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Top 10 Best Forex Signals On Telegram [Groups & Channels] [VIP & Free]

Forex is a global marketplace for exchanging national currencies. Find out the best forex signals channels on Telegram.
best forex signals on telegram

One of the best ways to make money online on daily basis is with Forex. It is currently one of the leading exchange market where live trading of currencies is being made depending on the market rates.

If you are a cryptocurrency or traditional trader, then you will want to improve your trading strategies as days go on. This will bring you to make several researches on the web for tutorials from experts that know each and every step to take in any situation of the markets, the right time to trade, what to place in the market and when to quit the market when needed.

For that, you will need accurate signals from forex and crypto trading signal providers. There are many providers out there that offer that but now, you will need to know of the best between them because just as other traders, you dream is to make a maximum profit out of the market.

For all market types, there are forcefully some providers that provide accurate entry points (signals) and exit points for cryptocurrency and forex markets which will help you determine which time is best to enter a market and which time is best to exit the market.

Most of these providers have been providing quality services and signals for long right now and have gained the trust of many by helping them gain more trading strategies and increase their profits in every single market and minimize their loses.

These providers operate mainly on Telegram which is an amazing messaging app for individuals and business organizations that help them to safely interact with their audience. Telegram Channels and Groups are the main places where these providers broadcast crypto and forex signals for FX markets.

Depending on the provider, they might offer these signals for free. However, for some, you will need to subscribe to their membership bundle to enjoy premium signals and many more advantages.

That said in this guide, I will share with you not only the best free telegram channels and groups for forex signals, but I will equally share with you the best paid forex signal telegram channels and groups where you can get quality FX signals for maximizing your profits and improving your trading strategies.

Table of Contents

What is Forex and How Does it Works?

The foreign exchange market is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies. This market determines foreign exchange rates for every currency. It includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at current or determined prices.

Forex trading is similar to buying and selling other types of securities, like stocks. The main difference is that forex trading is done in pairs, such as EUR/USD (euro/U.S. dollar) or JPY/GBP (Japanese yen/British pound). When you make a forex trade, you sell one currency and buy another. You profit if the currency you buy moves up against the currency you sold.

For example, let’s say the exchange rate between the euro and the U.S. dollar is 1.40 to 1. If you buy 1,000 euros, you would pay $1,400 U.S. dollars. If the currency rate later moves to 1.50 to 1, you can sell those euros for $1,500, generating a profit of $100.

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Is Forex Trading Really Profitable?

In reality, a majority of forex traders lose money some 68% of all forex investors report net losses at the end of the year. However, there's another way you could look at that every third trader does not lose money. And that's where you want to find yourself.

If you are new to forex and have some trading ideas, do not claim that you know, look for an expert in the stuff and seek for advice, ask him to show you some more strategies and that you are willing to pay. You can even ask him to help you with some trades and perform a practical example of the strategies to implement in any market.

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Note for All Forex Traders!
We advise that you avoid signal providers that recommend working only with a specific broker, as this could lead you to lose your deposit. Also, we recommend going with RoboForex for trading with signal services, as the company has great expertise in the area and offers the best combination of low commissions and advanced technical support.

What are Forex Signals?

A Forex signal provider is a service that analyzes the market, predicts future price fluctuations of different currency pairs and sends signals to the traders who signed up for the service.

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How to Choose Telegram Forex Signals - What to Consider Before Going In

Best signals providers will assist you in making the best trades and will also allow you to gain more profits. Let us explore what some of the most important factors to consider are when choosing the best forex signals Telegram provider.

Below are some aspects to consider when choosing a Telegram channel for forex signals:

  1. The quality of the signals: - No matter if you choose a free or a subscription Telegram channel, you have to be sure that its signals are high quality.
    To be sure that the signals are high quality, you have to test the signals with little capital. If the signals perform as expected, they are high quality, and you should continue using that provider’s signals. However, if more signals from a signal provider do not perform as expected, that means that the signal provider is not trustworthy, and you should stop using its signals.
  2. Reviews from other users: - Most paid Forex signals Telegram channels have websites and TrustPilot accounts. Those are great places to check before paying for a signal provider. If you see many low-star reviews, you have to be aware that it might have some downsides.
  3. Money-back guarantee: - There is nothing worse than paying for a Telegram channel that doesn’t offer enough value for the price, does not send accurate signals, or does not satisfy you for other reasons. If you choose a signal provider which has a money-back guarantee, you will get your money back in case you are not satisfied with the signal provider.
  4. Free trial: - Always check if the paid Telegram channel you want to choose has a free trial. If it has one, try it for free before paying for it. However, if it is not specified, ask someone responsible for the Telegram channel if they offer a free trial. If they say they do not offer one, ask them if they are willing to let you use it for free for a few days.
    In some cases, they might allow you to use their services for a few days, and you could check if it is worth paying for it.

