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6 Best Instant Virtual Credit/Debit Card Provider Apps [No Deposit - Free]

In today's article, I will show you the best Instant Virtual Credit Card Provider Apps with no deposit that you can use to get a free virtual card.
Best Instant Virtual Credit Card Provider Apps

Instant virtual credit/debit cards provider apps are the best places to grab a virtual card for your online transactions. Virtual Credit Cards are highly demanded by so many lately. Virtual Credit Cards have facilitated many things when it comes to finance online providing secure payments methods for everyone using a virtual credit card app.

Virtual credit cards have a wide range of use just as real credit cards, they can be used to purchase stuffs online, get free trial for services such as Netflix., Spotify and equally, you can get to receive payments online with your virtual credit card.

Virtual credit cards are also one of the best ways to get free trials without credit card or PayPal.

Most virtual credit card providers let you Generate an unlimited number of credit cards for free which you can use for free trials. But if you want to do an online purchase, most of this virtual credit card providers make sure that all the virtual credit cards generated from this method have been linked to a main payment source. We have covered all the variety of these virtual credit cards providers and how you can get free virtual credit cards. You can check these tricks in our Free Virtual Credit Card Library.

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It is not often easy too find a virtual credit card provider app out there that you can use to get a working free virtual credit card without paying anything nor depositing anything in the account in order to be issued a card. In today's article, I will show you the best 6 Instant Virtual Credit Card Provider Apps with no deposit that you can use to get a free virtual card.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card is a randomly generated 16-digit number associated with your actual credit card account. Your credit card provider may offer this service as a way to protect against fraud whenever you shop without presenting your physical credit card.

Most virtual credit cards can be issued instantly without any verification process or steps. You get the card instantly. Some other virtual credit card providers will require you to provide some information and at times a payment source before they can issue you a virtual credit card.

Most of the time people often search for Virtual Credit Card for Netflix or Virtual Credit Card for PayPal Verification. You can find a solution to this queries below.

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Are you looking for a direct method on how to get a free PayPal virtual credit card? Then we equally got something for you right here.

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How do Virtual Credit Cards Work?

Virtual Credit Cards work just like physical or real cards depending on their issuer. The only difference that lye between them is that you won't be able to touch a virtual card at hand. These virtual cards help protect your real card by preventing fraudulent activities on your account. Most of the time, these virtual cards are linked to a main account where a payment source has been attached to. 

Can I get a Virtual Credit Card without a Bank Account? Yes of course you can, there are many virtual credit card providers that you don't know of yet and that I have mentioned in one of our articles. You can read that below.

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6 Best Instant Virtual Credit Card Provider Apps (No Deposit)

Now we know some basics on virtual credit cards, we can now proceed to our tips on the best virtual credit card provider apps that don't require deposit.

1. Revolut

Hitting out the first on our list is Revolut is probably the most resounding name in the virtual credit card market today.

Revolut radically changes the way you perceive credit card payments since it is incredible just how many things you can do with it without strings attached.

All you need to do is to download and install their android application, register for a credit card, and just wait for a couple of business days until the actual physical card is delivered to you.

Plus, you will enjoy real-time currency conversion, crypto trading, one-tap money transfers between you and your phone contacts, and many more features to discover with Revolut.

Some advantages of using Revolut are listed below;

  • Can easily transfer money
  • You can create a budget in order not to pass your spending limit
  • Premium accounts can get a customized metallic card
  • You can monitor your expenses over a timeline
  • You get a free physical card

All you need to do in order to get a free virtual credit card with Revolut is to download their mobile app and get your free virtual card without stressing. You can download the app from the link provided below.

2. Payooner

The next virtual credit card app entry on our list is one that can easily replace your standard or physical credit card.

Similar to the virtual credit cards apps on this list, Payoneer will also provide you with an actual physical card if you feel more comfortable with it.

However, pretty much anything that you can do with the card can be done directly from the company’s website, or from their mobile app. In fact, you can even make payments without the card as long as your phone features NFC.

You can transfer money to and from bank accounts, send easy money to other users, manage monthly expenses through it, and more.

Some advantages of Using Payooner are given below;

  • Easily transfer money between accounts.
  • Ability to top-up your account through your standard bank account
  • Pretty much anything can be done from the mobile app
  • There are no hidden fees

All you need to do in order to get a free virtual credit card with Payooner is to download their mobile app and get your free virtual card without stressing. You can download the app from the link provided below

3. MB Way

Third on our list is MB Way. MB Way is an app available for Android, iOS and Windows Platforms. There’s also a desktop app for Windows 10.

