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How to Increase PayPal Credit Limit Online - 4 Easy Ways

In today's guide, I will be showing you the best ways you can use to raise or increase your PayPal credit limit by increasing your credit score.
how to increase your paypal credit limit

PayPal is the top leading payment gateway that is being utilized by both individuals, business entities as well as Woo-Commerce websites as a payment method.

PayPal is known for its top services that are made available in almost all countries. Some years back, PayPal even extended its services to most African countries which made it easy for them to purchase stuff online wherever PayPal is accepted as a payment method.

PayPal has numerous advantages over some of its competitors such as Skrill, Amazon Pay and has enhanced its security features to secure the funds of all its customers.

Just as Skrill that offers virtual card to its users, PayPal equally does same. The PayPal virtual card here is commonly known as a PayPal Key and it facilitates the usage of account online. You have full control over the PayPal Key card.

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But in order to get the PayPal virtual card, you will need to hold a US PayPal account. If you don't own a US PayPal account, then you do not enjoy PayPal at its fullest services. Check the below guide on how you can create a verified US PayPal account.

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Have you ever faced a situation where you intend spending a huge amount of money online with PayPal and it doesn't occur? Well that's because PayPal has set what we call a credit limit to your MasterCard or Visa card. This occurs when your card issuer doesn't authorizes huge spending with your card. Most often, this arises when you don't verify your PayPal account but the other cause is mainly the credit score limit. That's why people want to raise the credit limit set to their PayPal account in order to enjoy the PayPal services. You will need a high credit score to over come this limit.

So in today's guide, I will be showing you the best ways you can use to raise or increase your PayPal credit limit by increasing your credit score.

What is PayPal Credit Limit?

PayPal credit limit is the limit that's attached to your PayPal account which you can use for your online purchases. If your application is successful, PayPal Credit will be available as a funding source within your PayPal wallet and can be used for purchases in most places where PayPal is accepted.

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The maximum or highest amount you can send with PayPal is $60,000 but this case is different from the PayPal cash card. However, this amount can be quite a limit if you intend performing higher purchases online where PayPal is accepted.

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What is the Credit Limit of a PayPal Cash Card

The PayPal cash card has its own limitation on the amount you can dispense daily and that you can withdraw from the ATM.

The PayPal Cash Card has a daily spending limit of $3,000 USD and a daily cash ATM withdrawal limit of $400 USD. There is also a limit of 30 transactions per day. The card resets at 12:00 a.m. CST. You can also find the limits by logging in to your PayPal account.

The below table shows the daily spend limit of the PayPal Prepaid MasterCard.

Type of Transaction Limit in USD ($)
Purchases $4,999.99 every 24 hours
Over the Counter Cash Withdrawals $4,999.99 every 24 hours
ATM Cash Withdrawals $325.00 per withdrawal; $940.00 per day, up to 6 per 24 hours

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How to Calculate PayPal Credit Limit

You do not have to do this complicated job. PayPal does it for you. By the end of each month, PayPal generalizes each an everyone of your transactions paying attention to the amount spent or received during each transaction. From those analysis, they can know how to set a fix credit limit for your account.

PayPal credit limit can be different for any PayPal user based on your available account balance and amount you spend on each purchases or transactions.

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Why Should I Increase my PayPal Credit Limit

PayPal is accepted everywhere and you can pay for whatever item you want using PayPal where it is accepted.

Situations arise when you need to purchase an item online or perform a transaction and at the last point, PayPal denies the transaction. That is, your credit score isn't high enough for the transaction. So it will not go through.

The only solution to this is to raise your PayPal credit score and thereby raising the credit limit on your PayPal account. That is why you need a PayPal credit limit increase be it on your PayPal Cash Card, virtual credit card or even your real credit card.

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We have come out with 4 best tips which you can use to raise your PayPal credit limit be it in the UK, US, Germany or any other country.

4 Tips to Increase your PayPal Credit Limit Online

So, how do I increase my PayPal Credit Limit?

1. Find and Fix any inaccurate items on your credit report

The first thing you will want to do is to double-check your credit report to see if there is any error in it. If should in case there is an error, it is imperative that your fix it for a good credit score.

FTC estimates that 20% of credit reports contain an error. That makes a lot of errors and it is not good to conserve.

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How can you fix this primary error? The best thing you can do here is to go to the dispute center and open a dispute; briefly explain the situation to PayPal and they will handle it.

More reasons why you need to fix errors on your credit report

Fixing errors on your credit report impacts your credit score hugely. A good credit score gives you access to many benefits such as;

  • Better options for mortgages, personal, & auto loans
  • Qualifying for lower (& better) interest rates
  • Faster approval on loans (great for financial emergencies)

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2. Make sure you do not have any Blemishes on your Payment History

This is another major factor to check from time to time. A long and good payment history report results to a an increase in your credit limit. It can take a long time with this but eventually, you gonna reach that.

If your payment history isn't accurate or you find any unknown activity there, you should open a dispute on PayPal in order to get that fixed. Any blemishes on this payment history can lead to slowing down of your credit limit growth rate.

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3. Increase the Available Balance in your Account

Increasing the amount of funds or money in your PayPal account more that usual will make PayPal know that such an account need a credit limit upgrade. They know you will need a high credit limit or credit score to ensure your full activities with your account.

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4. Contact Professionals to Increase your Credit Score and Credit Limit

This is most often the best way to go about this if you do not have time to wait for PayPal to determine when your account credit limit deserves an upgrade.

There are many professionals out there and we recommend Credit Glory for this task.

For all the fixes, we have mentioned dispute opening, well credit glory helps you with the dispute parts.

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Credit Glory is an easier way to to open dispute, they are just experts in this. They handle the whole process saving your time and money.

What does Credit Glory does in opening disputes?

  • A tested dispute process - Credit Glory uses a refined dispute process, with success removing negative items.
  • Unmatched 100% Money-Back Guarantee - Qualify for a full refund if Credit Glory can't remove inaccurate negative items in 90-days.
  • Best-in-class customer support - Disputes are generally complicated and involve waiting. Credit Glory beats DIY by a mile providing access to comprehensive customer support.

Get in touch with credit glory now an increase your credit score.

How to Increase to Increase your Credit Card Limit and Score

Credit limit can sometimes arise from your credit card issuer or even bank. So you will need to increase your credit limit on your credit card in order to get a good credit score. It is at times favorable to do it online. So these are 4 ways you can increase your credit card limit online.

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  • Make a request online. Many credit card issuers allow their cardholders to ask for a credit limit increase online.
  • Call your card issuer.
  • Look for automatic increases.
  • Apply for a new card.

If all is set and fixed at the credit card side, then you can head on to the above section on PayPal.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Increase PayPal Credit Limit

Increasing your credit limit with PayPal is one of the things every business entity should consider doing. A good credit score will influence your activities on PayPal.

Above are 4 ways you can increase your PayPal credit limit. The credit limit of a PayPal cash Mastercard can be really different from that of your credit card.

At times, the credit card can also cause a limit to your PayPal, so in this case, you will have to request for a limit increase from your card issuer.

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