Top 10 Best Forex Signals on Telegram (Free and Paid)

For our listing below, we compared so many characteristics from each of these Forex Signals Channels on Telegram. We based comparison on quality of signals, number of signals released everyday, timeframe, customer support, user ratings, and whether the usage is free or paid.

If you are located in Nigeria, South Africa and you want the best forex signals on Telegram for your country, then you are in the right place. Since currencies and market values depend on location, you will get to know the best forex signals channels on telegram where you will get accurate daily FX signals for many markets.

1. FXPremiere (Free & Paid)

Best Forex Signals on Telegram

FXpremiere is definitely one of the best forex signals provider on telegram right now. One of their main advantages over their competitors is, they have both a free and paid channel.

On the free channel, you will get receive just 1 signal daily and some free forex strategies (if required). A drawback on their free telegram channel is that they keep on advertising their VIP channel where they share premium FX signals. I think its not that bad since its part of marketing and the free channel is not that bad in terms of its forex signals.

However, the VIP channel is the main nigga that performs the magic. Their VIP channel’s members get access to up to 15 signals per day with a 70% success rate which come from approximately 50 trustworthy sources.

The membership price starts at $37/month and goes up to $500 for lifetime access.


  • The VIP channel offers accurate signals
  • Their signals come from trustworthy sources


  • The free channel sends only one signal per day
  • There is too much advertising on the free channel

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2. Free Signals Pro (100% Free)

Free Signals Pro is another great Forex signals Telegram channel that provides free Forex signals on daily basis.

Free Signals Pro is 100% free and provides Forex signals that could make you money. One great thing with this channel is that it is focused on Forex signals and trading reports only. This means that there are no annoying messages that invite you into a paid version of the channel.

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This Telegram channel helps beginner traders identify trading opportunities and guides them in making a few trades. However, some traders might find the one signal per day too little for them. If that's the case, then opt out for another choice that has extended services.


  • It is 100% free
  • It doesn’t have any annoying message that invite its members into a paid version


  • Some traders might find the one signal per day not enough for them

3. ForexSignals.io (Free & Paid)

Best Forex Signals on Telegram

Looking for a reliable and lucrative group to trade in the forex market? Then, ForexSignals.io is the choice for you. This is one of the most sophisticated and unique signal channels for users working and trading in the forex market.

ForexSignals.io has both a free telegram channel and a paid one. The free channel offers simple trading tips of currency pairs that you could consider trading and a few trading reports of the signals they offered that week in the VIP group. Overall, it is not a bad choice, and it could be a valuable resource for some beginner traders who want to acquire more from the Forex market.

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However, if you want more features like professional daily signals and complex market reports, then , you should consider subscribing to their premium membership which costs £79/month or £499 for lifetime access.

They have great reviews from their clients that subscribed to their premium membership.


  • Some beginner traders might find the free channel informative
  • The VIP channel is definitely a great choice for traders who want high quality signals


  • The free channel is designed to be a gateway to the VIP channel
  • If you want free, high quality signals, the free channel is not for you

4. ApexBull (Free)

Best Forex Signals on Telegram

ApexBull is another great choice for beginner traders who are looking for a reliable Telegram Forex signals provider.

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ApexBull usually sends about three Forex signals each day which are real-time accurate. Outside of sending free Forex signals, ApexBull also keeps its members informed of price changes in different currency pairs by constantly sending them Forex-related news.


  • The team behind ApexBull has over 10 years of experience in the Wall Street
  • It actively keeps its members informed of many trading opportunities


  • Some days, they do not send actual signals, but more like trading tips for that day.

5. Sure Shot Forex (Free)

Sure Shot Forex is a free Forex signals Telegram channel that is trusted by over 27,000 people worldwide. Beginner Forex traders enjoy this Telegram channel because it shares up to five Forex signals per day and detailed analysis of some trades for free.

This channel does not have any bold claims, and it does not guarantee any high percentage win rates. All the signals that are offered are used by the traders behind the channel which is good to increase the trust of their subscriber. The administrators which happen to be traders post screenshots that prove that the signals are genuine.

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  • All the signals are used by the traders behind the channel
  • It does not have any bold claims, but it provides high quality signals


  • It contains a considerable amount of advertising for certain online brokers.

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6. AltSignals (Paid)

Best Forex Signals on Telegram

Having over 245 reviews on Trustpilot, AltSignals is one of Telegram's largest and most well-known suppliers of Forex and cryptocurrency trading signals.

AltSignals.io also offers users in-depth analysis of recent market trends, which many other trading signal providers do not. This is beneficial for both beginners and experienced traders who would like to study and understand how the market works along with receiving trading signals.