By setting up a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) with MB Way, you can make transactions with anybody who accepts MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. MB Way is one of the few virtual credit cards that enables you to make transfers with your mobile number which is a really great advancement in payment systems.

You can also create VCCs with 14 different banks through the MB NET site.

To download MB Way, you can click the link below or you can equally access their official site from the link provided below equally.

4. VCpay

VCpay is the 4th VCC provider app on our list that you can work on Android, iOS smartphones and Windows PC. You need to note that the VCpay virtual card isn’t one you can use internationally even if the app’s website states an international card will be introduced.

As such, this is currently a virtual credit card limited to retail in South Africa with the requirement holding a South African ID. With the app, you can set up virtual Mastercard for yourself or as gift cards.

The app also provides clear card statements and supports EFT from banks.

A managing director of VCpay’s parent company stated VCpay empowers both banked and unbanked users to pay securely for goods online, in-store, in other mobile applications, or on mobile services like Uber. The users can practically use these VCpay on any site online.

You can download VCpay mobile app from the link below. You can equally access their website from the link below.

5. Zeta

The Next on the list is Zeta. Zeta app for Windows 10 and 8.1 mobiles is a virtual MasterCard RBL boasts is a new age super card. That might be because the virtual card offers unique and dynamic PINs that change with every transaction made. 

Moreover, you can use this VCC as an offline card at e-POS machines which is really remarkable from Zeta. Zeta app also provides a number of other bonuses including tax-free meal vouchers and a Zeta Rewards Card.

You can visit Zeta Site from the link provided below and get your free VCC.

6. FreeCharge

FreeCharge is a unified digital wallet app that you can add to your Mobile Phones, Tablets, Windows 10 PC. The app enables you to set up a FreeCharge Go MasterCard for use on Indian websites and mobile apps, such as BigBasket, Snapdeal, Amazon, and Flipkart. 

You will equally get discounts and cashback on a variety of transactions. Note that the Windows app is not entirely the same as its Android and iOS counterparts since the former sports a redesigned UI and Cortana integration so you can recharge it with the virtual assistant. 

The FreeCharge CEO stated:

We at FreeCharge are continuously innovating to provide differentiated services. With the revamped Windows app, we have aimed at creating a seamless user interface that is simple and intuitive. One can now easily recharge/pay bills in less than 10 seconds.

 You can download FreeCharge App below and you can equally visit FreeCharge site from the link provided below.

Above are the free virtual credit card provider apps you can use to get free an instant virtual card without deposit. Most of them are available for all platform that is, mobile and desktop meanwhile, some are available only for desktop. You should try all of them and you will get just free results as described for each virtual card provider app.

Now you know of the best free instant virtual credit and debit card online providers, you should however know that you can use them in USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and any European country. 

If you are looking for a free virtual credit card without verification, then consider checking out this guide. However, if your aim is to verify PayPal with a virtual credit card or a virtual bank account, consider checking out the focused guides on the topic.

You can equally open and get a free US virtual bank account as a non resident and even a European SEPA bank account online for free. Things have even gone viral on these finance topic that you can even get free virtual credit cards without a bank account.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Instant Virtual Credit/Debit Card Apps

Most people face some challenges online that may be similar to your and that has been answered below.

How can I get a free virtual card without a bank account?

This is a really demanded query, so by default, we have decided to make a complete section or tutorial on how to get a free virtual credit card without a bank account. You can check it out here.

Which Bank Offer Free Virtual Debit Card?

  • Prefatory Notes.
  • American Express.
  • Bank of America.
  • Capital One.
  • Citi.
  • Netspend.
  • PayPal.

For a detail review of each of these, checkout our complete review and online bank accounts with instant virtual debit cards.

What are the Best Online Bank Accounts With Instant Virtual Debit Cards?

Online banks make it easy to get free virtual debit cards that can be used for purchases. They come with many advantages and provide a more convenient way to shop online and get cashbacks for your everyday purchases. Here are the best online bank accounts with instant virtual debit cards.

Can I Use the Virtual Debit Card on PayPal?

You can use the free instant virtual debit card on PayPal for verification as a US resident making your account fully verified as a US PayPal account. The instant virtual credit cards too can be used to verify your PayPal account. 

Does PayPal Offer a Virtual Credit Card?

Yes, PayPal Offer Free Virtual Cards which are generally MasterCard that you can get freely without paying anything and you can get the card directly from PayPal.

How do I Get a PayPal Virtual Credit Card?

PayPal Offer free virtual MasterCard to US Citizens, However, they announced that they intend to extend this service to a wider audience of their customers. If you want to know how to setup PayPal for a Free Virtual Card, then Click Here.

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