though the process can be fully online, without an SSN, you can't go about that.

That said, that doesn't mean it is impossible to open a US bank account as a non resident. There are many US bank account that allow registration for non US residents permitting them to open a bank account in the US from overseas and the process is fully made online.

That said, there are established and registered bank accounts in the US and virtual us bank account providers. You will have to choose which one suites you the best and provide all the information required from you to own a US bank account.

Be it a US real bank account or a US virtual bank account, as any other bank in other countries, there are two main types of bank accounts which are savings account and checking account.

Normally bank accounts can be opened at bank branches in your local area or if the bank has an online banking feature, you can as well open your bank account online. Since everything is mostly carried out online on mobile devices, banks are constantly improving their mobile banking platforms making it easy for their customers to manage their account online.

This mobile banking also makes it possible for new customers to discover and open their own bank account directly online following the steps required. Now we even find banks that allow customers to open online bank accounts and they get instant virtual debit cards freely which will help them easily withdraw funds from the account.

Today, there are even some providers that allow you to get free virtual debit and credit cards without bank accounts. These virtual cards can be used to verify your US PayPal account and the virtual cards are accepted on many other platforms.

Many people often rush into getting bank accounts in the hopes of getting free instant virtual credit and debit cards. There are many platforms that make that possible nowadays.

If you are located in the US, then you can checkout these best virtual credit/debit card providers in the US that provide free virtual credit and debit card instantly without lagging forms. UK residents can also checkout these best virtual credit/debit card providers in the UK that won't require a bank account.

However, you will need to follow the required procedure when opening your bank account online and get your instant debit card, providing as much accurate information as possible to help secure your account if at all something happens to it in future.

That said, the purpose of this article is to help you open an online bank account with instant virtual debit card. We will mention savings accounts as well though the most important can be checking accounts for some. I will share with you the best online bank account with instant virtual debit card.

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What is a Bank Account and Online Banking?

Before mentioning the terms on online banking, it is important we state what banking and bank account are. A bank account is a financial account maintained by a bank or other financial institution in which the financial transactions between the bank and a customer are recorded.

Online banking means managing your bank accounts with a computer or mobile device. This includes transferring funds, depositing checks and paying bills electronically. Traditional banks and credit unions with branches typically let customers access their accounts via the internet, too.

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4 Main Types of Bank Accounts

Be it online banking or traditional banking, the bank accounts do not differ and are same. Traditional bank accounts can be accessible online which can then refer to online banking. So online banking is just a term that defines the management of your bank account online on your smartphone or computer.

We have 4 main types of bank accounts which are:

  1. Checking Account: Checking accounts are the most common types of bank accounts since it is where your main financial activities are being carried out. This is a homebased account where your paychecks get deposited, where your bills get paid, where most of your transactions are being carried out. Checking accounts, which you can set up at a traditional or online bank, come with a debit card. It works a lot like cash. You are not required to move around with money. It can go in your checking account instead. Then when you go to the grocery store or gas station, you can swipe your debit card.
  2. Savings Account: A checking account and savings account go together like Captain America & Iron Man. They make a great team, and if you’re setting one up, you might as well set up the other, which means you can't hold one without the other. A savings account is exactly what it sounds like: a place to put your money that you want to save and that you can touch just in case of important situations. It’s a great spot for funds that you don’t need right away but want to have nearby just in case something important merges up.
  3. Money Market Deposit Account: If we were to say a checking account and a savings account are a happy couple and that they have a little baby. This sweet little money baby would be a money market account. Like a checking account, a money market account might come with a debit card, although some banks don’t offer this feature. And just as savings account, a money market account earns interest (not a lot, but usually slightly more than a savings account) while keeping your money separate from your everyday funds. This type of bank account is a good place to store your 3 to 6 month emergency fund so that it’s close if you need it but out of your everyday checking account.
  4. Certificate of Deposit (CD): A CD isn’t a throwback to compact discs as its abbreviation might define. A CD is a certificate of deposit. It’s like a savings account but a savings account where you won’t earn much and you could lose even more. Yikes! So, it’s more like a certificate of depression and it is not an account where you will like to keep your money.

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Benefits of Online Banking

Generally if you were asked, what makes your life easier and prevents you from physical stress? You should be able to answer "my smartphone". Smartphones make things easier for everyone now and many activities are being carried out on smartphones.