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AltSignals.io is only available upon subscription access. It costs $135/month billed monthly, but there are some other subscriptions that allow you quarterly or lifetime access for 0.009 BTC and 0.029 BTC respectively.


  • They claim that their signals have a 90% success rate
  • 75% of its users continue using the service after the first month
  • It has a 72 hours money back guarantee


  • It is more expensive in comparison to other Telegram Forex signals providers
  • It does not have a free trial

7. Free Forex Signals – FX LifeStyle (Free & Paid)

If you are looking for the best free Forex signals Telegram channel, you should consider choosing Free Forex Signals-FX LifeStyle. The reason why this Telegram channel is one of the best free Forex signals providers is that it sends an average of 5-9 high-quality signals per week that have a 70% success rate. If that is not enough for you, then its VIP/paid version might be a better fit for you.

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The VIP version gives you access to 15-20+ high-quality signals that have a 91.3% average win rate. They also claim that its members make an average of $2,500 per month while using the signals. If all of those claims are 100% true, the $74 for lifetime access price makes the VIP version an absolute no-brainer.

Both the free and the VIP channels have more than 30,000 members each, which means that they could be trusted.

Although the VIP version has some big claims, we advise you to try the free version before upgrading to the VIP version.


  • It has a money-back guarantee
  • The free channel offers a huge amount of value


  • It has a lot of bold claims for the VIP channel

8. BullDog Signals (Free & Paid)

Best Forex Signals on Telegram

Bulldog Signals is providing FX trading signals to traders from all over the world. Indeed, they have thousands of members and they provide valuable content to users on a daily basis. The team claims they have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and claim to be the "BullDogs of the Forex Market."

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The team behind BullDog Signals is sharing with users a wide range of trades in the FX market, including XAU/USD, USD/JPY, and GBPUSD, among others. They are also helping users to trade with leverage. This allows traders to get larger exposure to the market.

Each time that they provide signals they inform different take profit levels in order for users to get out or in with a clear strategy. They are also providing other paid services that are good for more professional users and traders. This can help users get more valuable information. This is why we have added BullDog Signals to our Top 10 Forex trading signal channels on Telegram.


  • Exchanges supported: FX and different brokers
  • Languages supported: English and other languages if needed
  • Reports: Yes
  • Trading Period: Short, Mid, Long

9. Wicktator FX (Free & Paid)

Best Forex Signals on Telegram

Wicktator FX is one of the fastest growing groups which stands out from the crowd when it comes to chart analysis, educational content and finding massive winning trades. Wicktator has been Editors’ Pick several times on one of the world's highest ranking financial websites, TradingView, amassing one of the highest record number of likes on a post.

Wicktator has been on the scene for the past few years, keen to educate and build up traders of all experience. Through educational posts and in-depth analysis, Wicktator has been able to grow its followers on Trading View and on Telegram.

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Furthermore, the launch of its very own VIP group has provided a way for traders of all levels to learn whilst they earn. Wicktator focuses on mainly swing trades with high reward to risk ratio, catching the big moves at the start and then adding multiple entries all the way to Take Profit.

By providing Sunday market in-depth breakdown, you will be ready for the week ahead knowing exactly what to look for, when to enter and how to enter. The VIP group provides trade alerts straight from TradingView, making it the quickest way to be up to date with the trade setups and be involved as soon as the market makes its move!

10. GoldSignals.io

Best Forex Signals on Telegram

In trading it pays to be a specialist. To hone your craft on a particular instrument allows you to achieve a better understand of it. At GoldSignals.io they have done exactly that; a deep knowledge and consistent trading style allows them to achieve a high success rate that rivals most signal providers.

The team at GoldSignals focuses on XAUUSD and a few major FX pairs, it's clear they focus on trending markets which have potential for a low risk, high reward trading style. 

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The team has concentrated trading of XAUUSD (Gold) in a niche time frame, and with the proper understanding of its behavior, one can profit greatly from it.

Trades usually play out over the course of a day. Quality trades with a high win rate only ever exposing one trade at a time on gold. Signals like this makes it easier for the user to actually enter and mirrors how institutions trade. 

GoldSignals.io are offering a subscription to access the trades they take on their Telegram channel, as well as a page dedicated to market analysis and related market news. GoldSignlas.io is keen to educate and build up traders of all experience with their 1-1 support and guidance.


  • Exchanges supported: Most FX brokers are supported by this forex trading signal channel
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Reports: Yes
  • Trading Period: Daily
  • Support: 1-1 24H support

Final Thoughts on Best Free and Paid Forex Signals on Telegram

Choosing the right telegram channel for forex signals is really important since its your finance that is at stake, when selecting a telegram channel for signals, consider many features that such as terms of use, reviews, daily signals and many more.

If you are in Nigeria or South Africa in search of the best forex signals on telegram, then equally consider the currencies the channel has to give for every market.

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