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How to Transfer Money from Debit Card to Another Debit Card Instantly

In this article, you will know how to transfer money from debit card to another debit card instantly, to bank account and more without hassle.
transfer money from debit card to another debit card

If have two debit cards and want to perform a payment with the one that suits you best, then transferring money from one debit card to another debit card instantly can be a great idea to complete a payment.

Debit cards have many similarities to credit cards in that, they let you send money to a checking account instantly without hassle. However, both of them can be used for payments.

Account numbers, card numbers, and the cardholder's name are all printed on debit and credit cards. They have a magnetic strip for card transactions as well. They, on the other hand, work in a different way.

In fact, using a debit card can help you avoid making huge, unaffordable impulse purchases. There are no interest charges. You don't accumulate a balance that you have to pay interest on because debit card payments take money out of your account instantly. This is a significant distinction between a credit card and a debit card. Which is why Prepaid debit cards are ideal for international shopping.

That said, in this article, I will show you how to transfer money from a debit card to another debit card instantly without hassle.

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How Do Money Transfer Cards Work?

Money transfer cards allow you to transfer money without having to pay interest. Unlike credit cards, which have a purchase APR, such cards do not charge interest and allow you to conveniently transfer money to your bank account or other debit cards.

Although useful credit cards are a kind of money transfer card, they operate in a different ways. You can ask your card provider to transfer your available credit to a certain bank account. Following that, you must return the funds to the credit card.

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Can I Transfer Money from Debit Card to Another Debit Card Instantly?

This is a question worth asking and yes, you can transfer money from one debit card to another.

Money can be transferred from one card to another, but it is not a direct transfer.

You will first have to transfer the money to the account holder's personal account. The money will be automatically reflected in the recipient's debit card once the transfer is completed.

As a result, you could say that transferring money between debit cards is similar to transferring money from a bank account, but it is typically simpler.

You can transfer money using your routing number and account number, but this is a time-consuming process that necessitates linking 2 bank accounts. On the other hand, transferring funds between debit cards is easy and fast.

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Before You Transfer Money Using a Debit Card

There are a variety of ways to transfer money using a debit card, but they all require the same set of information. This includes the following:

  • 16-digit debit card number.
  • Card’s expiry date.
  • Last 3 digits or the security number for the card.

Some types of transfers will also require you to enter the issuing bank account's account number. This is usually printed on the card's front.

How to Transfer Money from Debit Card to Another Debit Card Online Instantly

Nobody has time to stand in a long bank line to conduct a transaction. As a result, the institutions have devised simple methods for transferring funds from one account to another.

One of these options is to transfer money between debit cards. However, you may do this once you've opened an online checking account with your bank. You can send money from your card and it will reflect on the recipient's debit card instantly.

You should carefully enter in the recipient's account information if you are using an online platform to conduct this transaction, otherwise you will send your money to someone else's debit card. Carelessly transferring funds between accounts can expose your personal information and allow scammers to target you.

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How to Transfer Money from Debit Card to Another Debit Card on PayPal

Because a PayPal account can't be funded directly from credit or debit cards, such transfers are almost not possible. However, you can still use a linked bank account in this case.

You can transfer money to any eligible Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Eligible cards that support this transfer will be shown to you in the "Instant" section on your money transfer page on PayPal. The money will be moved to the bank account associated with the card selected during the transfer — as per PayPal.

That is to say, if one of your debit cards is linked to a bank account, you can add the bank account on PayPal and then send the money from the debit card linked to your bank account to your PayPal balance. Once the money is in the PayPal balance, you can then withdraw it to the other debit card if at all it is eligible.

To conclude, this transfer depends on your type of bank and debit card eligibility.

Virtual cards provide an easier way to withdraw your money from PayPal. Here are the best virtual cards for PayPal.

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More Debit Card Transfers

How to Transfer Money to a Debit Card Instantly

Some banks allow you to instantly transfer money from your bank account to your debit card.

They avoid having to own or provide bank account numbers. Instead, you can reload your debit card at retailers and other easily accessible locations.

This service is now available to cardholders of Bank of America and Chase Financial Institute. They've successfully covered 64% of the US and also allow money transfers to banks and debit cards that aren't supported.

How to Transfer Money From One Debit Card to Another Prepaid Card

Prepaid debit cards are now accepted in many areas around the United States, and they can be very useful if you don't want to bring cash with you when you go shopping.

Prepaid cards, fortunately, do not require a bank account. For those who cannot afford credit cards, they are a viable solution.

The majority of users are unaware that debit cards can be used to recharge a prepaid card.

You only need to use the online platform to transfer money using your debit card. This can be accomplished using the money transfer section.

Although most prepaid cards are FDIC-insured, you should double-check before purchasing one. If you lose your card or it is stolen, insurance ensures that you will receive your money back.

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How to Transfer Money from Bank to Debit Card

Debit cards are typically linked to bank accounts, so if you want to receive money on your card, the sender merely needs to send money to yours from his or her bank account.

The sender will need your account information, which includes the name of the account holder, the account number, and the sort code.

The money will be transferred instantly to your account, and the amount will also reflect on your debit card. This is one of the most convenient methods for transferring funds between accounts and receiving funds from friends or family.

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How to Transfer Money from Debit Card to Bank

You can send money from a debit card to a bank account if the debit card is linked to another bank account.

Such a transfer can be considered as a bank to bank transfer. All you need is the receiver's bank account number, name. Once you got the necessary info, you can send the money which will reflect on the receivers account.

How to Transfer Money from Bank Account Without Debit Card

It is very possible to transfer money from your bank account without a debit card. In fact, this can be even considered as a normal wire transfer.  As long as you have the recipient's account number, the process is simple.

This is how it goes.

Check to see if you have enough money in your own account first. You can do so by checking your account balance online or via the mobile application.

After that, enter the recipient's bank account details and confirm the transfer.

Whether you're sending money to your own bank or to a different bank, the process is the same.

It's possible that the transaction will take a few days to complete.

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How to Transfer Money from Visa Card to Another Visa Card

Regardless of whether the Visa card is a credit or debit card, you can easily transfer money from one Visa card to another. However, you may have to use a bank as a bridge for the transfer. For instance, If you want to transfer money from a Visa debit card to another visa debit card, both of them should be linked to a bank to ease the transfer.

You may then transfer money from one the bank account linked to one Visa debit card to the a bank account linked to the other Visa debit card. Once the transfer is completed, the amount will be reflected on the Visa debit card which is the recipient and deducted from the card that sent the money.

Final Thoughts on How to Transfer Money from Debit Card to Another Debit Card Online Instantly

Debit cards, credit cards, and a number of apps have made it simpler to send and receive money. Things weren't always so easy, but we're pleased they are now!

Debit cards are a safe way to store money and send it to family and friends. They can be used in a variety of places, and the money can also be sent online. Simply remember to keep your PIN private and safe anytime especially when you're using it!

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