The same purpose has been considered by banks now which have a mobile banking platform that help their customers easily manage their bank accounts online. With mobile banking, you get all your financial affairs at your finger tips and you get to enjoy the following advantages.

  1. Online account opening: You can open a new account within minutes and from anywhere online.
  2. Enhanced security: Access to banking information protected by multiple protection layers to keep your personal data private and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Instant access 24/7: Enjoy a full range of services from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
  4. Save money: By automating your finances using the bill pay service available in online banking, you can ensure your payments are on-time.
  5. Convenience: Skip the long lines. Easily check balances on all accounts and view records of transactions from the palm of your hand.
  6. Pay bills: Save time and money with this free service. Schedule payments or set up autopay to automatically pay bills through our Online Banking and Mobile App.
  7. Automate your savings: Online banking allows you to have some of your paycheck directly deposited into your savings account or funds can be scheduled to automatically transfer from your checking to your savings.
  8. Make loan payments: Avoid late fees by scheduling all of your loan payments before the due date.
  9. Mobile deposits: Deposit personal and business checks safely, securely, and without having to visit a branch or ATM. Download our Mobile App.
  10. Transfer money between accounts: Move your cash quickly between accounts or by sending to an external account. You can set up automatic transfers to move money into a savings account or other accounts to make loan payments.
  11. Integrate with other apps: Take control of your finances with budgeting, expense and other apps that automatically track your spending and saving habits.
  12. View statements: Get immediate access to your bank statements for your tax or personal records.
  13. Monitor fraud: Set up alerts to be notified by text, email, or phone if your financial institution suspects fraudulent activity on your account.
  14. Alerts and notifications: By setting up notifications on your account, you’ll be in the know with the latest transaction and balance activity on your account.
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Top 10 Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Debit Cards

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

There are many bank account providers which allow you to open an online bank account and get an instant virtual debit card to easily manage and access your account funds. It is now even easy to get an online bank account (checking and savings account) with instant virtual debit cards and then get that delivered to your at your home address without lagging steps.

However, we have spotted the best banks that do that and paying attention to the link between checking and savings accounts that move sideways, you will get access to both accounts since one can't go without the other. Below are the best online bank account providers that will give you and instant virtual debit card upon account creation.

You might want to checkout the updated method to get a free online bank account with instant virtual debit card

1. Capital One 360 Checking Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

The Capital One 360 Checking bank account fees a $0 monthly rate while you open an account. Moreover, you could get 0.10% APY with a $0 minimum stability. Sadly, you won't get any bonus when you open the account. 

The financial institution is FDIC insured, that means that your cash can be secure even when the bank collapses. You will have access to your funds through the bank’s app that is simple to use. You could additionally get entry to the bank’s ATMs without cost.

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The contactless 360 Checking debit card is free, faster and safer than paying with cash—plus, you don’t need to touch surfaces or leave your card inserted. Just tap, pay and be on your way.

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2. Axos Bank® Rewards Checking Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

Upon opening an Axos Bank account, you will get 1.00% APY with an account balance of $0 assigned to your account. Additionally, you won't have to pay any monthly nor overdraft fees.

The financial institution is an FDIC member, and your cash is secure. You will also get limitless domestic ATM reimbursements.

Nerdwallet rates the bank account at 5 stars, and you could be sure it's going to serve you proper.

They offer 3 checking accounts types: Essential Checking, Rewards Checking, Cashback Checking with each checking type having its own advantages and features attached to opened checking accounts.

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

Low fees and ATM rebates are just the beginning. Each checking account also has standard features that make banking more simple and secure.

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3. Varo Bank Account

When we want to mention the best bank account to manage daily activities, then we must definitely mention Varo bank. As its preceding competitors above, Varo bank doesn't require you to pay for any monthly fee and you won't suffer from any hidden fees to be paid that you weren't prepared for.

However, there is no bonus gotten from Varo bank when you open an account with them and the account has no APY on its checking account.

However, it is also important to mention that you will get a free instant debit card when you open a bank account with them.

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4. Discover Bank Cashback Debit Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

Cash back isn’t just for credit cards. Cashback Debit is the online checking account with a debit card that lets you earn cash back for your spending.

You can get up-to 1% cash back on up to $3,000 in debit card purchases each month. 

And again, there are no monthly fees to be paid from you which means you won't be charged any account fee on their cashback debit account. This will help you save a lot of money for yourself.

