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MTN Nigeria 500MB Daily Free Internet Browsing Trick 2022

In this guide, I will show you how to get 500MB MTN data daily for free internet browsing in Nigeria.
mtn nigeria free internet browsing trick

Free internet is on a roll and it gets some voluminous increase in demand as many ISP keep on adding the tariff fairs on their data bundles and thus making it quite expensive to buy especially for those that can't afford for internet.

This can also make children not to get access to their school contents and classes online. But hopefully now, there is free internet for students as these ISP provide free internet for students.

Most of our readers on this blog know that one of the topic on which we focus ourselves on is free internet tricks. As we provide free internet hat files and ehi files for all countries available for download, when a particular country host get blocked, we strive at finding more ways for them to get free internet browsing.

This is exactly what we did with Nigeria. Many hosts now in Nigeria are blocked or patched and now they need some free internet tricks to get connected to the internet. When we decide to release a particular trick for a country, it is probably due to the numerous demands and complains we get from our subscribers from that specific country.

Though we have some working bug hosts for free internet access in Nigeria, we also have some working free internet hat files for Nigeria that work perfectly. But for an unknown reason, many find it difficult to connect probably due to the network coverage in that area. These hat files are not only for Nigerians but for some other HA Tunnel Plus users in many other countries as we have a long list of hat files for all countries that you can download and start browsing. You can get the link to the files from the link below.

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Also, some people often tend to complain of HA Tunnel Plus that it has so many ads and you constantly have to renew access to the servers by watching ads. Some complains also arise from the app that it shows a connection failed message and these are 5 possible ways to fix that connection failed error in ha tunnel plus. However, we considered looking into creating and providing free internet files for VPN apps such as HTTP Injector VPN and HTTP Custom hc files which have less ads to show than HA Tunnel Plus. You can get the links from the links below.

However, though this trick focused on Nigeria, South Africans can get our latest free internet browsing trick via HTTP Injector and HA Tunnel Plus from the link below.

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As for Ghanaians, you can checkout this free internet trick for MTN Ghana from Entitled Knowledge to get free internet access in your country.

In this guide, I will show you how to get 500MB MTN data for free internet browsing in Nigeria. If you find this trick somehow limited, then consider downloading free internet EHI, HC files and Hat files and use with HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector and HTTP Custom for unlimited free internet access.

That said, lets focus on our topic today "500MB free internet browsing trick with MTN Nigeria". But before that as always, what is free internet?

What is Free Internet and How Does it Work?

Free internet is any way of connecting online and browsing the web for free. When I say any way means it can be a legal or illegal way to get free internet.

Of course the legal way of browsing the internet for free is by using the free internet data attributed to you either by your ISP when they are celebrating and even or by the government that provides free internet for students especially during the COVID 19 pandemic that threw things apart.

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When we talking of free internet illegally, we talk of using some set of protocols to bypass the restriction set by our ISP. This is done by using proxies, VPN apps etc. The most used and common way are VPN apps such as HTTP Injector, HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Custom, NapsternetV.

These VPN apps will require you to create free internet config files like for example, free internet files for NapsternetV will include all information necessary to bypass the internet restriction set by our ISP. This also applies for all the other apps.

Some people prefer free internet at illegally at home due to its speed, and non stop limit. Most of them are known to be unlimited depending on the bug host that you used for the free internet access. Click here to learn more on how to get free internet legally and illegally at home.

Now you know the basis of free internet and the different ways to get them, lets move to the purpose for this trick today.

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How to Get Free Internet with MTN Nigeria

We will be using a new VPN app we haven't yet mentioned on this site. The app has various free internet browsing tricks within it and also covers a wide variety of countries. You will just need to download the app, update its config library and then click on start.

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Requirements to Get Free Internet with MTN Nigeria

Procedure to Get Free Internet with MTN Nigeria.

  1. After you must have downloaded the app, install it.
  2. Once installed, launch the app. Its interface will be blank for a start.
  3. You need to update the config library in order to see the available configs in the app. This is where your 1MB intervenes. To update the configs.
  4. To do that, go to the navigation menu of the app and click Update Config
    mtn nigeria 500mb daily free internet browsing trick
  5. Once you click on Update Config, you will see a library of configs, you will see a list of configs to choose from.
  6. Users from other countries can try the configs for their country to see if it connects.
  7. However, for Nigerians, click on the NGA| MTN 500MB/d then click START.
    mtn nigeria 500mb daily free internet browsing trick
  8. Now you are connected and can enjoy your 500MB daily free internet trick.

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Checkout the video guide on this below.

Final Words on Free Internet Trick for MTN Nigeria

This free internet trick is for MTN Nigeria via V2Ray. So for most of you that kept on asking for a V2Ray free internet trick, here it is.

The process is as simple at that and straight forward. For MTN Ghana Free Internet Trick, checkout Entitled Knowledge. For those located in South Africa, here is your latest free internet trick via HTTP Injector and HA Tunnel Plus.

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