Additionally you won't be asked to pay a penny for enjoying the features of the Discover Cashback debit account listed below:

  • Monthly maintenance
  • Withdrawals at over 60,000 ATMs nationwide
  • Replacement debit card
  • Standard checks
  • Official bank check
  • Online bill pay
  • Expedited delivery for debit card replacement
  • Expedited delivery for official bank checks
  • Deposited item returned
  • Stop payment order
  • Insufficient funds
  • Account closure
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5. nbkc bank Everything Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

The nbkc Everything Account is the do-it-all account that allows you to spend what you need and save how you want. Fewer fees and more of what you like.

Upon opening your bank account, you will get 0.15% APY with a $0 minimum balance on your funds, and you can earn substantial amounts of money. You earn more when you deposit more.

Transactions can be done online and check can equally be deposited.

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6. Bank5 Connect High-Interest Checking Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

Bank5 Connect High-Interest Checking account comes with a High Interest rate checking of up-to 0.20% APY. However, you will need a minimum balance of $100 to earn interest from your account.

You won't be charged any account monthly fees and maintenance is completely free from them.

Some Features of Bank5 High-Interest Checking Account are:

  • No Maintenance Fees – Keep what you make without monthly maintenance charges
  • Free ATMs – Access thousands of ATMs nationwide for free. Also, they’ll never charge you for using an ATM outside of their network, and you’ll be reimburse for other banks’ surcharges up to $15 per statement cycle
  • Free External Transfers – Make online transfers to and from your Bank5 Connect Checking account and your accounts at other financial institutions
  • Free Monthly eStatements – Stay on top of your account activity with eStatements delivered straight to your Online Banking account
  • Pay Bills Online – Make one-time payments, or schedule recurring payments
  • Free Checks – Your first order of basic checks is free, and you can easily order new checks through Online Banking
  • Purchase Rewards – Earn cash back at popular stores and restaurants with your Bank5 Connect Visa® Debit Card
  • Send Money to Family and Friends – Use the Pay People feature in Online Banking or in their Mobile App to transfer money to other individuals.

Additionally, you'll get a debit card that you can use for your different transactions.

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7. Ally Bank Interest Checking Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

With Ally Bank Interest Checking Account, you can use everyday to make interest. Ally bank has an Annual Percentage Yield 0.10% for accounts with Less than $15,000 minimum daily balance and 0.25% for accounts with $15,000 minimum daily balance. You will just watch how your interest grows daily without borders.

With Ally eCheck Deposit℠ you can deposit checks right from your smartphone. Just snap a photo and you’re good to go.

You won't be charged any account monthly fees for holding an account from them.

You will have access to special savings booster when you have a checking and Online Savings Account with Ally. They do this by tracking transactions they can round up to the nearest dollar, then transfer to your savings.

Additionally, you will get a debit card when you open an account with them.

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8. Nationwide Interest Checking Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

We recently mentioned Axos Bank® Rewards Checking Account above and Nationwide Interest Checking Account is just another checking account type they offer.

This account is the perfect fit for individual who want interest earnings from their checking funds. They offer competitive rates to help you gain the most value from your account.

The interest if of 0.10% APY with a $0 minimum account balance. 

Some Key Features of this Nationwide Interest Checking Account are:

  • No maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirements
  • Earn up to 0.10% APY
  • Up to six (6) domestic ATM fee reimbursements per month
  • Complimentary starter checks 1 (upon request at account opening)
  • Convenience of anytime access to your money with online banking
  • Get paid up to two days early with direct deposit
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9. TIAA Bank Yield Pledge® Checking Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

With TIAA Bank Yield Pledge® Checking Account, banking will be just like surfing on waves. You will have a guarantee high yield of up-to 0.10% Annual Percentage Yield with an account minimum balance of $100. You can only watch how your interest will be increasing in your TIAA checking account.

No monthly fees will be charged on your account and you won't have to pay ATM fees. Mobile check deposit are possible with the TIAA bank account which will make online banking even more easier for you.

And again, it is important to mention that you will get a debit card upon opening your bank account with them which will help you manage your funds even better.

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10. USAA Bank Classic Checking Account

Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards

USAA Bank Classic Checking Account are undoubtedly amongst the best online banking account since they offer so many online tools to facilitate payments and transactions online.

They have an interest rate of 0.01% APY with a minimum account balance of $1,000.

You won't have to pay any monthly service fees, regardless of how you use your USAA Bank account. You will have access to over 60,000 preferred ATMs nationwide. Plus, if you have to use another ATM, you'll be refunded up-to $15 per statement cycle.

They have a direct deposit benefit for active military which will get them paid earlier a day if you set up direct deposit.

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How to Apply and Open a Bank Account

The most important thing you will want to keep in mind when opening a bank account is to be assured of the bank and that it offers what you require from a bank.

You can choose any of the banks listed above and apply for an online bank then get a virtual debit card for free.

However, every bank has its own requirements that all its customers must have before holding an account with them. No matter the bank you choose, you will need to note that there are some information that will be required from you in order to verify your bank account account be it at a branch or online.

You will need the below information before holding a bank account online or locally:

  1. A valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or a passport: Nondrivers can get a state ID card at the Department of Motor Vehicles office.
  2. Other basic information, such as your birthdate, Social Security number or Taxpayer Identification Number, or phone number.
  3. An initial deposit is required by some banks too but not all. 
    Depending on your circumstances, you might need a few other items such as;
  4. Identification details for other applicants, if you’re opening a joint account: Because the account will be owned by multiple people, the bank will want all owners’ identification and personal information.
  5. A co-owner if you’re not yet 18. Ask a parent or legal guardian to sign legal documents with the bank.

Things to Consider When Opening a Bank Account

No matter your country, whether you are about to open a bank account locally or an online bank account (virtual) you will need to take consideration of certain aspects by imposed by the bank and proceeding with the account creation means you agree to the bank terms of services.

Some of these things to consider which can be very important and crucial to take note when opening a bank account are:

1. Determine how much money you wish to put in the account:

Some banks require a minimum starting balance, commonly in the two figure range. Bring a check or cash with you when you start your account. There may also be monthly service charges for certain accounts, depending on the tier. Student and online banking accounts tend to not have these charges. It’s also a good idea to set up a schedule for adding to your bank account. Money does very little good sitting in your pocket, and you might as well earn some interest on it if you can.

2. Beware of the fees:

In today’s economy, a lot of banks are choosing to implement more and more fees and penalties for things people used to receive for free. Take some time to read the fine print. Will you be charged for going into the bank and talking to a real person? Does the savings account have a monthly fee? Will the company reimburse you for ATM transactions, or are you expected to cover those by yourself? Ask yourself a lot of questions before applying for an account.

3. Look past the free stuff:

Many banks will try to capture your attention with promotions like “Spend $500 in your first month and get $25 free!” This can be very unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Make sure you take into consideration the bank’s conditions, limitations, and general practices. Once the promotions are over, the cool bank that tossed you a few extra bucks might not be all that great.

4. Try spotting out all nearest ATMs and branches:

This is one more important aspect. Before going in for any bank, checkout all the possible convenient ATM locations and if there are some in your area where you can easily access your funds. Also, if you have some frequent areas you visit, checkout if the bank has ATM in those areas and then apply for an account. Carrying cash these days is not as big of a deal anymore, but it’s good to have the option available.

5. Select a Bank that supports Online Banking:

Many banks today, such as Ally and some listed above offer online-only banking services. If you have direct deposit for your job and you’re pretty tech savvy, these accounts tend to come with almost no fees and can be a great way to keep as much of your money as possible. They also usually cover any ATM fees you may encounter. The caveat, of course, is the fact that they are online-only. However, if at all you encounter any problem, you won't be able to visit a branch from them since they are fully online.

6. Can quit the bank at any moment:

When choosing a bank, you should be sure that you aren't going in for a lifetime commitment and engagement with the bank. This will be important for you if you want to move to a new area or city. Moreover, there are some banks that don't stick to their promises which might force you to reconsider your choice and to quit the banking platform.

Final Thoughts on Best Online Bank Accounts With Free Instant Virtual Debit Cards

We have seen the best online bank accounts that come with instant virtual debit cards. However, upon opening your account, the debit card is issued to your account instantly and freely. For the above listed banks, you won't have to pay for any monthly fees and no hidden fees will be charged as per some banks.

However, before applying for an online bank account, it is important you consider checking the requirements by each online bank before apply, reading their terms of services and if they suite your needs, you can apply for an online bank account and get an instant virtual debit card.

Checkout the updated list of online bank account with instant virtual debit cards.

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